Orio: committed to SAAB

When SAAB Automobile AB is declared bankruptcy in December 2011, SAAB Automobile Parts AB. Actual, "independent" is probably the wrong term to use as the parts division has actually become 100% owned by the Swedish state about a year later.

Fast forward to November 2014, “Orio” -as the company is now called- booked a turnover of more than SEK 1B (approx. EUR 100M) in 2013 and has some 350 employees with subsidiaries in 9 main markets and sales and distribution in 60 countries. Despite popular belief, Orio is making a profit and is pursuing ambitious growth targets.


New CEO, new challenges
I spoke with Jonas Tegström, who joined Orio in mid 2014 as their new CEO. SAAB Parts suffered from significant challenges in the aftermath of the bankruptcy from its previous mother company in 2011. "We lost more than 30% of our sales overnight as people believed that this was the end of all SAAB-related business. Fortunately we've gradually been able to re-establish sales and have expanded our network to more than 1400 workshops and sales points around the world, actually 200 more than prior to the bankruptcy. We also invested significantly in the re-launch of SAAB Academy so that our service partners can continue to receive advanced training in servicing all SAAB models ”.

Jonas Tegström © Orio
Jonas Tegström © Orio

No parts available?
SAAB will become unusable "are statements that are still heard in the market place every so often. Interestingly enough, more or less the opposite is true. "90% initially, I'm very pleased to say that 99% at the moment. So SAAB customers should feel confident that they will be able to deliver their cars for many more years to come."Tegström said.

Orio has started a Special Parts department. “I cannot guarantee that we'll be able to supply literally everything and things make take longer than usual, but as keeping their SAAB's in perfect condition is important to our customers, this initiative is really key to us.”

Orio's warehouse in Nyköping

New service to address aging SAAB's
In fact, Orio's aim to become even more comprehensive on the parts side is also translating into an extended service offering towards the authorized SAAB service centers. Previously the bulk of repairs were changing of oil and oil filters but as there -at least currently- aren't any new SAAB's produced the approximately 1 million cars that are still on the road are getting older. "This aging means that our service centers are getting more relatively advanced repairs to do and we're looking into how to improve diagnosis and support services to help our service centers to resolve any issues faster and more effective."Tegström added that Orio wants to be committed engineers to run this new service.

When I started asking Jonas about NEVS, he immediately agreed with me that the current situation is damaging all stakeholders, including Orio. "Whether we like it or not, any news - positive or negative - about NEVS and SAAB is impacting us as well. But what does the SAAB knowledge, expertise and can be kept in Trollhättan. Anything else would be a total shame and a destruction of capital and this beautiful car brand. We are always looking into the future taken over a significant number of tools to manufacture SAAB parts from NEVS to further secure the supply for our customers. We'll continue to look for ways to help with any potential new owners".
Orio actually worked closely with NEVS on the MY14 9-3 and developed the diagnostic systems for it. Although only a few hundred cars left the Stallbacka factory, Orio is thus ensuring the parts and service programs for this unique 9-3.


SAAB-related activities roughly represent 95% of Orio's income today and according to Tegström. How does Orio want to achieve their strategic goals?
Part of the answer lies in the new services that were mentioned earlier. By expanding the focus to cover much more of the car's lifecycle, Orio believes they'll be able to grow substantially. "We're looking into how we can get much closer to our channel partners and our end-customers. Improving 1: 1 communications, positioning the value of genuine SAAB parts, offering several upgrade options, and more."

About 6 months ago, US-based company Protech1 was acquired to help build and maintain SAAB Part's position on the North American market. Protech1's online platform combined with their logistics infrastructure allows SAAB owners in the US to order parts directly, something Orio also started to experiment with in the Nordic countries through our SAAB webshop. "Our webshop in the Nordics has really been beating expectations. Keeping a strong customer engagement is key for our future and we're looking into even more ways to do this effectively"Concluded Tegström.


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  • Thanks, Martin. Well a "reverse takeover" of NEVS by Orio would seem very unlikely but I see where you are coming from ...
    As for the 9-3, you will find that it is the prototype of the SAAB Automobile AB back in late 2011.
    This design was supposedly reasonably advanced in its development already, so depending on who owns the IP rights to the design today and the direction that NEVS 'current and future owners may have, who knows if this car may roll off the production line one day ...

  • Parts for older Saab like 9000, 901 and 902 would be great too. There are some parts that are not longer available around the world ...

  • Great suggestions and I'm sure there will be many more!

  • I want to continue to ask you to come up with upgrade options for the existing cars, as far as possible. Some things for the 9-5 I could think of are:
    -A body kit for the 9-5, in order to improve its drag coefficient.
    -A sound damping kit for the 1.9 TiD
    -Frosted backlights, like in the BioPower car at the Saab Museum
    -An Apple CarPlay / Google Compatible head unit with full cableing (avoid the cable mess that is now inevitable).
    -Daylight lights, or even a complete redesigned headlight unit with LEDs.

  • Gives a real good feeling while we all want to continue our Saab cars. Glad that Orio is so determined.

  • Very glad things are turning up ok for them ... and us!

  • Thanks for the excellent writing and the good news!

  • No, rather the opposite, Benito. SAV spare parts for many more years to come. They have come to terms with the number of parts on stock (from 90% to 99%) and in addition they have ordered several tools in the future. So good news.

  • For Saab are no more parts available? I don't understand correctly the text because my little english.

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