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The week starts with good news from Sweden. Peripherally, it is also about NEVS - and the 100 remaining vehicles that will be completed or converted in the factory in order to sell them on the Swedish market. But first and foremost, it is about responsibility for vehicles and brands, and things that are good to know for us in everyday automotive life.

Saab plant, the remaining 100 new cars will be rebuilt and completed
Saab plant, the remaining 100 new cars will be rebuilt and completed

Quite a few observers asked themselves in the last week who would buy the last 9-3 from NEVS. The company's situation is not only unclear in the medium term; are the limousines even for sale? Warranty processing is a pressing question. And there could be a big question mark behind that.

Orio AB = Saab responsibility!

The question has now been resolved. Some weeks ago, Orio AB had already acquired the tools for the production of original spare parts for all ever produced Saabs from NEVS; Now you also take responsibility for the built during the NEVS era vehicles.

Orio AB has been responsible for warranty and service on the 2014 Saab 9-3 sedans since the beginning of the month; NEVS paid an amount to the company in Nyköping to cover the possible costs. This is a positive signal for the owners of the 300 or so Saab 9-3 Aero sedans that are on the road in Sweden. Orio AB is fully responsible for all vehicles with the Saab logo, regardless of the era of the brand they come from.

The brand has a big name, a long tradition, 1 million vehicles are on every street in the world every day. The responsibility is not low. Orio takes the commitment seriously. The fact that this is a good and cautious way to handle shows not only the assumption of service and warranty for the 2014er vehicles.

In Sweden you can currently experience a story about lived brand responsibility. Orio is Saab, more than ever. On Interview with Orio CEO Jonas Tegström on the blog clearly shows how to align yourself in Nyköping. With the one exception that there are no more new cars, you fill out the role completely. The story in Sweden - it's about customer satisfaction and how we can have Saab driving pleasure for as long as possible - we will also tell on our blog as soon as pictures and approval are available.

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  • That's clear anyway, NEVS is worth nothing without the name Saab. No one will join NEVS without the green light for the naming rights of Saab AB. Bad tickets for NEVS

  • I'll be honest: As beautiful as the dream of a semi-brand new Saab is. For me, the Saab 9-5 NG is and will be the last real Saab. I wouldn't want to put a NEVS Saab in front of the door ... just because of the story behind it. I don't associate NEVS with anything good and the NEVS 9-3 is a pitiful pile of sheet metal from what Saab once was ... completely without spirit or image.

  • The vehicles are only converted / completed and were all built before the production stop in early summer. That is why they are “real” Saab 9-3, and of course have the lettering on the hood.

  • A little note still in the direction of comment by Peter:

    Should another investor other than Mahindra actually enter into negotiations, they would not have automatically acquired the trademark rights when they joined NEVS - NEVS currently no longer has any rights to the name SAAB. A new investor would have to enter into negotiations with SAAB AB in this regard (I only think of companies of the size like Toyota or Tata that would probably have good cards in this regard).

    I would like to know if the 100 SAAB 9-3, which is now to be manufactured by NEVS, may bear the SAAB lettering.

  • I hope that in the not too distant future new cars will be built in Trollhättan with the name Saab, which are also worthy of the name. If it doesn't come to that, that's it. But even if NEVS is still sold, then only with the rights to the name Saab. After that, the child will sooner or later get another name. NEVS was always wrong for me, purely by the name. Using words like “national”, “swedish” and “electric” for a Chinese-run entity with the only product with a combustion engine so far was not entirely appropriate for me anyway.

  • We shouldn't wish that NEVS disappears completely from the scene - then a suitable investor would have to be at the start. It is doubtful whether this could meanwhile still be Mahindra. Mahindra may not be SAAB AB's preferred candidate.

    If NEVS doesn't pull another investor out of the hat and Mahindra fails, the emergency plan (NEVS produces for other manufacturers) might still be an option - at least it would be a small consolation for the Trollhättan region.

    Should NEVS actually go bankrupt, the specter of an automobile production facility converted into a warehouse appears to me straight away (this was circulating on the internet some time ago) - otherwise there would only be a brave and naturally particularly suitable investor who would still be in position as a savior brings (nothing is impossible).

  • Probably gets pulled the plug when the 2 March, the extension expires. Without a valid, signed contract with Mahindra, I do not think that the court gets involved in anything here. In 3 weeks the time has come.

  • For Orio there is no risk, NEVS has paid an amount for the service. Orio now has more 300 vehicles in its stock, the Saab driver with the 2014er 9-3 no risk that NEVS as guarantor fails.

  • I think Orio would not have taken the risk if there was no future for SAAB.

  • I wonder why? Because NEVS will soon pull the plug!

  • These are really good news.
    And honestly, I do not think these 100 9-3 Aero have been the last new SAAB.

    Everything is going to be fine.

  • In Germany, you can buy some !!! 10Stück in number! Look at

  • That pleases me

  • They are already gone by the time of the festival, I think that will be very fast. Maybe some will come to Germany, but it is not yet ready.

  • Such a nice with full equipment, why not.
    Maybe they are at the festival for sale. 🙂

  • Of course that's a great thing, absolutely! But why do you do that ?!

  • Once again, albeit a small ray of hope! I'm just curious if customers find each other, it would be desirable. We keep our fingers crossed that it is a first positive sign for a new start. I sometimes think that working in the background on a successor model and then presenting the prototype together with an official information when the contract with Mahindra is announced. One may dream yes.
    Greetings from Thuringia.

  • THANK YOU to Orio AB!
    The rest will (sooner or later ...) be good too!

  • That's really good news for all Nevs 9-3 owners. Thus, the 100 (probably) last really interesting.
    So if the price is right. Maybe I'll bring you one in June.

  • although there will never be new cars

  • Orio AB is the salvation of Saab dare, old or new.
    Congratulate this company.

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