The press release yesterday read harmlessly, but had it in itself. The Orio AB buys from NEVS all tools for the production of Saab original parts. A business that has positive effects!

Saab 9-4x and Saab 9-5 SC in front of the Frankfurt skyline.
Saab 9-4x and Saab 9-5 SC in front of the Frankfurt skyline.

Orio gives us nothing less than long-term security of supply for Christmas. No matter how long we want to be on the road with a Saab - there will be spare parts. These are hard facts that interest us, important for everyone who moves their Saab in everyday life. Good news also for fans who drive a Saab classic. Your hobby is secured in the long term, the reproduction of some parts is more than just an option.

The view back: Bloggers back mirror
The view back: Bloggers back mirror

Orio AB is state-owned, it couldn't be more solid. As of now, the Swedes are also the only manufacturer of Saab original parts. That's good news! Beyond what future owners could plan with the plant in Trollhättan - we and the Saab partners are on the safe side after yesterday. We can watch the poker around the brand relatively relaxed as spectators. The tools for the production of Saab parts are no longer part of the negotiation.

From the point of view of Orio AB, the purchase is a strategically intelligent move. The company has suddenly gained substance. Not only logistics experts, but guards over all previously built Saabs. A matter that has been approached in the past with a lot of professionalism. A number says more than 1.000 words: 97%. The percentage represents the availability of Saab spare parts from Nyköping stock at the end of November. In comparison to the industry, Saab, or rather Orio AB, is thus very well positioned. There is no difference to other companies with ongoing production.

Whoever wants to revive the Saab brand at some point, will not be able to pass the former Saab subsidiary from Nykoping since yesterday. Only those who bring the Orio AB on board can cultivate and use Saab Heritage. That too is a good thing.

There is also a kind of Christmas present for the troubled company in the Stallbacka. NEVS expects, as spokesman Östlund said yesterday, money that is very welcome and thus buys some air in the relegation battle. The purchase price has not been revealed and not much changes for the struggling company. Tools for the old 9-5 or the 9-3 predecessor never had any meaning in the company strategy.

The tools for the current 9-3 could even continue to be used, now with the approval of Orio AB. In theory, if you had the naming rights, NEVS could build the Saab 9-3 again. But does anyone seriously believe it?

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  • I have one of the last 9-3 Griffin convertibles (EZ 6 / 2011, YY 2012) with the 164 PS Biopower engine and yesterday had an accident that may be shortly before or shortly after a total loss (reviewer comes on 22.12.2014). Does Orio have the right spare parts or do I have to say goodbye to my favorite car?
    For a competent assessment, I would be very grateful.

  • Actually, one should recommend to all worldwide owners of Saab-darlings from the first day to the last, never more and never in the
    Future to scrape a Saab. So Orio would have one
    mental inventory of (gambled) 1.000.000 vehicles worldwide
    which he could provide and vice versa, a MIo vehicle owner could
    Continue your vehicles forever. If I were Orio I would write to each one. When the world community stick together
    would that be a business for eternity. I think that comparable comparisons have not existed before, except, perhaps,
    RR or Bentley etc

  • Limousine & SC. Both are pre-series for the 2012 vintage, which I may have misunderstood. There is no support for anything that is MY2012 and goes by the name 9-5.

  • Pre-series? Is it about the 9-5 II SC?

  • Yes, the news was really tough - after being used to constant negative news about our brand, I had to read the article twice to believe it. And then again in English 🙂 Joy, joy, thank you for this fantastic news!

  • Orio has bought the tools for the 9-3, but NEVS has the rights of use. Also for the buyer that would be no problem, but I do not think that it will come to a new edition. What sense would that be in 2015 year unless there is a profound overhaul?

  • I don't quite understand the article ... has the Orio now also bought the tools of the last NEVS 9.3 that came off the line and a new buyer would have to come to an agreement with the Orio if he wanted to produce them?

  • That calms down first. If there are no new vehicles at the moment, then our existing ones are secured and we can continue to enjoy them.
    A nice message before the festival.
    All Saab friends a merry Christmas and together we all the best for 2015!

  • The 2012er 9-5 models are pre-series. The software will never be unlocked, they are collector vehicles. No Saab for everyday life.

  • I think that's good, think ORIO! But does the question arise whether NEVS has already given up?

  • Very good news. Hope that software also heard that the last 2012 models can also be warden warden.

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