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How much motivation does the blogger feel to write a review of the year ... after an annus horribilis? Hasn't everything been said or written several times? Wouldn't it be better to just post an empty article with a big question mark at most?

Saab, Saab, Saab - Saab Service Frankfurt
Saab, Saab, Saab - Saab Service Frankfurt

Perhaps, because ostensibly and completely between us, the year could have been one catastrophe. Looking to Trollhättan, one would like to diagnose the worst possible accident (GAU). With a completely botched comeback that nobody could have foreseen in December 2013. Or did someone among the readers have the 7th sense and knew that we would talk and write about reconstruction and possible bankruptcy again in 2014?

Big drama! Is it time to draw the blanket of oblivion over the brand? Others, once big names, have meanwhile also submitted their farewells, they can go in peace. Lancia will (finally) no longer be abused in the future. The American tastelessness with Lancia label will at some point have mutated back to coke cans, the beauty of the old, great traditional brand remains, and vehicles like Stratos, Appia and Delta Integrale will forever be in the hearts. And Saab?

It's not that easy…

While Lancia as a brand is only rudimentary, despite ongoing production, everything is different at Saab. Very simple example from everyday automotive life. Have you ever tried to get spare parts for a Lancia Thema? The situation with the Tipo4 brother of the Saab 9000 has to be dealt with in a compact way: Fiat is not interested, empty shelves in the spare parts warehouse.

The view back: Bloggers back mirror
The view back: Bloggers back mirror

And while nobody in Italy likes to take care of the traditional brand's old cars, something remarkable happened in Sweden a few days ago! The former Saab Parts AB, now sailing under the Orio flag, bought the tools for the production of spare parts for all Saab models built so far from NEVS. Whatever treasure Orio AB may have bought now, it's great business for us. Saab spare parts, even for the old models, can be reproduced in original manufacturer quality!

These are good prospects for all Saab crazy people around the world. Saab driving is possible in the long run if you like. The concern that parts would eventually run out - it was swept from the table in 2014. It is unlikely that the vehicles will disappear from the streets anyway.

Everything Saab is loved, hotter than ever. When I visit Saab partners anywhere in Germany, the Saab 900, 9000 and all current models can be found on the lifts. No matter what year of construction, no matter which model! Whatever is allowed is allowed, and in 2014 there was substantial investment in the vehicles. Waiting times for a workshop appointment are normal. Anyone who has Saab expertise and has adapted their business model to the current situation makes a good living from it. Even without a new car!

Full workshops and full order books do not come by themselves. The successful bases live Saab and offer dedicated, professional service. The workshop replacement car has to be a Saab and is now almost everywhere. That was not the case in 2013, and the range of services for customers was also improved. The cars are getting older and the focus is changing accordingly. Preservation of value, restorations with a sense of proportion are more important. The passion continues to burn unchanged.

There are a lot of Saab dates in the calendar for 2015. If you like, you can connect your weekends to the brand somewhere in the Republic. Premieres, reissues of proven events, the Saab Festival in Trollhättan, International Saab in Norway. For the fans there will be the Saab Inside with two editions, bigger than ever. The Saab Service Club for Germany, Austria and Switzerland will be launched in January.

Saab, this has become a love affair for many people ... for different reasons. Some have petrol in their blood and an eye for Scandinavian design, others appreciate understatement and intelligent vehicle concepts. The interest is more pronounced than ever before if we want to believe the visit statistics on the blog, the well-booked workshops and my overcrowded mailbox. Let's forget the adventurers in Trollhättan for a moment! Our cars are awesome, they're fun, we love them!

2014. From this perspective, it was a good year ...

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    Excellent contribution, all respect for Tom.

    Incredible things happen to a brand (hopefully) in
    Reversal direction is built up, because stock of cars is stable, fan base grows and is stable, parts are secured in the long term,
    Cars are becoming more and more valuable.

    In fact, the whole aftersale is bravely constructed while the work
    hangs in the intensive care unit and we wait for the factory to come to its senses and start building cars. Reverse state is
    normality ………

    Especially thought made me thought that in the
    Did not do a crow to Alfa, theme, Renault or even Fiat, that crows
    have long been forgotten. If there is one here and there
    they are probably perceived regretfully in the sense that
    the drivers could probably afford nothing better.

    I'm so proud when I see how many people are after me
    turn over the black CSE Anni.

    Oh yeah, I think that's never been described that way
    a little miracle. Hope that drivers, fans, lovers, and everyone
    others who are living to be rewarded this year,

    Greetings from Frankfurt

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    Thanks for the great reports throughout the year!

    Yesterday evening, on ARD, the original Swede Kurt Wallander is now driving a VW Passat CC… .. That really hurt! The decline of SAAB couldn't be documented more depressingly!

    Wish everyone a happy new year and continue our journey with our Saab.

    Greetings from the CH, Hans

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      This is an indictment of Swedish crime culture. If Wallander had at least switched to the other Swedish brand ... But with VW Product Placement I don't even want to watch the films anymore.
      A good change of years all who are traveling with their Saab!

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    Thanks for the summary of 2014 - really well done. And a big thank you to Tom and the team for their commitment. Please keep up the good work.

    I wish all SAAB enthusiasts a healthy and successful year 2015.

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    All readers of the blog and its team, only the best for the coming year and have fun with our cars!

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    I think all readers would have missed something if your review had failed this year.
    Thank you for your dedication and staying power Tom.
    Since the question is now secured, we can take care of our Saabs calmed and drive above all. We look forward to the next meetings and exits 2015.
    All Saab friends a happy new year (not with the Saab) to the year 2015 and us all hopefully better news from Trollhaettan.

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      Thanks Wolfgang, it was not easy this time, the review took three attempts, two designs have ended up in the trash

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    Once Saab, always Saab! This saying has never lost strength. Tom's blog also contributes to that. Many thanks from Eastern Switzerland

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    Very nicely worded. Happy New Year from the east of the republic

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    THANK YOU for the annual review!
    Emotionally it was again an 8 track ride with SAAB / NEVS. But we fans are down to earth and always well served with a SAAB! The SAAB shows traction, especially in these snowy days.
    All SAABians and the blogger team a good healthy and accident-free New Year!

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    A great annual overview. Glad we Saab-crazy can remain disappointed thanks to Orio. To all on this blog a Happy New Year 2015.

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    Hi Tom,
    Thank you for the review of the year. Yes, that was a really crazy year for our beloved brand, no passion called SAAB.
    I wish you and all Saab friends a happy new year in 2015. Greetings from the snowy Main-Taunus-Kreis.

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