Saab 9000 Calendar 2015

The Saab 9000 calendars, launched for the 30 anniversary, have been delivered today by the printer. A little later than hoped, but our project was quite spontaneous and thus timed quite tight from the beginning.

Calendar Picture May 2015
Calendar Picture May 2015

Most of them immediately went to the customers, and all calendars will be on their way by Monday at the latest. The mastered challenge of finding appealing images of the first 9000s for the calendar is a good example of how well the international Saab community works. THANK YOU once again to all fans and the staff of Orio Germany GmbHwho supported us so well!

The calendar includes pictures of the legendary Long Run on Talladega Speedway, pictures from the factory, press photos and pictures of the 9000 CC, as it is on the road after 30 years. The Saab 9000 calendar is also a part of maintaining tradition. We still have a small amount in stock. If you like the homage to the Saab 9000 CC, you can order the calendar in our shop.

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The Saab 9000 CC, its importance for the brand, will accompany us on the blog in the anniversary year. Several 9000 projects are running in our environment, one with a CC, another with an Anniversary. There is also a very special project that we still want to keep top secret.

There has to be some tension, that increases the anticipation, because what is happening is really extraordinary. From January we will present the projects.

To whet our appetite for the 9000 series and their cool representatives, we've brought a short promotional video from Saab North America from our archive.

It dates from 1987. The 80s were the time when Saab was able to win comparative tests against its competitors in Germany with the 9000. It was also the time of the legendary Talladega Long Run. Saab had effectively demonstrated the stability of the turbo engines. A brand from Germany failed a few weeks earlier on the Talladega Speedway because of this very proof. She pulled off with defective turbo engines. But that was really a long time ago ...

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  • That's exactly the 4 reasons why I did not change and drive 9000 until today.

  • If you imagine that the 9000 had more space than the 9-5 and drove just as fast with the same engine. And it was even more practical. And I liked it even better. Well.

  • Just great, I'm looking forward to Monday, because I have ordered the calendar of course.
    Have a nice weekend.

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