My Saab story: How the passion has won

For many readers, including me, the Saab passion has begun with the classic 900. Another contribution to our Ursaab Action. Laurenz tells how the passion has won him.

My passion for Saab dates back to the middle of the 1980s. It must have been around the time when the change from elementary school to secondary school went along with the bus ride from my home village to Bingen am Rhein.

... in natural surroundings (were those days when new Saab vehicles were advertised at the Saab Museum ...)
... in a natural environment (those were the days when new Saab vehicles were advertised at the Saab Museum ...)

Waiting at the bus stop every morning I noticed a passing vehicle that fascinated me immediately, because it was so pleasant, so idiosyncratic, so different sounding from all the vehicles I knew so far: It was a dark blue Saab 900 Turbo. The image with the bearded driver at the wheel I still see razor-sharp in front of his eyes. Every morning I hoped to be able to pass the time to experience that brief moment as the Saab bubbled past us elegantly and serenely past schoolchildren waiting for us.

At around the same time, family summer vacations shifted from tranquil Danish holiday homes to Sweden, the southern part of which was visited criss-cross for several summers in a row up to the height of Stockholm. Saabs wherever the eye looked! From then on I was infected with the Saab virus, even if it had to sleep for a long time until the outbreak could not be controlled by buying a Saab. For the sake of completeness, however, I have to admit that I was also taken with the other Swedish car brand: the 240 station wagon was also very popular with me. Although I once read in an article by a Swedish journalist whether you preferred Saab or Volvo, it was roughly comparable to which gender you were closer to (whether he also assigned the two brands to the male or female gender, I remember that no more). However, I still cannot entirely agree with this assessment: it can certainly be combined to like both Swedish car brands ...

Another hurdle was overcome: In the parental home was a car as a commodity, it had a high utility value, could not cost much and the luxury ended with the fact that a simple radio was installed. At least to some quality was respected, the family vehicles rolled out of the halls of the largest German car maker. But: that a car can be fun, that you can connect with it more than to get from A to B - all this did not occur in the family horizon! I had to work on banning this automotive rational approach from my own mindset.

Helpful here was the move to Cologne at the end of the 1990 years. Classic Saab 900 were regularly part of the street scene there, the dormant virus began to awaken. I set out to find the free workshop "KFZ Schütz" specialized in Saab. The offered there vehicles and my after graduation a little narrow purse but did not quite fit together. It would take two more years (and a Volvo 440!) For 2001 to overcome my humble humility ethos, accumulate sufficient savings, and own the first Saab. On a request in an on-line Saab forum I received several communications. The choice fell on a black 900S year 1992. He had already run 214.000 kilometers, but was in great condition and with nice features. In addition to the usual features, the car had a sunroof, precious wood fittings and a very fine Becker sound system. In the following summer season I gave him then still super aero rims, the steel rims were allowed to carry the winter tires from now on. I was happy!

Until the end of 2006 I drove my beloved black man, in everyday life and on long journeys (Brittany, Ireland, Sweden, several times in the south of England) he showed himself to be a great car, well cared for and cared for by the KFZ Schütz team. When extensive repairs were due at the end of 2006 at the stand of 343.000 kilometers, I decided to exchange the 900 for a 9-3 built in 1999 - but unfortunately we never got really warm together. And yes - another detour to the other Swedish brand followed. But: I've been driving a Le Mans blue Saab 900S convertible built in 1992 for a good two years, fulfilling a long-cherished dream. For everyday life, there is now a north German mass vehicle at the door provided by the employer and, like in the late 1990s, reason is currently fighting for me with passion: Wouldn't it be something not only to cruise with a Saab on beautiful sunny days, but also in the Everyday life? Especially now that the future of the brand is so unpredictable? Should I, can I dare a 9-5NG? Is that wise? Does it matter if it's wise? So I inspect the vehicles offered in relevant Internet portals week after week, exit - still - open ...

For me, Saab stands for an individual way of locomotion that is soothing. Saab stands for fun on the road, without presumptuously having to hold his automobile power to everyone's nose, as so many other car makers do. To have a passion for Saab is for me to make a statement against the mainstream of globalization, in which the added value of smaller, finer manufactories does not matter anymore and these degenerate into the arbitrary ball of the big players.

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  • Thanks for the great comments ... And an addendum to my Saab story: Yesterday, the passion has won again: Have signed a purchase agreement for a 9-5NG!

  • A great story. Especially the last paragraph speaks to me from the soul. Thank you!

  • What a great story, thanks for that!
    Something like that happened to me with my very first Saab. Actually, I did not want to buy a Saab but a Chevy Blazer. I then decided on an 9000er over 20 years ago; bought the blazer later anyway and another 9000er. Of that, but a little later.Infiziert I have anyway and can not leave more of it. I am currently ill and will tell my story after recovery.

  • Great report!
    THANKS also for the meaningful last paragraph! Can identify well with the statements

  • I can only agree with that, it is quite possible to like Saab AND Volvo, some models more, some less. Another seeker, I also watch every day ... 😉

  • Well, that gets under your skin. What a great story !! class

    Incidentally, can only recommend the purchase of a 9-5 Ng .. Reinsetzen and enjoy!

  • Great written! Great final paragraph 🙂.

  • Class report! Find me absolutely in the paradigm of reason

  • .... very nice report, thank you!

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