In the beginning was the Iron Curtain

"... that (a Saab) was something special back then. And there is a bit of ove in Martin, which is another great contribution to ours Action delivers. Read and enjoy, say no more ...

Saab 9-3 by Martin
Saab 9-3 by Martin

Being born like I 1978 in Czechoslovakia, the Automobile career was as good as determined. Skoda was the only interesting option possibly a Lada. Everything else was not really interesting (Trabant, Wartburg) possibly unreachable as a Tatra. As it is in life but everything is different than you think, not least by a Saabgen which my grandpa gave me on the way (but how it should turn out later).

I had my first Saab encounter in the first class, at a time when only Skoda determined the street picture. It was a Saab 96 in our street. He belonged to a classmate I believe, introduced herself in first grade with her name and said right after that her family is driving a Saab. That was something special back then.

It took another 5 years until I was allowed to climb the Saab for the first time. 1991 after the fall of the Wall, a friend of the family bought a Saab 900 Turbo in Switzerland. With 12 years, I was blown away by the shape of the seats and the vacuum-controlled air vents and the crash behavior the car has put on after hitting a bridge pier. You could say that was what the Saab flame had kindled in me.

After a few Skodas and a Renault 19 (our first "Western car"), we also moved to Germany, it was about getting a car again. No idea how I did it with 15 years, my dad went to Bad Oldesloe and bought a Saab 9000 CS 2,3 Turbo. As it turned out, my grandfather has always been Saab fan but a Saab 96 was out of reach even for a clinic director at that time. With this Saab we suffered a serious accident in which an unlit truck in the Czech Republic drove across a freeway and we with 100 km / h evasively "flew" into the 1m deeper field (without any personal injury). Then it went straightaway on a Saab 9000 Aero, Saab 9 5 and a number of Schwedenurläube. I always enjoyed it very much when the Werkstaettersatzwagen stood in front of the door and I drove with my girlfriend for hours on the highways and we dreamed our common Urläube, even a common life in Sweden.

Saab family
Saab family

At some point it was about buying your own car. Spares was there, but after a Saab 900 convertible tour it quickly became clear that it was not enough to have money for the purchase, but also the maintenance (repairs) had to be paid. Last but not least, the Saab was just too big for a student. I bought, please do not kill now, a BMW 318ti Compact. The car was smart, small and fun. Only the problem was it did not suit me. At some point this car was also scrap and was replaced by a Skoda Fabia (it should be mentioned that in parallel my parents were still Saab drivers). Until 2009 the first Saab bankruptcy led to the used car prices slipped into the basement. I struck and bought a dream car. A Saab 9-3 Aero Convertible, which is gradually equipped with everything from Hirsch what was possible. Thus, since 1995 to 2009, the following Saabs have been owned by our family:

Saab 9000 CS 2,3 turbo
Saab 9000 Aero
Saab 9-5 SE 2,0t deer
Saab 9-3 CC 2,0t
Saab 9-3 SS 2,0t
Saab 9-3 SC deer
And my convertible

After two years ago, my current better half came into my life, my Saab passion should be crowned. After a holiday together in Florida it should be something special this year. As we both share the passion for Eastern Europe and love to adventure, we decided to take part in the Baltic Sea Rally. 7.500 km, 10 countries, 16 days adventure. A prerequisite for this was a min. 20 year old car. And here I sensed my chance to fulfill another dream, as it quickly turned out that the Saab is the only manufacturer that offers a flat almost 2m flat surface for two. It was also clear that I did not want a turbo with which I drive through Eastern Europe. To find a nice Saab 900 CC for max. 2.500 € is not easy at all. First we went to Warsaw, there was a promising car with French plates, without papers. As it turned out, a victim of the French environmental bonus. Registration in Germany would not be a problem, only Polish Saab lovers (who affectionately call the 900 a crocodile) advised us against buying a car in Poland. A week later then the discovery in Luxembourg a Saab 900i in Aero equipment (inside and outside). And this is currently waiting for approval. Unfortunately, the German bureaucracy does not make it easy.

Why Saab? Because there is a bit of an ove in me, because I still have values ​​that I live. The path of the simplest resistance has never been for me. And it's a feast for me to be the true non-conformist among the self-styled non-conformists in their soulless Audi's with an Apple in their hand. A gentleman enjoys subtle.

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    Nice story with a very fitting final paragraph

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    Thank you, very nice contribution! Maybe in America you could still quickly have a 900 turbo to Europe, on, for example, there are some that make you tickle.
    I finally order this much-mentioned book with Ove and his Saab.
    Best regards

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