Perspective Trollhättan?

A quick look (not only) into the wintry north. The automotive location Trollhättan, its future - it is difficult to make a forecast. But something is happening and somehow it raises further questions for me.

LeanNova, bright spot in Swedish night
LeanNova, bright spot in Swedish night

Another company in the automotive industry is located in Trollhättan. FEV GmbH, active worldwide in the field of transmissions and alternative drives, has opened an office in the area around the Innovatum. At the beginning there are 5 jobs, by the end of the year 20 people should find employment there.

FEV with its 3.000 employees is not a lightweight in the industry. The company from Aachen is strongly active for a manufacturer from Munich and now focuses on southern Sweden and the future of the region. You're not alone.

With government support, 2012 became public in February LeanNova founded. A success story, made by Trollhättan! 200 employees, mostly former Saab engineers, are now on the payroll there. There are offices in Coventry and Shanghai, Saab DNA is spreading all over the world. The state Fourier transform has a few days ago LeanNova to the ÅF AB resold. LeanNova wants to continue to grow under the new owner, also in Trollhättan.

A start-up, a change of ownership. All of this against the background that a car factory in the Stallbacka has been sleeping for almost a year and that the future seems uncertain.

Trollhättan, another preferred location for the industry? No decision is made to relocate because Göta Älv is so beautiful or the surrounding area unfolds its charm in summer. Decisions are made because there are long- and medium-term prospects. All of this gives hope somewhere that automobile construction in Saab City continues to have a future.

Perspective Borgward ...

Addendum to a previous article - and not quite fitting to the Saab topic. But I'm interested in the brand and the upcoming story. Maybe the readers too.

The Westfalen-Blatt reported on Thursday, with reference to company-related circles, that the new Borgward headquarters should be built in Stuttgart. The main reason is said to be the proximity to the many suppliers in the region. Three days ago I asked if Borgward from China would work, and now Borgward 2.0 seems to want to root its roots in Germany.

Surprised ! Honestly !

A large Borgward sedan is to be presented at the IAA 2015. At least one reason to go to Frankfurt. The next, very long article is again about Saab. And only about Saab 😉

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  • Regarding Borgward, we can safely assume that this will be something in the Spyker or even Koenigsegg caliber.

    So revivals and new micro manufacturers are so off and on.

  • ... the above list should be supplemented with Hanomag and, above all, DKW!

  • Adler, NAG, Brennabor, Horch, Wanderer, Veritas, Gutbrod, NSU, Glas, Borgward and more Tempo, Boeringer (yes, the beautiful Unimog is from them ...) all gone! They didn't build bad cars, and we don't even want to start with international brands. Now Saab is probably one of them, if and but ... yes and that Peter “Poker” Wallenberg (has just inherited) Stallbacka is what we all wish for. But he doesn't. But he saved the museum, so at least we have a meeting place in June ... could have been worse. Tom continue with Borgward, I find it interesting. Oh yes, Audi was also “Sleeper” for 30 years …… ..

  • That fits in any case, I think. We drive Saab because we appreciate something special, beyond the mainstream. Borgward is just as “exotic”, even if I would much rather see a new Saab at the 2015 IAA.

  • Hi Detlef,
    Have collected some Saab brochures over the years up to the last. My highlight is the thick booklet from 1987 “Form und Funktion”. I was attracted by the cool, slightly Italian lively design of the interior. It was never obtrusive. Probably therefore not a mass market. Be that as it is. We have a part of it for ourselves and good. greeting

  • Hi,

    I'm from Bremen and very close to the old factory (Mercedes is now sitting in it). Such news is already welcome, even if the new location will not be Bremen anymore.


  • Please keep us up to date with Borgward. Everything that has 4 tires and does not appear in the top 100 of the registration statistics fits well here :-)

  • Thanks to Tom, of course! My previous comment has been a post too deeply sorted.

  • I fully agree with that!
    Thank you!

  • Correct! Immediately leave the field!

  • Perhaps the example of Borgward could also be a school and there would be a family solution for Saab and, for example, a member of the Wallenberg family feels bound again to old traditions. Money and influence in the business world is probably still present in this family.

  • Foton builds commercial vehicles and has little experience with passenger cars. The Borgward Story is a big name and lots of options. We'll know more by the end of Geneva (where Mark, Yves & I are unfortunately not).

  • Hello Raymond,

    SAAB automobiles would certainly have been bought more often if clever marketing had taken place - but strangely enough, neither under SAAB AB nor under the subsequent owners (not even under GM) was there anywhere near sufficient let alone clever advertising for the brand.

    Most people are easily steerable and even products of marginal quality (including cars) find plenty of buyers in large-scale advertising - protective instincts are probably not the decisive factor.

    However, already under the SAAB AB and later, above all, under the aegis of GM, the advertising regarding the protection of the occupants of SAAB automobiles was far too short - clever marketing (not only in terms of occupant protection) would certainly not have harmed the sales figures.

  • Headquarters or not ... I would find it more interesting where production is to take place, or whether one has broken away from China. So far, the new Borgward AG is based in Switzerland, so it would be enough to set up a technical office or the development department in the Stuttgart area. But if you want to go all the way there ... maybe a new German automobile manufacturer with local production will emerge after all?

  • Raimund from Salzburg.
    Borgward Isabella Kombi 1500 cc, 60HP, I learned to drive with this red car in 1969. My mother once said: "This car rusts quickly" when I was again too close to a corner and for example made a small scratch on the wheel arch that was left untreated. So I still know this car live.
    The beautiful Isabella Coupe also unforgotten.
    And today I've been riding my Saabs for more than 20 years.
    Interesting that this combination is an issue in this blog.
    Both technically innovative. A design language that appeals.
    (Isabella was the more elegant). Saab has something, especially the 900s, but what makes the attraction, the emotional in it. There has to be “something” besides the turbo.
    I once imagined the “child chemistry scheme”. This is present in all young living beings, both humans and animals, and triggers the protective instinct. The arched forehead, the cheek, mouth and chin area always has its own shape in babies.
    Does the Saab have something?
    Maybe not, because the car would have been bought more often.
    Best regards, Raimund

  • Now only a really rich China investor is missing to take over NEVS as the new main owner, so that new SAAB automobiles (electric vehicles?) Can finally run off the production line !!!!

    Please do not again portray all Chinese as incapable or unwilling. At VOLVO, things are now going quite well with a Chinese at the top - could work with SAAB in the preparatory work previously done by NEVS (keywords: PHOENIX and E-SAAB).

    Mahindra is apparently not really getting going again - for them it will probably end like the disaster with Jaguar!

  • These are exactly the reports we love here on the blog ... even if it's not mostly about Saab. I am always interested in looking at the economy. Personally, I am not at all interested in how others got their Saab or vintage car reports. I'm here because of the economic news and I always hope to find out something new from Trollhättan - here you can find out a little more ...

  • No, we are three! Also Borgward is absolutely an option for me!

  • I love your blog and your reports .. Whether saab or other brands ... Keep it up

  • Above all, I find that very interesting with Borgward because there is a family member and therefore a real Borgward at the top of the company with the grandson of Carl Borgward. Thus, the future products will be real Borgward. And I hope and think that Christian Borgward is aware of this tradition, and builds the new Borgward perhaps with Chinese money, but at least in Western or Northern Europe. Ideally in Germany in Bremen.

  • Thanks Peter! At the beginning of the story I only saw the usual pattern “rich Chinese marry impoverished European nobility”. If the headquarters is really going to Stuttgart, then someone has made some wise thoughts. Stay exciting!

  • Good news from Trolltown! Borgward is interesting, it's such a niche story, right? Sunny greetings

  • That Borgward wants to set up its headquarters in Stuttgart can be read today in our local daily newspaper “Der Teckbote”. We'll see whether the Borgward will also be built in Stuttgart, but I'm basically happy for the region in which I am at home. The former Borgward factory is operated from Stuttgart, but does that have anything to do with it? If the grandson of the old Borgward does not commit the style break and have the cars produced in China and the products are kept within a budget that is still affordable, this opens up a real alternative if Saab no longer works. As far as I know, Mercedes also works closely with Foton on commercial vehicles. Borgward could possibly benefit from the proximity to Daimler for sales. But let's see what happens. And yes, Tom, there are at least two of us who, apart from Saab, are also interested in Borgward. Thanks for the report

  • Interesting, Tom.
    I'm really glad that the specialists in Trollhaettan have the opportunity to find a good job in their area.

  • Above all, this is a blog where you can express yourself in a more “chosen” way. Criticism is ok, but not like that. Red card Benito!

  • This is a Saab blog, ...... .. Borgward lost here ...

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