Zurich Insurance. Saab - Vero Amore.

Zurich Versicherung has shot a new commercial. The object: a Saab 9-3 Cabriolet - the goal of true automotive love. Well done, I mean!

Saab - Vero Amore
Saab - Vero Amore

The clip is also a typical indication of how the Saab community works. It doesn't take many words to show how much Saab enthusiasm is in many fans.

The process: yesterday against 22: 30 clock he ran for the first time on Swiss television, whereupon a mail from Fredy (thank you very much!) Landed in my mailbox. Just a few hours later, the Youtube link from Heijo (awesome, thank you!) Came to me and I was finally able to see the clip.

And of course we do not want to withhold the commercial of the community. Have lots of fun with it!

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  • Yesterday I was on the website of a Swiss newspaper a similar spot (same people and Saab convertible), recorded something different action, so there are more than one.

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    Dear community,

    yesterday there was also a Saab (900er four-door) on ZDF. In Inspector Barnaby Prof. drove an 900er. Unfortunately, he was also the multiple murderer! Inspector Barnaby prevented him from driving away by removing the Zündverteilerfingers. Badly researched by the TV crew or had the 900er still a distributor ???

    Cooper One

  • But they “worked” the middle part of the grill in a strange way?!?!?! Weird proportions......

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    It gets really warm around the heart! SAAB93X Jg. 2010

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    Super Saab Power… !!! Bravo Zurich…. !! Noble decision to take a Saab convertible just beautiful with a lot of feeling and sadness ... Thanks for the great advertising of a legend ... !!!

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    Thank you for the clip - very well done and good advertising for an insurance company ...
    And once again an example of how a Saab is used in advertising, or even film or photography!

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    Since nobody can knit here, I immediately got the current program from the local adult education center ... 🙂

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    Wonderful!!!! 🙂 SAAB, what else!

  • Hi Tom,
    I like it very much. A Saab convertible is just a vehicle with style. Incidentally, I drive a 900er II convertible Bj. 1996
    Thank you

  • Great! Saab feelings ...

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