A Saab saves lives ...

The Saab story of Helmut reads dramatically. His early vehicles of the Swedish brand had to serve as a lifesaver. Maybe that's why he came back to Saab after many years? 

My story with Saab begins shortly after the driver license 1982, as I saw several times on my various construction sites with the Americans, often and a lot of Volvo (244 Limo and station wagon) and Saab 99 and even 900 CC.

Saab 900, the classic
Saab 900, the classic

A US soldier who drove a 900 CC Turbo 8V, I could ask, what would be special about this car. He said the quality and, above all, the safety would have done it to him, not the power of the engine, etc., since there were already safety standards for US vehicles that satisfied Saab (and Volvo) with their models.

At that time, no other premium manufacturer had heard of side impact protection, let alone tested their models.

Well, back then I was just starting my job and I could not afford a 900 CC that I did then. So it was time to wait and the moment had arrived in spring 1988. A neighbor of mine, his brother-in-law, had a garage with Mazda and Saab. In that I became aware of a red 900i Combi Coupe 8V without turbo with sunroof and without further accessories.

A few days later, my neighbor drove to his brother-in-law to inspect his Mazda and I drove to buy this 900er, which I did. My mother knew long before that this would be my dream car and it fell from the clouds when I came home in the early evening of this day. My father did not suspect anything until he got home on Friday and went to the garage for his R5. He came back and said only that I should drive my car out so that he could drive away with his.

About 2 Months later, I drove up to my side one night with hooded headlights on, so I did not see anything and drove into the ditch. Here I was able to experience for the first time how stable a Saab is / is built.

Unfortunately, he was a total loss and from my collision, I almost got the new value replaced. My FSH had the same for me again. I drove that about 6 months when I again at night, a woman in a curve on a highway not far from my place of residence, flung out and right frontal on my 900 with just 5000 Km on the clock. Here it was almost a total loss and I was able to buy with a little additional payment this time a white 900i CC 16V.

I had it almost 3 years, until the end of 1991 me drunk with his Audi Coupe head-on with 100 Km / h on my standing! drove. Again it was a total loss, but the Saab had saved my life and I got off with 3's broken fingers.

Almost the story ends here with my Saabs, if not just 2 years ago, had a new car purchase and I after various other makes and models (Mazda, Volvo 2x and Landrover), I longed for an old Saab 900, which I in one Of the many car portals found, a 900 S 16V CC with LPT as an EP model for Italy, as good as rust-free, just 230000 on the clock.

So much for my Saab story… ..

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  • Hot off the press !! 06. 02.15 19.30 NEVS still wants to build 100 SAAB 93-SEDAN to END and SELL. MAN WANTS AN EXTENSION OF RECONSTRUCTION !! I can not think of anything more. SAAB AG SHOULD INCLUDE BRAND RIGHTS. GREETING FROM THE NORTH

  • All's well that ends well!
    SAAB saves lives! Reported here for the repeated time! And that's good!!! However, I don't have to take part in 3x more or less total write-offs… 😉. How nice that a 900 classic has found its way to you! Have fun with it this time!

    • I know, just because of the 3x almost fatal outgoing accidents, it had to be a Saab 900 again.

  • Splendid. Great story! Luckily you didn't suffer any damage, just sheet metal damage. Thanks for the story...

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