Family thing, or how I learned to love Saab

Saab is a family thing. The Lukas family keeps its third-generation loyalty to Saab and starts with a Saab 900 Turbo from 1981. Fantastic! Another Saab story in ours readers action.

I bought my first Saab two months ago. Seen in this way, my Saab story is still young. The beginnings, however, go back to the 1970'er years. My grandfather came back to Switzerland after working abroad.

Saab 900 Turbo 1981
Saab 900 Turbo 1981

He still mourned the silver Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint, which he left behind. Back in Switzerland, the VW Beetle seemed to him sober again. He came across a sonnet II, shortly thereafter two sonnets. The funny, lightweight sports cars fascinated him with their lively construction and character. However, when he collided head-on with a 911 on a highway at night, his life passed him like a movie. The wreck was unrecognizable. My grandfather got away with a shock but no injuries. From that moment on, he swore allegiance to the Saab brand.

This was followed by a series of 96, 99 and 900. Some he rescued from scrapping and sold them again. So my mother and sister grew up in this car. They learned to drive in the 96. When my father joined the family, he was infected in a strange way. The 96er he found terrible tractors but still today he raves about his red 9000 Turbo, which unfortunately he lost in a side impact on a notorious intersection. He too unhurt. Now it had happened to him too.

The third accident my grandmother had to experience. She was in the red 900 Turbo, my grandfather's pride, heading for Ticino. The usual break she left out because of time pressure, which was her fatality. After a second's sleep she collided head-on into a concrete pillar. The dream car was destroyed, but she had survived without serious injury. So now three family members owed their survival to these crazy engineers in Trollhätten.

So it happened that I too grew up in Saabs. My grandparents drove a blue 900 Aero S that died of rust death in 2007. It followed a 9-3 convertible. My aunt drove a ruby ​​red 900 Aero S and a silver 900i. My parents had a white 9000 CC, which was destroyed by transmission and rust. The successor, a blue 900 NG, is still driven by the family with 245'000km.

When I got the driver's license, the desire for a separate Saab grew. I knew I did not need a car because I could always borrow one. I also knew that if I bought a car, it would have to be a Saab and if I already bought a Saab, it would have to be an 900.

The former 900 of my grandfather is my icon. The babbling idle, the scent of black leather and of course the unique shape, I remember it was yesterday. So I rummaged once again with the intention of not buying a car in the online sales portals when he jumped me.

Saab 900 Turbo 8v, walnut brown metallic, 173'000km, vintage 1981, steeply schnauzer in great condition with veteran approval. I had to control myself. "You do not need a car," I kept telling myself. The fact that I had to go to the area by accident was destiny. When I saw the car live, I almost had tears, he looked so great. The test drive pleased and so it happened that a few days later I had my dream car in front of the house. My Saab specialist warned me not to drive the car in winter. So I'm waiting eagerly for the first spring together with my Saab.

Few understand why I have bought such a "rind" for this money. Buying a 20 year old car as an 33 year old, one does not want to drive for the commute and only in summer, may be a stupidity, certainly. But an incredibly good one!

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  • Buying a car for fun when you are 20 is anything but stupid, it's just ... normal.

    It's nice that you realized your dream. I wish you a lot of fun with it. =)

  • Very nice story, amazing pictures. And a compliment to the blog: The idea with the reader stories was awesome and that then the readers even tell such readable stories, speaks for this outstanding website!

  • Great Saab Family Saga! And very well written

  • What a dream of a car.

  • Very impressive story about saving the lives of three people with and with a SAAB! It almost becomes a “duty” every day. to climb into one of these ... 😉 The security philosophy from Trollhättan was GREAT! Nevertheless, I would like to continue to use my SAAB “without denting”! Great “Steilschnauzer”! Take good care of it! 🙂 Have a good trip at all times!

  • What a story. You can almost say you will not become a SAABian, you will be born to it.
    Nice photos, partly from itch.

    Greetings from Bauma

  • Oh, if the cavity is well preserved and the underbody is properly treated, you can drive the car in winter. The car is rare in this combination because hardly anyone wants to wear the TRX rims. Unless you are an originality fetishist. In terms of tire prices, I get a complete “normal” set for a TRX.

  • Was that the first cheap and then sold expensive?

  • Gorgeous photos, especially with the vapor trail.
    Thanks for the story!

  • Very nice story. Something like mine. Have a comment on one of the pictures made where I noticed something unusual in the 900er of the author (possibly Year built?), And indeed, the radio antenna is installed on the right instead of as in my previous two 900er left behind.

  • I think that's reasonable. I would never drive an 81 900 Turbo in winter, by no means. The turbo with the TRX rims is the rarest 900 ever built, whether carburetor, injector, or turbo. I would treat it like a Rolls Royce.

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