How a dirty kid cemented love (to Saab)!

The first articles about our readership have landed in the blog postbox. We are giving away  Ursaab, the prelude is the article by Frank.

It was the beginning of the 80 years, a friend's parents had a car that no one else had. The long sloping rear, the side vents and last but not least the fact that this car just showed a completely different reaction when accelerating than any other car in which I was driving.

Saab 9-5 by Frank
Saab 9-5 by Frank

At that time, I explained that this was a "turbo" and could not be compared with the other cars. Since then, I have been repeatedly looking at vehicles of the Saab brand without occupying myself with them intensively.

Over 10 years ago, I remembered again that since childhood I had the idea of ​​driving a Saab. So to my partner, "Honey, what do you think of Saab?", She replied, "those ugly boxes?". The topic was off the table.

Several years ago, it turned out we needed a big car, so I saw my chance to buy an ugly car, since it had to be practical!

The candidate was also found quickly and yes he was really not pretty in his design combination. An 9-5 3.0 TID wagon, beige cloth seats and fir green (Saab called it graphite).
There it was, a green car, the chassis type Hawaii, an engine that demands a lot of attention (as I learned after the purchase) and otherwise this car could not score anything whose attitude could be described as chic or sporty ,

But still, this car managed something no car could do before, it was one of us and part of us. You did not fly to Italy, you drove Saab to Italy.

For me it was now clear, Saab is my brand and my partner also only accepts this brand as a car for us. The brochure of the 9-5 NG as a station wagon was already with us and the decision to buy this car, as soon as it comes out, was already made. Well, that did not happen anymore, Saab stopped production, the 3.0 TID ran dry at 212000 Km and an 9-3 became our companion.

9 thoughts on "How a dirty kid cemented love (to Saab)!"

  • I have not read the blog for a long time and started it again with a beautifully written text.

    I and my wife would even have to laugh heartily.
    "... So to my partner," Honey, what do you think of Saab? ", She replied," These ugly boxes? ". The topic was off the table for now. ... "
    These lines also affect 100% on ins.

  • @ saab_owl: I fell for it at the time, the car looked black on the Internet until the sun shone on it - then it was green.

    • Interesting color, I like it!

  • ... why is the illustrated, black 9-5OG not mentioned in the text?

  • Funny, the story with our 9-5 was pretty much the same! However, we drive the 2.2 liter diesel engine and it runs and runs 🙂
    For me, the best and most beautiful car in the world!

  • And I still miss this car, it was really the perfect touring car. The only thing that sometimes disturbed was the certainty that eventually the engine will break, was always mentally at one.

  • I bought my two 900 back.
    but the 3.0 over 200tkm is already top for the misconstruction.

  • Very nice story, never thought that the 3.0 TID would help make friends 😉

  • It was the same for me .. Only my brother drove 9000 first and so the addiction got worse and worse ...

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