4 years Saabblog.net

Last Tuesday, the blog celebrated 4 years of existence. Nobody - except friend Mark - noticed it, and also the date passed by me. So we are already in the year 5 of the blog project. Incredible ! Opportunity for a short, open talk about things that were not yet an issue on the blog.

The Saab Blog is 4 years old!
The Saab Blog is 4 years old!

It's about brilliant ideas - the failures, and things that work. A worst case scenario is the topic. And there is something big waiting for the Saab fans.

How a blog develops is difficult to predict, and maybe it's a good thing. Last year it was more ambitious than ever to stay on course. Much has changed around Saab, unfortunately not to the advantage. The motivation and the Saab soul, she suffers then.

The crisis…

What looked hopeful for a short phase at NEVS has become a veritable crisis. Since the summer of 2014, there is no more Saab as a producer, the trademark rights have been lost to the producer. Maybe "lost" is not entirely true. Because behind the loss of rights could have hidden a staging. But that's another story, for another article.

Back to the blogs, because the blog landscape is also on the move. A traditional, big Saab blog is in trouble and looking for weeks for its orientation. What will happen is not yet clear. We keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best. While a blog is weakening, new projects are born, including a very likeable project from the UK.

Blogs live on enthusiasm or daily insanity for a cause. A blog needs enthusiasm, has to constantly reinvent itself. In recent months, the Saabblog.net project has changed more than in the previous three years. Positive, I think! Michèl from Stockholm is new to the team, his support has realized a long-cherished dream of mine. The blog has become more Swedish and even more satanic. The link to Scandinavia, especially to Trollhättan, has been strengthened. He is an important pillar for the blog.

The Community Saab ...

A challenge is the next 12 months. There were really good ideas that could not be realized. A blog project that crashed into the harsh reality was a "community saab". The plan was to have a 9000, which would first undergo a restoration in 12 months and then come back on the road. He should be driven by readers and Saab personalities; in an online diary they would have described their impressions. After a year, we wanted to auction the Saab for a charity purpose and tackle a new community Saab.

The Community Saab, almost at least.
The Community Saab, almost at least.

A good idea? She did not work. The 9000 that was scheduled for this project is in our hangar. We work on it again and again. More about the 9000 CC coming soon on the blog. The original project itself crashed. Why? In short, there was a lack of time, manpower, money and support.

The means to carry out the project professionally in line with the claim of the brand were only possible in the beginning. And at some point I did not feel like begging for something that was not supposed to work. So the project was buried in late autumn 2014. The idea is still charming, but the hope of seeing it realized somewhere is gone.

The community lives ...

And while a project fails because the blog is just a private blog, there are other things going on. And they are doing really well. We want to involve the Saab community more, because Saab is what we make of it together! Readers are invited to help shape the blog. The first reader action, it's about the Ursaab, is a success. More than 30 stories - and behind every article is a lot of work - have fluttered into the mailbox. Not all stories are published yet. Every single article is a statement of the brand and the pride and joy of owning a Saab.

A sequel, under different omens, is in the planning stage. And we can be sure:

Saab lives ...

To be completely honest, we have been planning for months for the "worst case". The day you pull the plug at NEVS and the future will be less clear than ever. This day can come, but it does not have to. An important month for the Saab Blog project will be the June 2015. The Saab Festival takes place in Trollhättan, and there are two actions in our area.

For one thing, Mark will call for a fundraiser for the Saab Bilmuseum. This is a sign, because the preservation of the historical collection needs a lot of money. Whoever reads here, likes the blog, likes our style, we ask for help and unlimited generosity. Mark will, on behalf of the whole team, start the campaign in the next few weeks.

On the other hand, our action number two will be a really hot story - and some readers will be exclusive. The story gets big, really big, and I do not promise too much. The first details will be revealed in May, the big premiere will take place in June. Saab is alive, the blog is in its fifth year, and the team still has a lot of fun!

And finally…

... is a really big thank you to the blog supporters, who financially secure the project and who make it possible for us to have a stable, fast server with an excellent firewall. The daily, annoying fight against attacks has been a thing of the past for several months, with downtime reduced to zero.

Without Saab partners who advertise on the blog, there would be no project to that extent, and even upcoming things would not be possible. Thank you for adding 2015 to the blog! My call to the fans and readers: supports the blog supporters when it comes to the selection of the workshop or spare parts! Thank you!

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  • Happy Birthday Saab Blog. For many more years. Of course, I am looking forward to the next actions. As well as on hopefully positive news from Trollhättan.

  • For the next 4 years

  • As we in Sweden would say "Grattis på födelsedagen!". Big congrats on this major milestone. SAAB passionado and many more Saabblog.net years to come!

  • Happy Birthday, SAABblog!
    As good as in the last 4 years, I have never been informed about SAAB! Big THANK YOU to the people "in the background"! You make the blog again and again worth reading. This shows, among other things, to the subscribers! I am number 200 (?) And soon number 500 will be reached !!!

  • Thank you Tom for your work and diligence. I think it's great that the blog exists !! And best of all sa sa story. A great distraction during the lunch break! Thanks for that and keep it up!

    Greetings from Frankfurt soon

  • "Worst case" in the context of SAAB would be extremely unpleasant.

    Hopefully, Jiang and Bergman, crewed, will not cling to this seemingly hesitant Mahindra force !?

    If even Borgward was reported to have been able to attract a generous large investor, SAAB should certainly be able to do this (Borgward hardly knows any contemporary after 50 years without production - especially not in China). Since Foton could even motivate a major Chinese investor, this should finally open the eyes of even NEVS !!!!

  • All the best then for the fourth time ... then the blog should now slowly come into the defiance phase. In terms of seriousness, awareness and enthusiasm, there is not a better blog right now - and if you keep it up, others will have to make a long break to reach those standards.

    It's a pity, by the way, that the project with the Fan-SAAB failed ... I had already searched for the registration form

    So ... keep it up!

    • Thank you, but you see, you can not have everything. With the Community Saab we tested limits, it was worth a try

      • Yes ... it was an ambitious project, and would have been spectacular if it had reached the implementation stage. As long as you have similarly good ideas, I'm not worried about the blog.

    • Yes, the project SAAB is a shame. Especially since he is absolutely equal to my very first (year 1987) - that would have become a "journey into the past" ...
      Your stamina can only be admired!
      Otherwise, congratulations and as much as possible in this form, otherwise every morning would miss something.

      • He (the Project Saab) remains the blog yes. Is a nice 2. Hand 89er, with just 120.000 kilometers. Just retracted, if any 🙂

  • Congratulations blog. Reading and commenting is still as enjoyable as it was four years ago.

  • Dear Tom and Team!
    Thanks for the great coverage of our favorite hobby!
    What would the breakfast coffee be without reading your blog!
    I wish you more 4 years! Please carry on!

  • Congratulations and thank you for everything

  • My best wishes for my birthday, but especially the "creators" of this fantastic blog! Hopefully, Tom and his friends will last a long time, so that the blog can reach its age !!!

  • Hello Tom, Congratulations to the blog birthday and you and the blog team Many thanks for hundreds of nice articles.
    Lately it's really fun to read here, the short or long personal Saab stories are just good. I had not even believed how many times you can cut hope in smaller slices but last autumn lost the same and much less rare in here.

  • Congratulations. And please continue! * * LOB LOB LOB * *. So much idealism is extraordinary!

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