Saab 9-5 carbon leather set

The BioPower 100 Concept study had it first ... the Saab 9-5 carbon leather set, consisting of: dashboard, shift gate, door strips and door handles. Everything in carbon leather, which finally put an end to the plastic overflow in the 9-5 chrome glasses.

Saab 9-5 BioPower 100 Concept
Saab 9-5 BioPower 100 Concept

Made in a small edition and known good quality, the 10 set was commissioned by Saab at Hirsch Performance. Not a few fans hoped that it would be included in the series or at least the accessory price list. Because it upgraded the chrome glasses noticeably, the interior gained in quality.

In addition, the BioPower 100 Concept had more delicious details to offer. Frosted taillights and cool end pots that unfortunately never existed. For this purpose, Hirsch Performance included the matte version of the chrome frame in the program, and for a short period of time, the Saab 9-5 carbon leather set in 10-part design was available.

At the time I was traveling with a Saab 9-5 OG BioPower sports suit, the interior begged for improvement. The prices at Hirsch were prohibitive, but if there weren't any taillights, then at least the leather set of the study. I had never regretted the purchase, and after forgetting the price, the joy of an individual interior remained.

Meanwhile, blog supporters finished Stephan Individual the set after, but only 6-part. It lacks the door handles that are no longer there. And because the Saab 9-5 BioPower sports suit has now been sold, I have a 10-piece set too many. A fan has the opportunity to buy the complete Saab 9-5 carbon leather set for chrome glasses. The set is as good as new, in its original packaging. Since it has already been installed briefly - signs of use are not noticeable or if so minimal - the price is negotiable.

There is only one set, the delivery is only complete, not in individual parts. If you are interested in upgrading your 9-5 chrome goggles, please send a serious suggestion to the blogger.  The set is sold.

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    I would rather have the frosted tail lights. I'm going full throttle. 🙁

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      I can understand. Back then, I would have paid almost any price for the taillights

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    My congratulations to the new owner…. looks like a sensible investment.

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    Hello Tom…

    Have read your great text and I would
    Set irritate.
    The question, what did you come up with for a price?

    Greet lucky from Switzerland

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      You have mail 🙂

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