To win Ursaab!

We give away, and that's no fun, an Ursaab. Of course not the original, which is unique. But an equally exclusive print on a knotty piece of Nordic pine. And a guaranteed unique piece for collectors.

We give away an Ursaab! © 2015
We give away an Ursaab! © 2015

However, with all our selflessness, the blog team expects a small return from our readers.

We want to know how it started with the Saab passion. How did our readers come to the brand from Trollhättan, what fascinates them about a Saab, what about the Saab spirit? The way you can come to the mark, how a story can begin, is tomorrow on the blog to read. It's about my first Saab, and I'll talk about my beginnings with the Swedes. An event which 23 has been years ago.

The prize for our readers was donated by artist Alexander Heger - last year he presented works related to Saab and his passion for Sweden at our event in Kiel.

It is the print of the legendary Ursaabs on northern pine. For any fan of the brand, that should be an incentive to pick up the keyboard and send us their personal Saab story.

Saab drivers who want to tell us about their first Saab, their passion for the brand, can submit their submissions to the 15. February 2015 to the blog team (saabstory (at) send.

In addition to the text, the pictures and the usual contact details, please do not forget the telephone number for inquiries.

Invited to participate are all fans and readers on the blog who drive a Saab through life. We publish every story and post it after the 15. February for vote. The community decides which Saab Story is best and who will become the new owner of the original Saab.

5 thoughts too "To win Ursaab!"

  • Fool, there are sentimental feelings! Great idea and wonderful picture on suitable nordic pine! 18 years SAAB, but (almost) without SAAB images

  • This is a brilliant start to the year with extreme SAAB Spirit. class

  • Since I am handicapped, I am restricted in the hobbies. My father drove Saab. The first was an 99 from 1970, exactly my vintage in a beautiful dark green. From then on Saab was my hobby for 17 years. Our second was a white 900 Turbo. Meanwhile, both are "in heaven", that is, they no longer exist. RIP

  • Great idea, because I really have to reach into the keys and tell 🙂

  • I do not believe in coincidences, but it was exactly this poster that I had in my hands today. I bought it for Saab Festival 2013 in Trollhaettan. It comes framed tomorrow in the garage.
    The wood version is of course a rarity.
    Nice idea Tom!

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