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Opportunity for a little Saab Talk ... We don't (yet) know what will develop from the situation in Trollhättan. It is unclear whether something is still possible for NEVS. With other (Saab) things, however, something is definitely still possible.

Saab 9-3 Team Tido, season finale. Image: Team Tido
Saab 9-3 Team Tido, season finale. Image: Team Tido

There is still something ... (1)

Goransson - also 2015 back on Saab 9-3 on the way.
Goransson - again on Saab 2015-9 in 3.

Richard Göransson will also start 2015 for Team Tidö on Saab 9-3 in the STCC series as last season. The 36 year old signed his contract with the team of David von Schinkel a week ago.

The 2014 season was the most successful for Göransson and the Tido crew. Three podiums, a fourth place in the drivers' championship. At times Göransson drove with chances of the title in striking distance to the leading pilots. The Saab flag will blow proudly over the Swedish racetracks again this year, a good thing! The season starts at 8. May in Skövde.

To win Ursaab!
To win Ursaab!

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Our readers action ends at 15. February. 25 28 contributions, not all published yet, ended up in our mailbox. It's about how our readers came to Saab. And - honestly - 25 28 posts are good. It could be better anyway.

The number of submissions is in the per thousand range, if we see the daily number of visitors. So, dear Saab Community, let the keyboard glow. Surely there is something else, right?

The Saab fire. Saab Automobile AB 2008.
The Saab fire. Saab Automobile AB 2008.

There's something else ... (3)

In our shop are still 10 Saab calendar for the year 2015 to have. The calendar was launched with great commitment of the readers to the 30 anniversary of the Saab 9000. The remaining collectibles are waiting for fans at a reduced price.

And of course we have some new things with us, because our Saab passion also needs to be fed 😉 New in the shop are turbo cups - the design was inspired by the legendary Saab 99 lettering - and the “The Saab Brand” book, published in 2008 by Saab Automobile FROM. We were able to secure a few copies for the fans.

There's something else ... (4)

The voucher campaign of Orio Deutschland GmbH and the Saab Service Club has somewhat disappeared from focus. The welcome voucher secures 15% on original Saab spare parts and can be redeemed by the participating Saab partner until March 31.03.15, XNUMX.

In the event of an early inspection or work on the Saab that has been postponed until spring, the voucher could help to save real money. If you have not yet registered, you should do it, call up your voucher and drive to the Saab partner you trust!

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  • Correct, a typo (or wishful thinking) from me. 9-5 would be a sensation

  • Regarding “There is still something going on… (4)”: the end of the voucher campaign (31.03.15/01.04.15/XNUMX) is unfortunately a bit unfortunate - my convertible unfortunately wakes up from hibernation on XNUMX/XNUMX/XNUMX (like many others). So maybe think about the seasonal vehicles for the next campaign.

  • Oh yes, that would be a sensation and wishful thinking of mine

  • In the first section you probably think the Saab 9-3 and not the 9-5er, which Richard Göransson will pilot in the 2015 season

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