A Saab story

A crime thriller author drives Saab and buys him at a time when the biggest thriller about our brand is happening. The next Saab story of our readers action.

How far does my own Saab history go? This is not an easy question to answer. Only for five years I drive a Sweden and then also the "mass model" 9-3 Sportcombi.

Saab 9-3 by Peter
Saab 9-3 by Peter

But the passion for the brand blazes much, much longer in me (more on that later). Why was I stupid enough to use German or French vehicles for so long? In retrospect, that is difficult for me to understand. For almost 100 000 kilometers, I am now driving my black 9-3 Vector. The car has never troubled me and the customer service costs are pleasantly limited. Neither one nor the other can be said of the four Audi I've owned before, not to mention the VW, Opel or Peugeot models that have accompanied me in my motoring life so far.

It's a bit absurd: it was precisely the crisis in our brand that finally led me to finally buy a Saab. The offer was too tempting: the retailer in Swabian, apparently under great sales pressure, offered the fully equipped demonstration vehicle at around half the new price. Of course, the mind came up: If Saab would disappear from the scene, how could I ever sell or trade in the car again? How would it look with the spare parts supply? No matter - I decided to access it and fulfill a small dream. And to this day I have never regretted it (which is really not a phrase).

The 150 turbodiesel horsepower provide largely sufficient propulsion, you can rest perfectly in the leather seats, and the Bose sound system always provides the right sound. The cars from Trollhättan have appealed to me more emotionally than others for decades. Of course, it was the design that first and foremost fascinated me about Saab from a young age. With technology, I didn't and I haven't. Saab has always stood for individuality, I really liked that, after all, I have my own mind too. Anyone who swims against the current needs strength. How fitting! What a great slogan that aptly conveys the Saab feeling. In four of my early crime novels ("Nightmare", "Machenschaften", "Balloon Glow", "Epicenter") I let the hero, the journalist Jörg Malthaner, drive an unspecified Saab model. In my mind's eye I always had the 9000. The books are long out of print, so I cannot be accused of surreptitious advertising at this point.

With my 9-3, I own a car that God knows not everyone drives. No, I don't want to swap with these C-Class, A4 or three-seater drivers. I would much rather replace my sports combo with a brand new Saab one fine day and as soon as possible. We all know how unrealistic this vision is. But you can still dream and, as is well known, hope dies last.

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  • I am glad!

  • well, then it goes through as surreptitious advertising….

  • Can only agree, a great story.

    By the way, the thrillers are still available as ebooks, so they'll get them right away.

  • Nice story. Thanks for that. Learning has just been learned and I even recognized the story a bit. 🙂

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