How long does luck last?

What do we wish for? Sometime in the future to be allowed to receive a factory-new Saab from the dealer of our confidence. Wishes and dreams should be indulged, especially when it comes to dream cars from Trollhättan. A reader contribution by Andreas.

Saab 99
Saab 99

I have been driving Saab since I was 3 years old. Well, not yourself of course, but the first memories of the meaning "car" are related to Saab and have been deeply rooted ever since. That's 38 years ago.

In the middle of the 70, parents regularly went to Denmark during the summer holidays and at that time Denmark and Saab were synonymous for wonderful trips for a long time. Until I realized that Saab was actually dealing with Sweden, many years would pass, but of course not diminish the joy.

During one of the early holidays in Denmark, the beautiful photo was taken with me, probably not only the car is now a classic, but also the cap ... My father drove a Saab 99 Combi-Coupe. This car drove us reliably from the middle of the 70s to 1985 through the country and, above all, again and again to Denmark. At the time, I was 10 years old and my feet were almost up to the pedals. I remember very vividly that the car was standing in front of the house (the handbrake was well dressed), and I was leaning in the driver's seat, driving imaginary rally tours with all the pedals and clutch. That a virtual experience like Xbox should replace this once was still science fiction.

Saab 900
Saab 900

1985 proudly presented my father the next bigger car. A Saab 900 in dove blue replaced the old 99er. I do not know exactly why, but with this car I connect the feeling "SAAB" for me. Not only because of the unique color ... 1989 led a white 9000 then the Saab tradition in our family on. For me in the youth room at that time instead of any dubious pop groups then also logically Saab poster.

Saab poster
Saab poster

1992 I was allowed to do the driver's license and then make the streets only in the (much) smaller car my mother uncertain. But that obviously worked very well, so that my dad, to my utmost joy, eventually handed the Saab keys to me. I was more nervous than the first kiss ;-) But I should never forget that driving experience.

Now follows a very big time gap. Several years passed before I got my first own car, and that was not a Saab, but a small cheap model of any other brand. The thoughts were always with Saab, but also with the second own car I did not dare to a Saab. I probably wanted a very young used and a Saab was probably too expensive for me. In retrospect: a missed opportunity. Because the dream of a Saab took over. In the meantime we have reached the age of 2011 in the internet age. Every emotion of the Saab brand was traced on the internet and my favorite website was!

Saab 9000
Saab 9000

And the configurator. I've configured and dreamed up valued 200 Saab. And then my then car made a bitch, needed expensive repairs and I thought "now or never". Saab 9-3 was watched, compared, rated, contacted and visited Saab car dealerships on the relevant car sales portals. And slammed !! Although I had to drive through half of Germany to first visit the dream car and then pick it up, but it was worth it. Since then, a Saab is driving around in Franconia - an 2008 9-3 2.0t BioPower. I drive it almost 4 years now and every time I get in I have a grin on my face. And when I drive it is a feeling of happiness. Why? No idea. In any case, I do not feel it in any other car.

But how long does happiness last? I drive a lot and this month I crack the 100.000 km. Would be nice if my "fourth" Saab not last ...

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  • Really great story!
    Saabian greetings

  • Hello Andrew, very nice story. Your "feel" for the SAAB brand also started in the years when the first 900 and the 9000er came on the market. Also, I can confirm the same as you with the sentences "... and every time I get in I have a grin on my face. And when I drive, it's a feeling of happiness. "Like me, when I step into my almost 24-year-old 900er, let the music of ABBA or Roxette run.
    One question: Has your buddy in the picture with your father's 900er also become a Saab fan?

  • Hi Andrew,
    great story! I think I have to write a post too. The picture from Münster reminded me of my first dealer. Bernhard Balsliemke! The dealer from Münster. Mr. Balsliemke stood by his brand, in November 1987 I bought my first Saab from him. An 900er automatic. It is now the fifth Saab. And I remain true ... let's see if I still ...

  • ... with the acquisition 2011 just getting the "curve" ... 😉! Congratulations to your deeply rooted story!
    Thank you for your contribution and continued joyful safe journey in the SAAB!

  • Hi Andreas. A one-time report. Your heart beats in the right place. I wish you / you always a good journey and still great experiences. Greetings from Styria - Klaus

  • Nice story! Do not worry: my crack the next few days the 200.000 km, is also an 2008er. So yours is just retracted with 100.000 ....

  • Thank you, dear SaabBlog readers, for the great feedback. I read all the Saab Story articles with enthusiasm and thought ... if I read the story of the others, then I should also submit mine. What I like to do !!
    @ RainerL: Balsliemke and Münster is my home, the photo has caused great memories
    @ 900S16V: The "little one" next to me, in front of the blue 900, is my brother, so has Saab genes in it; -)
    @ Ziehmy: Thanks, thanks. The comment calms me a lot. Do you have a special care program?

  • Saab poster on the wall - strong
    Have fun for the next 100.000 km.

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