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The readers have taken over the Saab blog and will not give it up anytime soon. That was also desired ... Saab story on Saab story ends up in my mailbox. And there is a lot to tell ...

Bloggers Saab
Bloggers Saab

An opportunity to write a brief description of the Saab brand's condition. The past is clear, the last large number of new cars came to Germany in 2008/2009. Then the spring trickled a bit more, and since spring 2011 there has been no more replenishment. For other brands that would have been the exit. But - seriously - what are foreign brands - we're talking about Saab!

Current situation January 2015: the starting places for the pre-tour to Trollhättan in June were taken within a few hours, there is a waiting list, there are cancellations. Fans ask whether something more is possible ...

Unfortunately ... more is not possible. Not in the current constellation, as much as we would like to. We are scratching our limits at the moment, and it's clear: we only have one fan blog project ... and a very manageable budget. Bigger and more, in our case that would be a rented event site, increased organizational effort, more people working on the project - if we want to keep the quality of our events aligned with the brand's demands. This is feasible for manufacturers with a marketing budget who would finance such events with a smile. But not for us.

Two years ago, on our first tour, it took a good week to fill the starting positions. And today? 100 vehicles would have come together without a problem - a degree of mobilization that makes other brands jealous. In Trollhättan they would have been looking forward to us. The city longs for tourists; Hotels and restaurants are (still) going through difficult times.

Saab that works! Well actually, and you can't even begin to explain it. Actually, the Saab drivers could run away to VW, Audi, BMW, Seat and Co. What some do because circumstances force them, but by no means all. Maybe because they appreciate driving a timeless and classless car more than ever. Maybe also because they don't feel like using mobile computers, because the software industry is currently hijacking the car industry.

In any case, the numbers speak a clear language. The blog had 25% more visitors in January than a year ago. Although we only reported about not so young cars and the daily life with them, and not about “Breaking News”. Saab is alive, the patient is in good shape according to the circumstances, the flags are still waving in the wind.

There are many big car brands that have gone from us - which hardly anyone remembers. This is not the case with us. Saab breathes worldwide, the community is active, the age structure is correct. There have been readers' letters from very young Saab drivers in the last few days who only came to the brand months ago. Together with the veterans, for whom there is only Saab and nothing else, they keep the vehicles on the road and have a lot of fun doing it.

Being on the road with a Saab puts a smile on your face. For 1.000 different reasons. The Saab stories of our readers are a statement. Pro Saab and against automobile uniformity.

It is uncertain whether the brand will ever come back and build cars again. Saab AB watches over the big names and is very aware of the responsibility. In the last few days it was heard that the hurdles for a potential buyer have been set very high. Maybe too high, maybe they are preventing a comeback. However, after the failure of Spyker and NEVS, any further botched revival would be a disaster. Therefore, the attitude of Saab AB is without alternative and to be understood. Let's wait and see what will happen next and let's keep busy with our cars.

Saab, that's us in any case, and what's at the door. The existing dynamic around Saab - with or without a continuation of the saga in Sweden - will keep the brand alive. We all contribute with very personal Saab stories, with crazy ideas.

Whatever is possible, if we are infected on the appropriate mission Saab, we will test in the next few months. We promise readers something they have never seen before. A premiere! Not more, not less.

And we're back to the matter of patience. With the difference that it will be us who add another chapter to the Saab saga 😉

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  • It is time for the interested party to stop playing poker ...

  • If I'm not mistaken, it was last year on the occasion of the “Pilots Wanted” tour. Keyword Lafrentz / Kiel ... if the trip hadn't been dedicated exclusively to the topic 9-5II, I would have stopped by ...

  • It has to go on. It just can not have been that way. Just because there were so many great studies and ideas for this brand. I can still remember the discussion if the 9-3 II is still a real Saab. What were these luxury problems. Today one would be glad if they would still run off the tape.

  • Was probably synonymous to the advertising below the perceptual limit that was not bought ??? Who knew the brand?

  • The product should inspire. That's right, because with all the fondness and if you look outside the box, there are also at other brands, at least in technical terms, something that can inspire. Apart from the platform, all modern technology has remained with GM. But if Saab 3.0 gets the right people together it will work out. You can see what you could conjure up in THN from simple GM materials for technical works of art.

  • The hurdles set high for a possible buyer are not a surprise - it would be of great interest from him onwards which details of the alleged buyer do not (yet) fully correspond to the ideas of SAAB AB.

    In the case of Mahindra, a good business relationship with SAAB AB has been said in the past - but the question now arises as to whether this good business relationship still exists at all at the moment. If you have watched TV documentaries lately, you inevitably come to the conclusion that the Indians have made great strides in the design and construction of military aircraft and that for this reason, purchases from Swedish production are probably not popular.

    On the other hand, this should not result in any negative points for Mahindra in the current purchase negotiations, including the negotiations about the naming rights, if all the requirements could be met - of course, always assuming that it is Mahindra at all.

    The next few weeks will finally show which company it is really about and what decision SAAB AB came to. A public justification (especially in the case of rejection) by SAAB AB should not be missing - but we would rather expect a positive outcome of these marathon negotiations together with the people of the entire Trollhättan region!

  • That is the question. Is there at some point - or not? Keep it exciting, and if it continues, the product should also inspire 🙂

  • Hello Heiko, that's the way it is. And that most older SAABs drive and can not buy a new one, the brand can not exist as known! SAAB greetings Wolef

  • ... I did it again, for example, at the end of the year (also in the awareness of a “certain risk” and “additional effort” in the future).
    And that although a different brand would certainly have been much more “convenient”, more economical and more reasonable (e.g. for workshop, repair, etc.) for me.

    Well, I was already a bit “burdened” ... 😉

  • Well, yes, but do not regret. And if it should someday be new cars again, I'm curious on the reason why they have decided again for a VW, Audi, Mercedes or whatever.

  • Good question…. But nothing follows, so the question does not arise. I am just happy when people think the SAAB is good 😉

  • But you can not buy anything from pity. How many of the people would really buy one?

  • I always hear how sad it is that SAAB does not produce anything anymore. SAAB is very sympathetic to many people 🙂

  • I am full of excitement what the blog has in mind again!

  • What a great SAAB at the crossing on the NOK in Schleswig-Holstein! In secret mission???
    Look forward to the ventilation of the secret! 🙂

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