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Good news for the Saab pilots! Orio AB's Saab Service Club has started! The first campaigns are online to kick off, and what we see reads well.

The Saab Service Club is online
The Saab Service Club is online

As a greeting, registered members can call up a welcome voucher and secure a 15% discount on Saab original spare parts. Saab drivers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland can download the voucher and the conditions of participation from the respective country websites.

One issue that concerns us is the advancing age of our vehicles. Saabs are designed to be long-term cars, but like any other vehicle, they need maintenance. The Saab partners and Orio AB have recognized this and developed a comprehensive maintenance check; which sounds unspectacular, but makes perfect sense. Far beyond a conventional TÜV inspection, 40 different points are checked and the result is recorded in a detailed log. The check documents the actual condition of the vehicle, subdivided into “internal and external values”, and shows possible weak points. It is a helpful guide for planning future maintenance and repairs. Members of the Saab Service Club can have the value retention check carried out at the participating Saab partner at a particularly affordable price.

The Saab Service Club Service Voucher is redeemable at all participating Saab bases until 31.03.2015; it applies to counter sales and workshop sales. The list of Saab partners in Germany, Austria and Switzerland is deposited on the national pages.

I find the view of the German participant list interesting. One or the other name, missed in previous actions, is now included. That's good!

The new Saab Service Club is the right answer to the changing market. Our vehicles are ripening, that can not be changed. Driving Saab is still fun, and that should remain so. ! An optimal support in the Saab workshops and adapted offers are harmonious actions in this change. After all, who can take better care of our vehicles than the authorized Saab partners?

The blog can only recommend to any reader to register for the Saab Service Club - simply deposit the email address, as Orio has another treat for the members: the very popular Saab Inside, which will be registered directly and in advance Members will be sent. From well-informed source is to learn that the preparation of the next issue is already running at full speed.

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  • Well then look through the list of those who take part in the campaign ... With a few exceptions (for which you can plan 900 days with your 9000 or 2), all others are more focused on Saab models in the time of GM (after 1994) . Even of those I know who have repaired such models here for Kaiserslautern and the surrounding area, none are in this list. Which are in this list and 9-3 ect. repair, are at least 1 day's journey from Kaiserslautern. (Bensheim, Landau, Mainz)

  • ... the first TÜV is only due in April: if it's the 1st TÜV date for the SAAB at all, nothing should cause problems with the SAAB 🙂! If it is the 2nd or 3rd TÜV date, zero problems would also be gratifying….
    On my 9-3er 172000 KM brakes complete and shock absorbers (complete with bearings etc.) were changed. Now the SAAB is fit again, safe and with a fresh TÜV sticker!

  • As always. Maybe you have enough to do with your Ami boxes.

  • Nice action! For me a little too early, the first MOT is due in April, but maybe that's more often. If you look on Instagram Orio is currently producing sheet metal parts in THN, but as said in the comments is not currently available for the 900. Maybe you want to use the last (?) Opportunity.

  • I haven't read anywhere that there is a restriction. Why shouldn't 900 & 9000 be affected? Saab is Saab, right?

  • All well and good ... All old models such as 9000 and 900 I are left outside and not served as with other premium manufacturers who also have their own classic car division ... What a shame ... This would be the market of the future for Orio. How many of the models were sold in Germany, Switzerland and Austria alone, let alone markets such as Benelux and Great Britain? Take a look at the offers currently in the Netherlands. an …… Other countries like France will force their way onto the market with Saab vintage models in the next few years. Italy has shown the way in recent years. (my 901 is from there)

  • Very nice that some well-known SAAB names are back on the list, some of which have been missing for a long time ...

  • MobilForum again not there?

  • Nice campaign, unfortunately last week I left € xxxx with the nice dealer of trust. ; (

    : )

  • Hello.
    Wonderful! Even Oldenburg is now represented!
    Now I need only 15 km and no day trip to the next SAAB partner!
    Greeting André

  • Innocent white is generally overrated ... Seriously: There is nothing to report that has substance. The calendar still shows 6 weeks and we will probably hear something from Sweden soon. So let's concentrate on the positive development at Orio. 🙂

  • Very good idea, makes the decision easier not to change the friendly!

  • Yes, a good action! Will be used by me!
    The “missing” SAAB partners are now also there, is also gratifying! The SAAB family is growing together and the number of subscribers to the blog will also increase ... :-). The topic remains “highly topical”….
    The last 2 weeks 01/2015 have started ... and in Trollhättan there is “innocent” snow on the plant ??? 🙁

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