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The new year starts slowly, so we start comfortably. With Saab Festival, Deer Performance, Saab Community and Blog. The Saab Tuner from Switzerland is changing 2015's discount scheme for increased performance in our favor.

2013. Pre-Tour Kiel - Trollhatten to the Saab Festival
2013. Pre-tour Kiel - Trollhatten to the Saab Festival

The 30% discount on software is new for Saab vehicles of the model years 2010 and 2011. The 50% discount is now available for all software performance enhancements for vehicles with model year 2009 and older. Hirsch Software is recommended, the reference is made as always through the Saab partners.

Saab Festival 2015 Trollhattan

Between Christmas and the start of the year came a lot of mails from the Saab Community. It's about our pre-tour, which will lead from Kiel to Trollhättan as it was two years ago. And the answer to all questions: yes, the tour takes place! Still open questions about the organization should be clarified during the month; Registration for participation will be possible by the end of the month.

Saab Tour Kiel Trollhattan. Rally Plate 2013
Saab Tour Kiel Trollhattan. Rally Plate 2013

The Saab Festival starts at 5. June, the pre-tour on 4. June. Also 2015 are again planned individual rally plates for the vehicles, and like 2013 we meet again this year on the grounds of the Saab center Kiel. It is advisable to book hotels and campsites in Trollhättan and the surrounding area now, as well as the ferry tickets.

Saab Turbo X at Taubenberger
Saab Turbo X at Taubenberger

Saab blog supporters

Another Saab traditional partner supports the blog in the new year. Autohaus Taubenberger has been closely linked to the Swedish brand for 30 years and is a well-known point of contact in southern Bavaria. With a lot of spirit, the second generation Taubenbergers let the Saab flag fly in the wind and supply the customers with dream cars “Made by Trollhättan”. The range includes a Turbo X and a Saab 9-5 NG.

We look forward to welcoming the Taubenberger family to the group of supporters!

Saab 9000 brochures and press kits
Saab 9000 brochures and press kits

Saab Community

What would the blog be without the many helpers from the community? We are celebrating 30 years of Saab 9000, the Saab Festival will also take up the topic, and there is a huge gap in my documents at the 9000 CC. Uli must have felt that ...

A few days ago he came by with Saab 9000 CC brochures and press kits, which he has twice in his archive. Just like that, for free use. That made him more than welcome, and a gap was filled with information at the right moment. I am almost without words, that is Saab spirit and support that can hardly be better. Thanks Uli!

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  • I would also like Uli to bring me duplicate brochures ... 😉

  • I'm more than likely. I'm looking forward. I'm looking forward to the registration list.

  • I am from Switzerland and am attending SAAB meeting 2015 with my wife
    Looking forward to the registration list.
    Saabiger Grussder south side of the Bodensee shore

  • Everything booked - come and look forward to it!
    Two Monte Carlo convertibles from Nuremberg

  • Wonderful, with Saab Taubenberger is a really enthusiastic Saab operation with the best expertise on board. I am very happy as a Munich with 900er convertible!

  • Holiday is approved. I'm attending SAAB Festival 2015. 🙂

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