Swedish tour Saab 9-3 Aero 2014

Okay, a quick look back. The basic idea behind our Saabblog.net project is to report on cars. In the way we experience it from our perspective as Saab drivers in daily use. Not from the point of view of motor journalists.

Saab 9-3 in Lilla Edet
Saab 9-3 in Lilla Edet

The idea was good, it hasn't worked for the last 4 years. For reasons that everyone knows and that are beyond our control. Today it's about 500 kilometers in the Saab 9-3 from NEVS, maybe the last report about a new car "Made by Trollhättan".

Exact 67.3 kilometers shows the speedometer. From Västragötland, close to Lilla Edet, should lead the journey south, to the Münsterland. The day before, Nicolina Hubert, not unknown in Saab circles, had been with a 2006-stroke Saab on the Carerra Panamericana in 2 Rallydröm fulfilled, the Aero picked up in Trollhättan.

Our driving report is about the 9-3 that Saab collector Josef Zabel had given himself for Christmas. After Nicolina Hubert “parked” the Saab in Lilla Edet, his friend Götz took over the transfer to Germany - a job that many readers would have liked to have done. Or? I definitely ... and I'm a little jealous, but I'm all the more looking forward to the pictures and facts that he will provide us. Exciting, in any case, because it drives a Turbo X in everyday life and can make a direct comparison. How does the Saab 9-3 Aero from NEVS drive?

The well-known good bi-xenon light cuts through the darkness; the journey begins and leads from Lilla Edet via the E45 towards Gothenburg. NEVS did not reinvent the 9-3, but conjured up what might be the best 9-3 of all time with one touch of the component shelf. The chassis of the Saab 9-3 Aero 2014 is a mixture of the well-known aero chassis and the supersport chassis of the Turbo X. The direct comparison is easy for Götz, because both vehicles currently run on 18 ″ turbine rims. NEVS found the perfect compromise, he says. No trace of the brutal hardness of the X, but still the perfect road holding, and still plenty of comfort. Moving sportily, it is easy to intercept at the limit, no unpleasant load change reactions scare the driver away. The verdict is totally easy to drive.

The 9-3 has the VIN 081. He is one of the early vehicles from the Stallbacka. Built in the short phase, which had a lot of hope. There is a lot of spirit in there, says Götz, you can feel it. The limousine had bought a coworker of NEVS, who does not work now in Trollhättan. He builds cars again, that's the good news. But in Torslanda.

With the compact 9-3, the 220 hp engine has an easy time. The famous unit was largely developed in Trollhättan. We know the machine from the 9-5 NG, where it cuts a fine figure. With the harmonious 6-speed automatic it produces real acceleration from low revs, and if the performance is not enough, there is also the kit from Hirsch Performance. The 9-3 is not a young car, but an extremely balanced one.

About Gothenburg, the journey goes with the ferry to Kiel. The ferry service is a kind of Saab bypass between the home of the brand and Germany. It is not surprising if you meet good friends on board, as well as on this trip. A certain Markus L. has also spent his Christmas vacation in Sweden and is on his way back.

Let's talk about quality! The workmanship in the interior, says our test driver, is perfect. No rattling, no creaking. No rumbling from the chassis, the noise comfort is higher than in previous model years, more insulation material was used. This increases the value of the Saab, the beautiful super sport steering wheel sits comfortably in the hand. One issue is the seats, which offer excellent long-distance comfort. They come from a Swedish supplier who also supplies the other brand with them. Passengers who are a little stronger should feel even better in them than in the very good Saab seats that we already know from the 9-3.

A perfect everyday car means Goetz, after 500 kilometers through the dark Västragötland and through northern Germany. Josef Zabel has a new highlight in his collection, Congratulations! As far as the impressions of the Saab 9-3 Aero 2014.

I like it when impressions friends have gathered over the past few months are confirmed. It's good. And normally I would say: great quality, good tendency. Go on, so Saab has a chance. Or something like that.

But that is not the case because the brand situation is already, or is still, in a mess. A great car, no question about it, but nevertheless there is always a pinch of melancholy. And emails from the community keep coming in as to whether you can get one of these vehicles from Sweden with a clear conscience and without hesitation. A recommendation from the blog? I don't know - honestly.

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    Great story! I've had the pleasure of test driving the MY14 9-3 as well and I can only agree that it's probably the best 9-3 ever built. Road handling, engine performance, noise reduction, build quality, etc ... the Stallbacka team did an excellent job, especially given the circumstances. A collectors item I would say and congrats to Mr Zabel for adding this great car to his collection!

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    @ Tom - Is it known what exactly was changed on the chassis, on the damper / spring set-up, or was there any more changes?

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    Dear Tom
    Once again I would like to thank you for your great writing and reporting for many months. A lot of passion and confidence always “resonates”. This SAAB fever would do some investors and marketing people very well. Unfortunately, that alone doesn't count….
    Good wishes for the 2015 and full turbocharger.
    Walter from Switzerland

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    A fancy car, I like it well, but why do not you pick up such a car as owner? Personally, it would be tingling to send someone else to Sweden, even if it were a friend. No offense, Tom keep writing this way, it's always exciting and exciting for me to read the Saabblog.

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      Dear Sven, I am happy if the blog likes it! The owner would have liked to do the overpass himself, and it tinkled at his fingers, sure. For personal reasons, which do not belong on the blog, he was prevented and a friend jumped in for him.

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    I look every day in this blog and amazed! Is a lot of diligence, always interesting posts and beautiful photos.
    Thanks for that. It's a shame that nothing new comes from SAAB, but that has been said a thousand times. I have to take good care of my 9.3 SC, but that shouldn't be a problem. 🙂

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    One would have to build a 95 kombi right away, as there are still plenty of good 93 on the market. And good carbrios, there is already the 900 / 1 which is still a REAL SAAB.

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      Yep, too few and too late station wagons under NEVS and VM have probably contributed to both failures ...

      Incomprehensible how one could go with a limousine at the start (NEVS) and why one had to wait so long for the 95 (VM), which then did not make it into the sales.

      Sales figures and used car prices speak a clear language: station wagon, station wagon, station wagon ...

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    After the full-bodied NEVS announcements in the course of the last months of the old year, the so-called economic news from Sweden would be the priority for me.

    Are there still no utterances from Mahindra? It's January 07.01.2015th, XNUMX and the bleak picture remains unchanged (at least in public perception) - when will the clear signals finally come in the direction of departure?

    The question mark now in the new year continue is really very very ugly.

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      Well Detlef, it is only the 07.01. If there was any substance to the future of the Trollhättan site, you could read it here.

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    I would also like to have driven him once. Especially since it is probably the last 9-3 of its kind

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      Is certainly so, with a new edition is not expected. Maybe you have the chance in summer in Sweden.

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        That would of course be awesome. If it is still a stalked you have to be careful that I come back with it. But since I am the first and hopefully not the last, it is of course doubly exciting for me. I'm looking forward to it.

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    Somehow a pity that NEVS hit the wall like that. However, if you only bring a limousine and no station wagon and no cab, then you have to drive against the wall.
    Good report, would also like to do the transfer

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