My little Saab story

Saab is family. Definitely more than just a car. Andreas has had this experience, he maintains his Saab. Because replenishment will (presumably) not exist.

When I was so close 40 years old and was again thought about a new car in the family, I wanted to have something "completely different". So far I had a Trabbi and after the turn a Fiat Tipo and several VW.

Saabs on the track in Dudenhofen
Saabs on the track in Dudenhofen

Although the Golf is actually a good everyday vehicle, I did not want to have any more, somehow I was missing that certain something. But I did not have a correct idea yet.

But then we came to 2005 in Leipzig for the motor show. After a long rumgucken, we landed at SAAB and there he stood: the 9.3 sports combination. My wife and I were blown away. You could get brochures and pre-order, you could not buy it at this time. As we drove back to Berlin, there was only one more topic: We had discovered SAAB for us.

Somehow, it quickly became a round thing in the mind. My passion for airplanes and individuality, suddenly everything was clear ... there is no turning back. The absolute hard-earners we are not and the price let us already swallow ... but we still had some time.

At the end of 2006 it was time. At Bredlows in Berlin Neukölln we found what we were looking for and felt like in a big family. It was not comparable to previous car purchases, we felt very well and well advised.

We then decided on an 2 weeks old demonstration car, an 9.3 Vector 1,9 TID model 2007 with all the trimmings that makes Herzi beat faster. Now I was a proud Saab owner and it developed the typical passion of which you are certainly all here in the blog. You are happy about every Saab you see and the family sometimes can not hear it anymore when I say: Look there sa Saab! And that the cars so "rare" has something nice, you do not get used to the sight. I am still fascinated today.

The invitation of the company Bredlow to the Saab Performance Drive was then again a very special highlight. It was a hammer day, from breakfast in the Lufthansa Lounge in Tegel to the highlights in Dudenhofen. In any case, unforgettable and never again possible.

Then came a few difficult years, our car often had to go to the workshop, unfortunately. Many shortcomings turned out: 2x alternator, spring break, EGR valve, vortex flaps, radiator and a few more things ... .I have repressed it. My wife did not find it funny anymore, I hoped it would have to stop someday. Fortunately, more than 2 years have been quiet and all the breaking points seem to have been completed. I look forward to every drive by car, I enjoy the performance, the interior and the spirit.

So now it's nice to be nice to the car, so it purrs for a long time. Continue to enjoy the beautiful moments brought us by the Saab. I think it's always cool, for example, if you switch on the parking light from Weiten with the key and between the many other cars, the Saab has the most beautiful ass in the world. Something new will probably not exist anymore and I do not want anything else. So, care is the order of the day and you will enjoy it for a long time. Nice that the spare parts supply is secured and further original accessories to buy.

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    Yes, yes it is with Saab TiD. I myself drive a 9-3 SC TTiD + deer EZ09 (2ter Saab to 9-3 I). Even after over 130tsd km a perfect driving experience,
    but the replacement of 1x alternator and 2x EGR valve are not funny. GRRRR.
    However, the real question is: what happened in 5-6 years ago? (- cycling or running)

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    Lucky I got a photo with F-SB 5xx. Can I show you ... just how?

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      I once sent an email to Tom & Mark, they'd like to forward my email to you.

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        @ Tom: If the mail did not arrive or is in spam, please send Andreas my mail address.

        • I'll be back in the office in the afternoon

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    Nice story! And CLASS that you “persevered”! 🙂 Still (!) Elegant,
    economical in consumption,
    convenient for traveling,
    large Zulademöglichkeit: SAAB 9-3 sports combination! 🙂
    Continue to enjoy the SAAB!

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      thank you .... so much praise 🙂

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    Nice story and @Ziehmy: Your story will probably be longer again

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    Are there any more pictures of the Performance Drive? Maybe one where you can see the sapphire blue 93er's mark in the middle?

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      I have a lot of pictures of it, I'll check it out tonight. what about the sapphire blue?

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        I bought one from the stock of Saab-DE, so an F-SB xxxx. Would be surprised if it were mine, but you never know.

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          More precise: F-SB 5xx (ie only a three-digit number)

  • Another great story - THANK YOU!
    My story is (almost) finished, I will soon send to Tom 🙂

  • I just have to say it again: thank you to Tom and Saabblog for this series. In this story, I find myself especially again. Just the thing with the nicest ass. If we have parked our Saab on a slightly larger parking lot, and we do not find the car on the return, my wife always knows the answer from me to your question: Where is our car? Answer: Just go for the nicest car in the parking lot.

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      Peter you anticipated it. I find my 900 in a parking lot among hundreds of other cars because a Saab, no matter what model, is something special somewhere. Be it the shape, the taillights, the headlights, the tailgate, I could name a dozen examples of the individuality of a Saab….

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