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The snow has reached the Rhine-Main area, but for a Saab, the snow-covered streets are something like a natural habitat. However, the best Saab, of course equipped with winter tires, is of little use ... if frugal people think that summer tires are also possible.

Snow in the Rhine-Main area.
Snow in the Rhine-Main area.

Winter tires are unnecessary, the result could be seen yesterday on the A3 heading south. Of course, the “it works without it” experiment by the friends of economical housekeeping failed, as it actually does every winter, but the surprise effect still seems to be terrific every year. 14 kilometers of traffic jams, accidents, even more traffic jams, nothing worked. Fortunately, the next exit was not far, no one needs a collective experience of traffic jams on the motorway. The post-Christmas visit to southern German friends was canceled, the Saab - packed full of gifts - changed course again to the north.

Saab Christmas present

Which brings us to Christmas gifts. What gives someone who already has everything from a Saab perspective? And in this case, apart from the original Saab, I really mean everything. You give yourself another Saab ...

It's really good that NEVS exists, otherwise Saab would be a collector Josef Zabel nothing came up this year for his “gift table”. Lucky you, Josef! Thanks to the short-term production in Trollhättan, there was a NEVS 9-3 for Christmas. Directly from the factory, but not under the tree, but in front of the door, where there is already a lot going on. A look out the front door - on Christmas Day, which is still snow-free - says more than 1.000 words.

Christmas with Josef Zabel
Christmas with Josef Zabel

Congratulations Josef, let's see what Christmas 2015 is just around the corner!

For all those who came away empty-handed, who could not discover a NEVS 9-3 under the tree or in front of the door, which may well be possible! There is no reason for winter depression! There is consolation in the form of reading material from the blog.

Saab reading material

Saab and freelancer, there must be something in the story. Otherwise, the relevant specialist publications would not write about the Saab topic. The architects newspaper AIT tested the then new Saab 2007-9 Aero with V3 Turbo in 6 and also rated it from an architect's perspective. A perspective that is interesting.

Reader Frank found the article in his archive, emailed the blog team the PDF Download, the approval of the AIT for publication immediately afterwards. That's how I like it when professionals are at work and support us. Thanks to Frank, and the readers have fun with Saab 9-3 reading material!

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  • Tom, I think you can talk to Jos, he's always open for everything, for a visit. The problem is, he has got a new knee joint / TEP) and the rehab is his priority! With its great parts markets has not yet spoken the last word. If he is fit, he will certainly make one again. At the moment his health has the highest priority. Everyone will understand that.
    Greetings from Castrop-Rauxel, Franz

  • With the local architects in my city (70.000 Ew.) Only one SAAB drove. I don't know whether the gentleman continues to drive an automobile (for reasons of age). Otherwise, as a freelancer / self-employed doctor, various retailers, web developers, physiotherapists, and professors at the local university are “known”. That is certainly a topic about which an article would be worthwhile ... .. 😉 2015 is just around the corner!
    Happy New Year and Happy New Year to all SAABians!

  • Well the times have changed, as a structural engineer with Saab I do not have an architect client with Saab !!

    Yes, and today I was in the village traffic jam (ok is a small town) because the driver of the premium car of southern German origin had to get out of the parking space quickly before the snow plow and simply did not turn the corner with his rear spin ... embarrassing for him 😉

  • Not the dealer, but I know of a 9-5 NG owned by a mill owner in the wider circle of friends ... at least he does something with white powder 😀

    Sorry Peter…. no offense, but it had to be 🙂

  • I can underline that with the natural habitat. It was really bad for us at the beginning of December - on the uphill stretch to the university, the C-Class T-Model wiggled its rear end in front of me as expansively as the devil doing a duck dance. Funny, somehow my SAAB was always calm ...

    It also always surprises me how many people think that they are going through winter on summer tires. Despite almost daily new newspaper, television and radio reports on the disadvantages of these experiments.

  • The advertisement comes from the roof of a former Saab partner from Munich. Instead of neon tubes are now LED`s installed, of course, it shines
    I'm afraid the Zabel collection is not open to the public, and he will not be hosting the familiar parts markets anymore. Maybe someday there will be the opportunity to visit in a small circle, I could ask.

  • Collector J. Zabel is always good for a SWEET surprise! Congratulations to the happy new owner!
    With his “urge to research”, this special model of the 9-3 will soon be examined and evaluated in detail for “NEVS influence” ;-) ... I'm curious .... Always have a good, accident-free flight! 🙂

  • Tom, where're you just the great Saabreklame ago? Is that lit too?
    Can you also look at the many great Saabs of friend Zabel?
    Just a dream!

  • Pimp not, but maybe worse journalists and politicians?
    As far as I know, the dark discs in the back were originally made only for families with ugly children.

  • Nice stories! Unfortunately, I'm not Architket, just a site manager, but my Saab passion is no less great!
    But I totally dislike these dark proletarian discs at the back! Very bad, belongs to the area pimp and dealer. Or has one of you ever seen a pimp in a Saab?!?

  • So one stands at eggert former saab dealer.

  • What a Christmas present, totally crazy thing!

  • Time to visit Josef Zabel; what a collection !!

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