Pre-Tour Kiel Trollhättan 2015 - Update -

Yesterday we opened the registration for our pre-tour from Kiel to Trollhättan for the Saab Festival 2015. The event doesn't start until June, but we wanted to give the participants enough time to plan.

Saab Festival 2013
Saab Festival 2013

Already within less than 24 hours, all starting positions were taken; We closed the registration this morning. Participants will receive their confirmation via email within the next 48 hours.

One request: we are literally bombarded with repeated inquiries about the tour from particularly impatient readers. We will process the requests as quickly as possible. All of this takes a small window of time, so patience.

By the way, two years ago it took a few days until all the starting places were taken. This year we were fully booked a few hours after the registration phase was approved. Hmm ... the question arises, how lively and attractive the Saab brand is ...

10 thoughts on "Pre-Tour Kiel Trollhättan 2015 - Update -"

  • Too bad, this year's baby-related, but next year we are on board the pre-tour!

  • Is really so: who does not read daily has lost. Would like to go pre-tour, on the other hand, it makes me proud what crazy interest for SAAB exists. See you in Trollhättan

  • Great that there are so many interested parties. That's pure class.
    I'm not here but I'm looking forward to pictures and comments.

  • Who does not read the blog every day has missed it ;-).
    But on the ferry and in a hotel there was still room, it could be full in Trollhättan.

  • We are already in Sweden, then meet in Trollhättan.

  • Terrific!
    Will not be there, but my blog name in the Alps by road bike all honor ;-).
    Yes, yes, the summer dates are always in great demand….
    But at this resonance I'm sure: 2015 will not be the last meeting in Trollhättan !!!

  • How lively and attractive the brand Saab is, we need not ask, dear Tom! We experience that every day!

    The brand seems to me livelier and more attractive than some brand that currently produces new cars!

    • I had a feeling that this time it would go very quickly ... But the response was surprising. With some regret, we were unable to accept all reports and (unfortunately) had to put requests on the waiting list if participants canceled.

  • Just received confirmation by mail. Thanks TOM, that saves me the day with all the work stress.

  • Is typical SAAB, I would say

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