Last (Saab) trip

At the end of the day, a quick look into the wide world. Peter “Pirre” Wallenberg, who died a few days ago, started his last journey today, of course in a Saab.

The last ride from Peter "Pirre" Wallenberg. In a Saab.
The last ride from Peter “Pirre” Wallenberg. In a Saab. Found on

The Wallenbergs are one of the most influential families in Sweden, without them there would never have been Saab Automobile. Not only did the powerful of the country pay their respects to the deceased Patriarch at the funeral service. Influential personalities from Germany, such as Ferdinand Piech, were also present. Wallenberg and the car industry of the country are closely linked, still.

Jonas Fröberg has a very nice article about the family and their ambivalent relationship with Saab today Svenska Dagbaldet written. After all, the family is aware of their roots, the fate of the Saab Museum was turned to good by their intervention, Peter “Poker” Wallenberg maintains his own Saab racing team.

The very last vehicle of Peter “Pirre” Wallenberg is a Saab 9-3 special conversion, with which he was guided to the last rest today. He remained loyal to the end of the brand - a 2011 Saab 9-5 was his vehicle during his lifetime.

The succession in the family is Peter (Poker) Wallenberg. He too is car crazy and Saab is affine. He pulls the strings in the background of the powerful family foundation; the family holds shares in Saab AB, banks and several industrial holdings.

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  • Who made this in this special case, I can not tell you either. But these conversions are generally made by special vehicle manufacturers, in loving manual work, eg
    Honestly, I would be surprised if that were the only SAAB funeral director worldwide.

  • This is not supposed to sound disrespectful now, but who made this special conversion?

  • Then let's hope that there is no symbol for further development with our brand….

  • ... the E-Type also had a very tasteful undertaker at the time

  • The “last journey” couldn't be more beautiful!

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