Key experience thanks to the ignition lock

On Sunday, the deadline was for ours readers action. There were still a lot of stories in my mailbox on the last day. They will go online in the next few days. Today Olaf talks about his key experience…. Once Saab, again and again Saab. And Saab is a family thing, because the enthusiasm can be contagious.

Saab 900 & Saab 9-5
Saab 900 & Saab 9-5

My Saab story begins in East Frisia in the 1980s. One summer in the middle of the decade - I was 18 and had had my driver's license for a few months - we got visitors from Sweden at home. The Scandinavians came with a red Saab 99 GL Combi Coupé. I had never seen such a formally impressive car before, because the province in the northwest was primarily shaped by the usual German brand mix. Sighting a Saab happened about as often as Christmas.

The Swedish Saab owner noticed my interest in his car in the afternoon coffee and asked if I wanted to do a lap with the car. As far as I can remember, until then I had appeared as a charioteer in the Gulf of my mother, in my father's Citroën BX, as well as Opel Calibra and Datsun ZX 280 by neighbors (and of course in the escort of the driving school). Of course, my answer to the Swedish question was not no and so he gave me the key, but did not come with me to the vehicle. I stalked around the 99 again, amused myself by the shapes, unlocked it, got in, and started to drive. But where was the darn ignition? I just did not think so. Of course, I did not get the idea between the seats.

So back in the house to the visitor. I had not said anything, he just said: Between the seats! I raised my eyebrows incredulously, but preferred to remain quiet and went back to the car. In fact, there it was, the ignition. The car jumped bubbly, the engine gurgled sonor and I drove off. I noticed the comfortable seats, the good feeling to sit behind a long muzzle with a thick bumper and to know a lot of cars at the back. I thought the Saab 99 was damn long. And somehow he drove himself incredibly supple.

From the planned "round" were then about 100 km cruising through the countryside. When I wanted to pull the ignition key from the parked car, that was not possible. Oh great! First I can not find the ignition and then the key refuses to be pulled out! I felt so stupid, because I had to go back to Sweden with the question mark on my forehead. He grinned and said: Reverse! Aha! In fact, the crazy key could be pulled out!

The ignition lock therefore embodies my Saab "key experience". I was hooked on this car, which was not at all run-of-the-mill. For me it was clear at the time: As soon as I can afford it, I'll buy a Saab!

After my studies - meanwhile I lived in Göttingen and the 99 was now called 900 - I finally bought my first own car in spring 1997: a Saab 900i (built in 1988, 110 hp, 243.000 km). I was extremely proud of that, for financial reasons I had to wait far too long to buy the first vehicle. My Saab accompanied me far and wide in any weather, including to Norway, Sweden, Holland, Austria. Everything without problems.

When my father eventually realized that the Saab still showed no signs of fatigue with about 270.000 km, he was convinced to change to his previous Citroën life on Saab. I recommended a 9000 CS, then three years old, which happened to be offered to the dealer a few miles from home. He has bought 1998 and replaced 2013 with a 9-5 (YOM 2007).

The 900er I have 2004 - now living in Munich - sold more than 333.000 km on the clock, when offspring was there and my wife and I said we would need a somehow bigger and younger car with fewer miles under its belt, which is why we The next few years in Volvo 945 tanks (2 pieces) drove through world history. But what also happened during those years was bizarre: At regular intervals I had the scary-beautiful dream at night that the sold 900 is standing with my parents in the East Frisian garage and waiting for me to get it.

In the winter 2011 / 12 I barely kept it after eight years without Saab and surfed the known portals to 900ern. At the beginning of March 2012 I found a very nice, supposedly well maintained 900i with incredible 77.000 km, but without any electrical extras like EFH, climate, cruise control, antenna or other like leather, SSD etc. He was and is the classic accountant - and pensioner cart, but just as well and without any frills I wanted him. However, the car was offered in Sweden. After several phone calls, the seller was convinced that I would come in April to get the Saab. Said and done! Since then I drive my second Saab 900 with as much joy and pride as my first.

By the way, I do not have to do without the turbo and all the extras, because my wife and I have abolished the Czech Volkswagen, which we also bought in the meantime, and happily drive a Saab 9-5 estate car from 2001. By the way, my above-mentioned nocturnal garage has disappeared, because now my dream car Saab 900 is actually in the garage next door and I can drive it whenever and wherever I want. And if not him, then the younger brother - also with ignition in the middle.

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    Oh yes, the thing with the ignition lock. My last TÜV appointment was quick and successful. An examiner saw me standing in line with my 9-3 Sportcombi, came up to me meekly, nodded his head furtively in the direction of another Saab, which was also at the TÜV in the yard and asked me quietly if I happened to have any idea have how to remove the ignition key again - somehow it's stuck. I was able to explain to the good man that a Saab key just needs fingertip sensitivity and showed him how to remove the key. A general inspection has never been more pleasant for me. ..

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    Quote: "Key experiences of a different kind (" Where is the damn ignition lock?!? ") I had since then in third-party vehicles .... if I always move the key precisely towards the center console. "
    Yeah, that's what happens to me too!
    The SAAB gene is firmly anchored! 😉 Tomorrow I can use SAAB again 🙂 🙂 🙂…. These are prospects!

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    My SAAB also gave me the same key experience after collecting it from the dealer. I didn't notice it during the test drive (naturally reverse parking), but when I first stopped at the gas station only about half a kilometer away, there was the aha moment when the key could also be removed. But there are instructions for use for that 😉

    Since then I have had key experiences of a different kind (“Where's the damn ignition lock?!?”) In other vehicles…. when I always purposefully move the key in the direction of the center console.

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