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Bi-xenon headlights cut through the darkness. A Saab 9-3 on the go, somewhere in the world. No, not anywhere, and the Saab isn't just any Saab. He rushes through the beginning night in Sweden, in Västragötland.

On the way to Goeteborg
On the way to Goeteborg

It's really rare anyway, and it's new too. It doesn't really get any newer in the Saab world. What we see is a 2014 Saab 9-3 Aero Sedan, Made by Trollhättan. His driver is in a hurry. The Saab will have reached the Gothenburg city limits a few kilometers later, and the ferry to Germany is waiting.

I will not tell you more, the full story will be posted on the blog this week. Even during the holidays, Saab fans were busy with their hobby all over the world. Some could enjoy a large dose of Sweden and drive extensively Saab.

Others were busy with their rusty hobby and took advantage of the days off like me. A leather seat set for a Saab 9000 Anniversary, which has been waiting for months to complete, is almost done. For us Saab is a hobby, other people have made it their profession. And are successful.

Like a Saab partner in the United States. Park Ave Saab in Maywood, NJ sells a staggering 30 to 50 high quality pre-owned Saab a month. The Americans are at least as crazy about Saab as we are. "Instead of buying a new 2014er Volvo, they prefer to pay top prices for a used 2011er Saab“Reported Jeremy Morrissey, who has been trading with Saab since the late 80s Automotive News, Can I understand that? I can do it, and how!

Morrissey still has a problem, and it's the problem of all Saab fans around the world and their dealers. There aren't enough Saab used cars in that condition, so Maywood expects the boom to end in the next two years. Because then cars will definitely be missing ...

In North America, 450.000 Saabs are on the road, the stock in Germany is much lower. Success stories like Park Ave Saab are also available here. Saab is a thing for fans, for the automotive heart, and for business success. I visited someone who ventured into self-employment with Saab, and who succeeds in doing so. Another topic for the start of the year on the blog.

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  • Somehow I do not quite understand that. In my opinion, there are very good and reasonable Saab on the market. Especially here in the CH, well equipped and with sometimes small kms. But nobody does buy them! I watch the market daily, virtually no moves!
    So where are the Saab being sold?

    • There are big regional and national differences on Saab. Example Germany:
      The former Saab After Sales department (Orio AB) employs more people in Germany than 2011. Dealers who have fully focused on the Saab theme three years ago are actively buying cars (which they do not get in the desired quantity) and have full workshops. Some businesses are more organized than before. Germany is a success story in the Saab world, the last 3 years. Other countries are not.
      On the other hand, for some, formerly large Saab dealers, the brand is no longer an issue. You said goodbye to the business. As far as the vehicles are concerned: in Germany people like to buy a trusted partner from Saab, and they've known each other for years. Saabs may take a long time at merchants of other brands.

  • The NEVS Saab is also part of Saab history, the US models would be more interesting for me personally: 9-2x, 9-4x, 9-7x. The 9-2x is likely to disappear completely soon as a consumption car. The New York Saab dealer is also busy selling Lotus and older Saabs on ebay USA. I don't think the 30 to 50 sales quoted, I think that's exaggerated and also not verifiable. It would be nice, of course, and even better if it were new cars ...

    Best regards!

  • But why does the driver airbag warning light come on while driving? Not good. Off to Dortmund in the workshop ...

    • Edit: All clear, I've just read it myself, the airbag lamp seems to be on permanently when the passenger airbag is activated. I find it rather confusing, probably a regulation in some countries ...

      • In my current Saab I also have a constantly lit “passenger” airbag display (above in the “interior light center” or whatever that means; but always with the note “on” or “off”).
        At the beginning I also found this rather irritating and a bit annoying. Meanwhile, I got used to it.

      • Is important if you have small children and you want to transport in the passenger seat in the known child seats. Then switch off the airbag. Is the same in every 9-3 II.

        • Ah ok. I'm a 9-5I driver. I find that superfluous. No other vehicle in our family has either ... The low-budget solution, that is to say, a small warning sticker on the side of the dashboard is, in my opinion, completely sufficient. And a strange driver wouldn't necessarily read the lamp correctly.

          • Is a contribution to active safety. The world is just moving on and some things that are already good can be further improved. The 9-5 II shows individually which passenger is belted and who is not. Almost like in a plane

  • The said Saab stood today on Schalke from 7: 30 clock to 17 clock, it's a black 9.3 Aero and back Turbo4 was on it, whatever that means. On the front hood, however, no griffin was to be seen as an emblem, but a simple black Saabzeichen. Parked my Volvo 123 GT right next to it, Sweden cars have to hold together. Julian from Marl

    • That's the way it is, I prefer to park next to a Volvo than next to one… .. It's exciting where the Zabel-Saab drives around 😉

  • I just looked at the dealer's homepage ... well ... the 2011 models are already considerably cheaper than comparable 2014 volvos ... I would say normal used car prices ...

  • But nothing remains secret here.
    There is no other car brand.

  • I think I know who it could be? On Sunday, the car overtook me from the A1 from Remscheid to the A43 direction Herner Kreuz with relatively leisurely speed! Is he black and had a red Herner license plate? From the speed ago, I was very surprised, because the man actually lets it always crash. I had an 900 TU 16 and followed it, at least tried it.
    Greetings from Remscheid, Sven B.

    • Yes, red Herne license plate and Sunday he was definitely on the way

  • Hi Tom,

    after a while a sign of life from me again. First of all, I hope that you and your family had a great party and a happy new year. And then I'll swing around to your post ...

    That sounds very interesting as always and makes you curious for more. Who got one of the rare 2014? I suspect it because you've had it, I believe ever mentioned. As I know you, you will write many beautiful articles on the subject of Saab again this year, thank you in advance. I keep my fingers crossed that you still keep your good intentions.

    Best regards Cetak

    PS: finally, Santa has heard me and gave me a Saab 92 Concept Car in nocturn blue. Now I finally have a memory of my Saab 9-3

    • Nice that you are still reading! I am glad

  • Is that Zabel Saab?

    • Hasn't he already got it? I could imagine that the Kiel or maybe Michèl are involved ...

    • It is the Zabel-Saab, which was parked in Lilla Edet until January.

  • Hello Tom, First of all, Happy New Year for you and your colleagues along with all Saab enthusiasts on the blog.
    Your story is totally exciting and tore me out of the Christmas goose lethargy. When does it go next ...?
    Greetings to all

    • Wednesday at the latest ...

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