Saab cars are rarely found in the Bavarian Forest ...

Matthias Ketterl is known in Saab fan circles, he organizes beautiful Saab meetings for us. How he came to the brand Saab, he tells today in the context of our readers action.

Saab 99 and Saab 900
Saab 99 and Saab 900

… It was no different 20 years ago when I had my first intensive encounter with Saab and my passion for the brand was kindled. Official Saab car dealerships were not represented in my home country and you had to be lucky enough to see a Saab on the open road.

I can still very consciously remember the few cars that I saw then. In a neighboring town was z. For example, a silver 900 Turbo 16 S, which probably belonged to a doctor, and I was happy every time I saw this car parked in a side street. But the parked car had something sculptural about it, since it was mostly under an old stone wall under trees.

In the winter 1995 / 1996, it had somehow flushed a silver Saab 900 Turbo 16 S to a local car dealership at its stall. I've always liked the shape of the 900er CombiCoupes, so I sneaked around the car with a buddy in January 1996. The car had red leather, 175 turbo PS and seemed to be in good condition. The sales sign in the interior ended with a price of 5.500 DM, the car had run a bit over 200.000 kilometers. After a short assessment without discussions with the seller, we started again. Since I had a wheeled pedestal (Mercedes / 8 Diesel) and no need to buy a car, the Saab slowly disappeared from my inner screen.

Eight months later, my buddy now drove a silver Saab 99 CombiCoupe, probably the only one in the district, the 900 Turbo was still for sale, the price tag showed now 4.900 DM. I had just spent several weeks vacation, time lapped sweetly, it There were no obligations and the account balance was no cause for complaint. A sensible holiday activity seemed to me to be starting 20 in testing the silver 900 Turbo 1 tag extensively, especially since I had never moved a turbo.

The car did not seem to attract too many interested parties in our region and after a bit of pretended buying interest in conversation with the owner of the dealership, I had my holiday pleasure perfect. The red license plates were mounted and I was allowed to drive the car extensively and test. "Just come back tomorrow morning and we'll keep looking!" The salesman said while I was already busy with the ignition key between the seats.

The smell of the car in the interior, the bizarre hissing sounds of the ventilation, the beautiful red leather, the fascinating look of the driver's view of the road through the curved windshield - I had never experienced anything like that before and now I was really in the middle of it. I felt like in a movie.

I still remember that during this day I often left the car in a standing position and just listened to this indescribable dull and loud sound while I was smoking a cigarette. I did not know much about the technology, but it seemed "robust" to me after visual inspection. After initial hesitation, the special effect of the turbocharger was also explored. The acceleration of the car took my breath away after being outdated most of the time in the Diesel / 8, and when I overtook myself, it was mostly tractors or mopeds. I was so pressed into the unique leather seats that I completely forgot space, time and even the kilometers.

I drove through the county from east to west and since there was no highway in the district, the car had to leave the county boundaries behind. On the highway to Regensburg I reached my personal speed limit. The car was just a dream for a boy with 21 years and the exhilaration that I experienced it could probably not deliver me a car today - none!

I actually drove all day with the Saab, sat in it or I stood by and looked at it from all angles. Back then, as for me today, the 900er Coupe has no point of weakness from any perspective - even the lettering of the model name is state of art. For me, the car from the north is design-related, both inside and outside, at the highest level of automotive engineering. It polarises and speaks to me - a milestone!

During the day, of course, the car was also presented to the circle of friends and I was urged to do something meaningless. "Buy the cool car, make you a nice summer and enjoy the time" was the tenor. In general, the rule here in the clique was that one was always very receptive to a mobile pedestal, no matter what condition.

The next day, the return of the car was on the plan and I was zwiegespalten after restless sleep. There would be nothing more unreasonable than buying this car now, I told myself. In my head I went through the probably following salesman talks carefully. Where would the price limit lie? How could I gallantly pull out of the affair after the wonderful day in the car? As a final result of my considerations, I firmly believed that the seller would not sell the car under 4.000 DM. End result of my brain turmoil: But I would stay with my offer "clever" below the price limit and pull away.

The seller strangely wondered not about the distance traveled - the extensive test had been drawn over 500 kilometers. I counted all sorts of reasons why the car was not for me and he finally asked me what I would be willing to pay for the car. It rattled in my head for some time and I said 3.800 DM - to my utter horror the seller agreed. He sold me the Saab for that price and there was no escape - what luck.

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  • Hello Matthias!
    Nice story and a bargain (?) !!!
    I'm mercilessly behind with my Saabie passion!
    Best regards!
    What Saab

  • That's exactly how I hounded when buying my Saab. Now it has been the best car purchase I have ever made. Even if it was about a few thousand more.

  • Right WOW, very nice report and great pictures!

  • Nice story Matthias. That's how it has to be ...

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