Saab 9-4x FWD

Yes, the Saab 9-4x was also available with front-wheel drive. A fact that somehow passed me by. In the German price lists, the model has not appeared, or I have simply overlooked it.

Saab 9-4x FWD with Aero rims
Saab 9-4x FWD with Aero rims

The front-wheel drive solution is generally very popular with SUV buyers. The vehicles operate a kind of mimicry - they pretend they are four-wheel drive vehicles ... but they are not.

Reason speaks for it, the wallet is happy. Less weight, less technology - thus lower consumption and lower costs. If you are not an alpine farmer or forester and want to drive through rough terrain every day, you are well advised with front-wheel drive.

An ideal mix of reason and pleasure is for sale from blog supporter Markus Lafrentz. A Saab 9-4x FWD Linear, first hand, with a few kilometers. With leather seats, electric for the driver, seat heating and the large (ingenious) panoramic roof, he has everything you need on board. The 20 ″ Aero rims - in the series the Linear rolls to 18 ″ - make the appearance hardly distinguishable from the Aero version. The 265 hp 3-liter V6 with automatic ensures the drive; at 210 is curtailed. That should be enough for proper propulsion. In the luggage compartment there is the practical U-Rail luggage system, which you do not want to miss once you have it.

The Saab 9-4x has proven to be extremely stable in value, which is due to the small number of units built and the special situation of the brand. From this point of view, too, the 9-4x would be a purchase that can combine reason and pleasure. More information is available from the Saab Center in Kiel.

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    With what fuel consumption can this configuration move, if I put city / country / motorway at 30/40/30 percent. Around 13 liters, I think, or even 14/15 liters? I have absolutely no experience with SUVs. I move my 9-5 Aero (well, of course no comparison) with 8,5-9 liters ... Well, hardly anyone here will own this 9-4X version ....

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    If it is a reasonable, well thought-out (permanent) four-wheel drive, you need not be afraid of it, neither in the maintenance costs nor in consumption.
    However, the safety is available 365 days, always, on every kilometer, in any weather.
    Unfortunately, my SAAB 9-5 NG TTX XWD Sport Combination could not be delivered, so I alternatively bought a vehicle from the Japanese all-wheel specialist named after an Australian region and fine boxer diesel. Consumption (without protection!) 6,5 liter since purchase. Defects or defects so far? None.
    This car was honestly the very best decision until SAAB started producing cars again. At some point ... I believe in it.
    I also like with support and / or on SsangYong basis. The Rexton W is a pleasing, individual car.

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      PS: Incidentally, in the price list of the 9-4X (going to press July 2011) that I have received, no FWD version was offered ...

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        Does not appear in the dealer documents, could be that Europe would not have the FWD version or later.

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        It is included in the US price list May 2011.

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    The article has a very positive tenor (almost a song of praise) regarding front-wheel drive SUVs. You can certainly argue about the class itself (see my counterpart above), but the drive concept should be all-wheel drive for larger vehicles. Not only necessarily for SUVs - this also applies to vans and vans.

    An SUV is a little heavier and has a higher center of gravity. As a result, it also wobbles backwards more when you accelerate. This becomes particularly problematic when you accelerate a little more from a standing start. Of course, I have not yet driven a Saab 9-4x, but I know the “vehicle format” very well thanks to a Seat Altea XL. And it is the case that even small inclines or driving in rain and snow is usually acknowledged with spinning front wheels and lack of movement - sometimes even with higher tire wear. Of course, you have a slightly higher fuel consumption - but that is also the only disadvantage (worse acceleration values ​​of 0,3s and low top speeds of <5km / h do not count as a disadvantage).

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    There are people who stop at FWD. For me it would probably have been the choice of reason (the question is where a V6 has something to do with reason). Or better XWD? Alas, life can be so complicated

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    I still do not understand why front-wheel drive in a SUV should be more reasonable.

    You buy something like this if you need four-wheel drive, the ground clearance of a four-wheel drive car is not sufficient and you do not want to be able to reach the really big calibers like G or Landcruiser.

    If you dispense with the all-wheel drive, what is the purpose of such a vehicle? There are no particular disadvantages compared to this: usually more weight than a car with a comparable interior, in any case a higher air resistance (the front face is definitely larger), thus a higher consumption, a higher center of gravity and thus a modest driving behavior.

    In addition, you stand in the way and around in the block field - SUVs make predictive driving in the city almost impossible for the following traffic due to their height and the associated visual impairment. You cannot look through the sheet metal part of a tailgate. In other words: as a driver of such a device you not only have the disadvantages of having to carry it yourself, you also hinder others.

    What for? To better state / not stand out among the other soccer-moms, when standing in the morning at blach-to-school-bringing in the ban?
    Or only because you can not get into a real car because of physical limitations?
    In the first case, the blanks should please run (did not harm us either), in the second is questionable whether the physical fitness for driving a motor vehicle is still given. If you can not get into a real car anymore, how can it work with the shoulder glance?

    In all seriousness: sometimes I don't understand you. Saab has built so many great cars. There are also very great real off-road vehicles (although you rarely need them in Central Europe. My brother drives a Landcruiser - in the Ecuadorian Andes. I'll let that go ...)
    But why should such a completely useless device be hyped? Sure, he's more beautiful than a Tiguan. And the 9-4 is from Saab.
    But do you have to celebrate crap just because it's crap of your own brand?

    I'm happy about every SUV that was * not * built.

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      I do not understand this fundamental dislike of SUVs.

      When it comes to the visual impairment of SUVs, it is very clear that a VAN - a vehicle class that is not exactly known for its ostentatious appearance - is at least just as view-blocking. They are usually a little longer and just as high as an SUV, only that they don't have that much ground clearance. Nonetheless, nobody (probably not you either) gets upset about such cars.

      Okay, I agree that Mommy doesn't have to drive the kids straight to the classroom. It really doesn't have to be like that. But people who have problems with their knees can still drive properly. This is a banal statement just to have an “argument” against SUVs.

      I'm not a fan of "hyping" or denigrating things in general. Especially not when attempting with possibly banal arguments. Each vehicle class has its advantages and disadvantages. And just because in the past only sedans and, if necessary, station wagons were built (also at Saab), that doesn't mean that it has to be that way until the cars can fly.

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      To your statement
      "... or only because you can no longer get into a real car due to physical limitations ... in the second it is questionable whether you are still physically fit to drive a motor vehicle"
      There are, for example, other options - for example those of the front passenger and the passenger in the back seat.

      And that's exactly what (the high entry and especially exit and just the space in the rear) were two of the reasons that have just moved me to buy an SUV.

      In general, I am / was rather not a huge friend of many huge SUVs (also partly for your described reasons).
      But the following reasons led to the SUV (and no, e.g. a Touran or similar was not an option after tests).

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      The circle of friends also has this enthusiasm for SUVs that are a trend. And in the neighborhood, the mother, who picks up the children from kindergarten and school with their Chelsea tractor.
      What I mean by that: Saab would have come with the 9-4x at many people finally on the grocery list, and the 9-4x would have been good for the comeback of the brand. Saab would have earned, beyond all brand romance, money and tapped Asian markets.
      Times change, things are in motion. I also like old Saabs, just as I drive a 9-5 NG. And of course we blog about the 9-4x, because every vehicle with Saab lettering is part of the brand and there is no exclusion or will be.

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      Nice statement Turboseize, I look similar. Many things just do not fit together.
      For example, houses are covered with rigid foam, but there is a wall unit in front of the door.
      SAAB used to have environmental awareness on the flags.
      However, the 9-4 still looks elegant among its conspecifics.
      But it's like Tom writes below, today no car company can do without these things because they sell themselves everywhere as stupid. Hardly anyone really needs them.

      There are a few exceptions. A friend has his own company with two meanwhile old Tuaregs as tractors for a big trailer. He supplies his dealers partly himself and his booth is often on the road. In addition, a large boat is occasionally pulled. They really have to work and make sense!

      Otherwise so

      Merry Christmas to everyone!

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        As tractors make things really sense. But then also as big as possible and of course with four-wheel drive.

        They are then no longer would-be ...

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    … .. ”special situation of the brand”. 😉
    Wonderful! If it were not so sad!
    These, and many other articles and descriptions that have been read on the blog make this blog so distinctive! 🙂 THANK YOU TOM! The 9-4 doesn't “seduce” me…., I also have a single speed (with a classic steel frame) and a completely renovated and “nicely” made MTB. 🙂
    Everyone's Christmas! In this sense: All bloggers decelerated holidays and a healthy, successful and peaceful year 2015!

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