BAIC Senova ES210EV

In China, the electric Senova version rolls on the basis of the old Saab 9-5 at the start. BAIC introduces the Senova ES210EV into 11 major cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, GuangzhouXuzhou, Nanjing and Hangzhou.

Senova ES210EV, EV based on Saab.
Senova ES210EV, EV based on Saab.

BAIC is building 100 charging stations for its customers, which reports Car News China, The manufacturer from Beijing has thus won the race for the first electric production vehicle on Saab basis against NEVS. In Sweden, only a handful of prototypes were sent out to the streets, before they finally left the market. Just over a year ago, things looked different. A bitter pill, but the reality.

Customers in China pay around 34.000 € for the Senova ES210EV, after deducting the state subsidy of an impressive 12.000 €. So the electric car on Saab 9-5 base is not a special offer. However, Senova is also a domestic premium label - with European roots.

Specifications: 109 PS, 255 Nm, 130 Km / h. Range 175 kilometers; Charge time at the 30 quick charger for minutes to get 80% capacity, or 8 hours at the home wall out for 100%.

BAIC goes with Senova on the EV trip. A day after the presentation of the Senova ES210EV rolled with the EV200 EV the next electric car in the spotlight. A smaller vehicle somehow reminiscent of a South German make cooperating with BAIC. Another EV is in preparation - based on the Mercedes E-Class. What began slowly and modestly at BAIC is now getting underway. Respect!

The operation of the ES210 has been solved easily and professionally by BAIC. A knob with brand logo, illuminated in blue, allows the selection of the driving steps. Easy to understand, made smart. An inspiration for NEVS.

The rotary knob does not exist in any Swedish hardware store, of course, the buttons already. But with the question knob or hardware store is probably currently the smallest problem in the stablebacka.

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  • The knob is available for years at Jaguar!

    • Did not invent BMW? In 7er, in the distant past?

  • NEVS had a chance and did not use it. BAIC made a difference, that's really bitter. A year ago I would have bet on NEVS

    • NEVS could not exist as a competitor in the China market anyway.

      Nice pretty soon would be nice SAAB electric automobiles under the aegis of Mahindra / NEVS for the European market and later possibly also for non-European countries - I assume that it will happen that way.

  • Looks like the new MAZDA 6 series.

  • I've always thought, unlike VM, the Chinese-style NEVS are still shuddering, and eventually there's a (maybe electric) car or a phoenix, but there really was nothing to report, except for the few 9-3s Eros gives nothing ...
    From that point of view, the sale of engine production and platforms to BIAC by GM was right - they at least made something of it. But that does not help us, sad-sad!

  • Well, wait and see.
    Maybe there will eventually be the BAIC in Europe to buy and then someone offers conversions / conversion kits on Saab-look

    Until then: JOY about the Saab who gently carries you around

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