We have plans ...

The year is developing slowly and some readers are waiting impatiently for what is happening in Sweden. Or not ... It is quiet around the Saab factory, and nothing has been heard from the Stallbacka in the past few days.

We have something ...
We have plans ...

NEVS has bought me the sale of the tools to the Orio AB time and probably some pressure from the negotiations. How much time you have bought and how fast the funds will be used, that is unclear. Because the sum of the transaction is not communicated on demand.

One thing is certain: time is running through NEVs' fingers, January is almost halfway through, and the new investor should actually bear the costs from the beginning of the year. So it was communicated through lawyers and the court, it is uncertain whether it corresponds to reality. Of course we keep an eye on what happens in Trollhättan. And of course we will report if something should happen in the next few days ... even if writing on the topic is difficult and hardly fun. But we don't stare at the snake like rabbits, waiting to see what might be there ...

There are the good New Year blog posts, it's about cars, hobby, passion, and the joy of it. Not about economic news that torments us again and again. We turn the intentions into reality and start an action on Tuesday that is about fun and a lot of Saab passion.

And we came up with something very special - one thing with a lot of Saab spirit! Tomorrow more…

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  • The vehicles are normal aeros, one with automatic. VIN 65 and 71, so quite early vehicles that are approved for NEVS.

  • Maybe you should add that KJJ is in January for the financing, and not as announced an investor or new owner. And that everything should take a little longer.

    One reason why these reports are no longer worth an article.

  • Nothing new to report except the statement from Nevs that all salaries, wages and taxes are secured for this month ...

  • Was just 3 weeks in Sweden (since today again in D) u. on Tuesday 9.01.015 in Trollhättan at the Stallbacka. No lights, no people, only two Saab's with the license plate BBS 808 u.SSY 303 were behind the Absperrzaum (have photos)
    Maybe you can do something with it, Tom.
    I'm curious what you plan to do.
    Best Regards

  • As an eye catcher, saw out SAAB 92 as a fretwork and dip it in the latest SAAB colors 😉…. e.g.

  • Why Thursday?

  • No, no, the first impression was closer. But it is quite unspectacular ... More tomorrow 😉

  • well then the restored 99 from the saab guru in the north?

  • What happens tomorrow, I'll be surprised - but I'm looking forward to Thursday anyway 😉 It will be a good Saab day for sure….

  • I will log in quickly on Tuesday and ... I'm looking forward to it 🙂

  • the picture makes such an impression ... somehow 🙂

  • Tom does a very good job, in every way. Otherwise I could not go through this project. Do not think that THN would somehow tempt me

  • ... and when it comes to new models, the engineers put two or three drafts to vote, and what the bloggers have chosen will be built.

  • It would be interesting what all the (positive) Saab crazy people around the world would come together. In any case, the CEO of the newly founded Saab Cars AB has already been determined. Tom would have to move to THN

  • And who gives enough gets a trip to Sweden and allowed to build his own Saab.

  • How so? It can not get any worse and each of us has more money in our pocket than NEVS.

  • SaabBlog.net takes over the plant in Trollhätan…. 😉

  • Good thing, then daily SAAB reading is guaranteed. I'm excited to see what's coming, I can't make any sense of the picture ...

  • I'm curious about that too ...

  • That started well…. I'm curious what was hatched there again 😉

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