"You know that it was my car ... .."

Saab is turbo, but does it always have to be turbo? You can be happy without turbo, says Jan-Frederik. It's about a Saab 900, sedan, 2 doors. It could hardly be rarer ...

Saab 900 Sedan, 2 doors. Very rare and happy!
Saab 900 Sedan, 2 doors. Very rare and happy!

So I do not remember exactly when my SAAB passion actually started. Marked by innumerable Denmark vacations in my childhood, the somewhat bizarre cars from Sweden simply could not get out of my head. In particular, I remembered a picture of an old Danish couple in a rusted SAAB 90.

So around the year 2006, the desire for their own SAAB became unbearable. Due to various financial bottlenecks, the purchase should be delayed for several years. Finally, my friend told me that dreaming only about SAAB would not be a solution.

During a sick leave after a severe dental surgery, I took the time to approach the object of desire via the Internet. In the relevant portals, I finally found the "matching" car. Actually it should be a SAAB 90, only I did not know myself with carburetors. I finally decided on a XAB 900 sedan-two-door 116 PS injector from 1983 in silver.

The car has no turbo, no air conditioning, no central locking and no electric sunroof; but over premium plush armchair in light blue!

I bought the car for the significantly exorbitant price of € 1500 from a somewhat shady dealer in a village near Osnabrück and transferred it to Hamburg on my own. At that time, a SAAB workshop in Hamburg judged: "The prices really break, it is worth at most 800, - €…. I also had considerable doubts about the fresh TÜV sticker, as the braking effect was on the verge of driving.

The first saviors in distress were then Tüddel and curiously the Volvo maniacs of the honey factory. But even a SAAB 900 Sedan 8 valve remains a complex car. At some point, only expert advice helped. SAABs in Hamburg were already "in" at that time and so the local top dogs behaved quite negatively at the sight of my car. Based on the old documents and the license plate holder, I finally researched the workshop that had delivered the car at the time: "The friendly SAAB workshop Gaworski. "

I quickly found my way there. When I got out on the winding courtyard between all the "top-serviced" customer cars, the master looked at me a little puzzled and said: "You know that this was once my car ...!"

It is relatively difficult to keep such an old 900er roadworthy and to use it in everyday life. The company Gaworski always found a solution in the emergency and eliminated consequential damage of another "workshop" exemplary. Also in this SAAB representation the SAAB heart beats very loud. So I learned about the company Gaworski also Götz von TRIBORON know. Since then, the products have had a very positive effect on the driving ability of the Sedan, now baptized "SILVERFISKEN".

Today, in its good condition, it doesn't look as lost between the well-maintained turbos and convertibles of other customers. If the master has a bit of time, he tells me about the adventures he once had with him. A big thank you to this great workshop and to the community: "You can be happy without turbo!"

7 thoughts on ""You know that it was my car ... ..""

  • I'm actually not a fan of this body variant, but as a two-door it doesn't look so rugged and the beautiful SAAB line comes out wonderfully - great rare car with a lot of style. It doesn't need a turbo, it lives from its shape!

  • Nice story!
    And since you now know Götz, you are well looked after in terms of SAAB

  • Great story, congratulations!
    Saabian greetings from the south!

  • Keep it as long as you can! Care for it with FF or Mike Sander grease and paint care products ala B2000. There are not many of the Sedan left….

  • An 8V injection is something nice. I had two of them ... Both as 4-door sedans.
    One in beautiful blue metallic and one optically rather boring silver with automatic. With a sunroof (very rare in Austria) and around 120tKm on the clock. Possibly the only Saab in my long Saab history that I should never have sold ...
    A few years later I bought a bundle of Saab type certificates (= vehicle documents). And his was there ... forever a shame 🙁 ...

  • Very well written
    I hope that I will do a good Sedan (no matter if with 2 or 4 doors).
    And you really do not need a turbo to be happy with a SAAB.
    My 86iger Coupe has no synonymous and still makes fun.

  • Turbo is nice but no need.
    both have their charm.

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