Start with the Saab 9000 CS

Sometimes the start of an automotive love is something ... difficult. We're giving away one Ursaab, and Cord reports from the start with his first Saab.

I came to an 2 Saab 94 CS just 9000 months ago.
Everything started with the purchase of a train ticket to Bremen. On the internet, a Saab was for sale in Bremen, so I made my way there.

94er Saab 9000 CS
94er Saab 9000 CS

In my luggage I had short-term license plates and a bit of purchase price. Unfortunately, I had left my phone on the kitchen table!

More on that later. After an hour train ride, I gladly arrived in Bremen and got into a taxi to get to the car dealer! After approx. 20 min. we were then arrived. A collection of various vehicles stood behind a fence in nowhere, on the outskirts of Bremen. OK, I thought, it will!
And there he stood, the Saab 9000 CS with full equipment and everything my heart desired. Black, undrinked and completely filthy. Well, I thought, no matter, you can wash! I went to the nice car salesman and said that I would like to have a look at the Saab! Okay he said and picked up the keys! I looked at the car and was impressed by the simplicity of the dashboard, the leather seats as new, the sky and the interior were well maintained.

Turn it on, I asked, and he replied that I do not have a battery, but at the hardware store not far from here, there are cheap ones! Aha, I thought, yes, then get one I'll wait! No, I'll build it now ne used, I start with my Jeep and then it runs to the hardware store, there is also a gas station. The Saab was bridged and started right away. After a few minutes of price negotiations, I bought it. The nice car dealer still said, switch carefully, the clutch is at the wear limit. And so I got in and drove off to the hardware store.

First refuel and then ne new battery installed! And then we went to the A27 direction Stotel! The Saab did not pull and there was no thrust. Until the rest area Harmony I have come, then the clutch was out! Oh, I thought, that could not have happened, but that's how it was. OK, I thought, I'm in the ADAC, so call him now. With a mobile it would have been easier!

A nice fellow, who was just taking a break, gave me his cell phone so that I could call my wife and the ADAC. Thanks again for the help of the sales representative of Coca Cola!

After a full hour, the "Yellow Angel" came with his small vehicle. Moin, he said, let's see what the Saab has. Aha, I said the colleague on the phone already, that the clutch is broken! Oh, yes, then has a tow truck ago. That's what I thought, that's already there! The human from ADAC said, jo, that may take a while! Guess he's in good 2 hours! Oh no, I thought and the Yellow Angel drove off. Two hours with nothing except my newly acquired Saab in a parking lot! I got into the car and said to me, "Na Saab, we did not have a good start"! The time moved in and I familiarized myself with the switches and buttons in the interior and on the dashboard of the Saab! I was impressed with what it has. Finally the tow truck came and we drove to my house. What a tour with my Saab.

I got the Saab repaired and had some replaced. With all the bad start, I am happy and happy to have bought it because it is a unique driving experience. To date, I have seen no other 9000 CS in my area!

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  • The isses just, 9000er drive is like a black horse

  • 9000er is always a good decision! Affordable in maintenance, unbreakable, and ingenious feeling. Congratulation!

    • unbreakable .. ...?
      The long "compulsory break" had soferferichericherweise anyway the side effect that the new owner has infected himself with the SAAB virus! Much better than with the rhinovirus!
      From now on much more (driving) joy at the 9000er!

  • I bought a 9000 CSE a year ago and am still overwhelmed. The driving experience blew me away after the first 10 kilometers test drive and is absolutely unique. I even love him so much that today I bought a 9-5 2,0 ltr from '99 to stop using it as a' Daily Driver ', to finally tackle the little things that still need to be done and keep it for years to come receive!

    I am a car enthusiast since I can think independently and have already driven many cars of many brands. And I've lost my heart to a few manufacturers for a long time. Among others, there are Opel, Lancia, Alfa-Romeo, Peugeot, Toyota and Citroen to name. But I've never been so busy with a brand in my life just because a car blew me away like that. Chapeau Saab for this vehicle! Far ahead of its time, still up to date, different and unequaled!

    A fan.

  • Well, without any pain, the purchase of a 9000 is no longer possible today. The youngest ones came off the line before 17 and their phenomenal practicality has left their mark most of the time (and most of them have died away).
    But if you have properly prepared your 9000, every kilometer makes up for it and you do not give it away anymore.
    Nice, that was still one "saved" - Have a good trip!

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