3 x Saab = dream car

The next article to the raffle of our Ursaab goes to the start. A Saab is a dream car, says Steffen. I can only agree with that.

In the middle of 90, my parents wanted to buy a new car. As a 16-year-old Saab fan I tried everything to convince her of an 900 II.

Saab 9-3 SC by Steffen
Saab 9-3 SC by Steffen

But all persuasion did not help, it was still a Citroen. Of course, the desire for a Saab remained. As soon as I had my driver's license, I went in search of. But it was not that easy.

Because the cars that interested me were way beyond my budget as 18-year-old.

So I first inherited the W123 from my grandfather. But I did not get really warm with the car, even though it had accompanied me since my kindergarten.

A Peugeot 306 became it then, perhaps at the time also the more suitable car for me.

Saab 900, Steffen's first Saab
Saab 900, Steffen's first Saab

Saab No. 1

In November, 1999 called me a school friend and told me he had seen a Saab 900 in the newspaper, I would look for one.

Only a few days later I had a second car.

Saab 900, BJ. 91, 2.0i, 115? PS, white. With air conditioning as the only luxury amenities and just 125tkm run.

The car was cheap, but not very well maintained. Only after a while did I realize that the car had some quirks I did not see when I bought it or did not want to see it.

Nevertheless, the car was fun, accompanied me on several vacation trips and was a real pack donkey, who accompanied me on my move from Heidelberg to Emden faithfully 2002. Incidentally, the Peugeot was still included in my fleet and was the sporty and youthful counterpart to my Saab dar.

In summer 2003 I had to make a decision. A car should go. I was a student and no longer had the financial means to run several cars.

After much deliberation, it hit the Saab. I did not want to part with my Peugeot at the time.

Probably a mistake from today's point of view. But in between there is a whole decade.

The desire for a new Saab remained.

Saab 9-3 by Steffen
Saab 9-3 by Steffen

Saab No. 2

In spring 2009 I made a real bargain.

An 9-3 I Convertible 2.0t, YOM 02, dark blue, with 78tkm was for sale. The perfect weekend car. For the daily commute to work was my Mondeo diesel, which I drove now, the cheaper option. After a few critical looks, the car finally changed hands at a hard-negotiated price.

And new owner was: My former partner.

So the renewed Saab pleasure was short lived. Because a few months later it was over with the relationship and the Saab stayed with my ex-girlfriend.

I was left with the Mondeo.

Saab 9-3 SC by Steffen
Saab 9-3 SC by Steffen

Saab No. 3

In spring 2011 I went back to search. A successor to my Mondeo should come from. But the offered Saab could not inspire me. Price and condition did not match. Instead, I opted for a Honda Accord.

Not a bad car, but not a Saab.

So it came that I went in the summer 2012 again on the search. My longing for a Saab just did not leave me alone. In addition, there were practical reasons, because the Accord notchback was simply unsuitable as a family car and after 6 months cumbersome pram loading and unloading I had enough of it.

This time I really worked hard. I tested three different 9-5 and four different 9-3. Hamburg, Aschaffenburg, Heidelberg, Bremen. My wife had to endure a lot in these weeks.

And then he stood there.

Just as I had seen him once on the highway a few years earlier, and in this variant he immediately cast a spell over me. My dream 9-3.

Saab 9-3 SportCombi, Vector, light blue metallic, 1.8t deer, 17 inches.

Honda given in payment, Saab taken away. Nothing could spoil my mood that day. I felt liberated and overjoyed when I drove my achievement over the A1 from Hamburg to Bremen home with a big grin.

Nice and careful, of course, so that my dream car, yes, nothing happens.

Finally, it remains to say:

With my Saab 9-3 I have more than just a car.

He is our family car, my sports car and my dream Saab.

And this time I will not give it anymore.

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  • Hello Steffen, your father can also report a lot here. Namely, that you are so honest and write that you didn't want to see the shortcomings of Saab No. 1. You bought the Saab No. 1 in my presence in a dark underground car park without a test drive (there is no license plate) despite my concerns. But in essence everything went well and you sold it well again to Northern Germany. If I remember correctly from Heidelberg to Hamburg.

  • Dear author Steffen,
    I like this article very much. For one thing, because I know the feeling of not wanting to give away a Saab. But mainly because it is written lifelike and here someone also mastered the language well. That makes reading even more enjoyable. Thanks for this Saabian story!

  • Hello Steffen
    great report! Thank you very much.
    Greetings from Lucerne

  • With interest, I have been following the blog for some time, as I myself am infected with Saab. And he is great.
    Unfortunately, I have to separate for personal reasons from one of my Saabs and I would like to give him preference in hands that appreciate him.

    It is a 95 Aero Sportkombi model year 07
    In black / beige with level control, auxiliary heating, trailer hitch.
    If interested, simply signal via Googleplus Daniel Schmutzler HELLBUNT.

    Thanks for the great blog

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