Min första SAAB

If the first car trip in life takes place in a Saab, the parents have a strong bond with the brand from Sweden, then yes ... Jörn talks about his love for the brand with the griffin!

2014 SAAB 9-3 convertible
2014 SAAB 9-3 convertible

My first contact with a SAAB was also my first ride in a SAAB. And this ride in May 1975 was much more exciting for my parents than it was for me. Because it was her first ride with me.

I was just 3 days old and my parents took me home in hospital in a SAAB 99 CombiCoupé after I was born. In a photo from that time, my parents proudly stand in front of the hospital - a baby carrier between them. What always fascinated me about this photo is not the bag with me inside or the 70s look of my parents, it is the chic beige CombiCoupé that is parked behind my parents.

Your SAAB. Our SAAB. My first SAAB.

Unfortunately, my first toy car was not a SAAB, but some Matchbox car. No matter. For that I loved the big plastic model cars (Stahlberg?) As a little boy, which my father brought from the SAAB dealer. Later, my mother often told me the story that as a baby I cried so incessantly at night that my parents did not know any other advice than to pack me in the car to drive to the hospital for safety. In the SAAB I fell silent. My parents turned around and drove home. There I screamed again as if on a spit. My parents once again went to the hospital and put me in the car. In the SAAB I fell silent again. Whereupon my parents drove around with me until I fell asleep before they finally drove home. Can the well-being in a SAAB be better documented?

My dad bought the first SAAB 99 at the beginning of the 1970 years because he was so individual and changed regularly to a new model. They look wonderfully chic on the old photos: from today's perspective, bold exterior colors with cuddly, red or green velor seats. I would want them all at once.
The rise took place at Christmas 1982. When the automatic transmission of the SAAB 900 GLS was defective after less than 2 years and a replacement was not available for weeks, my father switched to a five-door, blue SAAB with manual transmission - a 900 Turbo. "Our" first turbo. Delivered the day before Christmas Eve, initially hidden from me and only discovered by me in the garage on Boxing Day, after the drive-in period had expired, I was hit by this unique turbo sound and over 200 km / h according to the speedometer on the motorway. From then on I defended every SAAB Turbo against my friends and their fatherly Mercedes, Opel and BMW.

In the following years we were present at every new SAAB car presentation. In 1985 we drove my next dream car to the test - me, as always, on the back right: the new SAAB 9000 Turbo, so much space, so much luxury and so fast! When the then new SAAB 900 Cabrio parked in front of our door for a test drive, I put my parents' video camera in the window to film how the electric hood opens and closes. Unfortunately, there is only a long discussion between my father and me on the video. A futile discussion. He was too embarrassed to open the roof in front of the neighbors.

Hamburg and our district were increasingly becoming SAAB strongholds in the late 1980ern. 9 SAAB riders lived in our street. In my school class drove three parents SAAB. Individual was something else.

From SAAB's point of view, it was at least individual, as "we" end of 1988 one of the first delivered SAAB 9000 CD by SAAB Uhlenhorst took over, in the model year still without DirectIgnition. And the first SAAB of my father with original "SAAB engine tuning set".

The increase came in 1991 in the form of the SAAB 9000 CD 2,3 Turbo, which we picked up from Mr. Lafrentz, at that time still in Molfsee near Kiel. I learned to drive in the 9000 CD: I was allowed to take the car out of the garage. First out of the narrow garage, along the garage yard, around a sharp corner and then up the driveway - everything backwards, because there was no room for turning.

It was clear to me a long time ago that my first car would be a SAAB. Nothing else. In 1994 - a week before my 19th birthday - I picked him up. My first own SAAB. A used SAAB 900i 16V Sedan (!) Black with beige leather and even air conditioning. No turbo. Not only were they too unreasonable for beginners, they were simply too expensive. It was enough for a Nardi wooden steering wheel from the SAAB accessories catalog. Noble. However, the 4-spoke version with baffle pot, because of the safety.
The 1989er SAAB 900 Sedan did well during my dual studies in the university parking lot, among all the stale Corsa, Polo and Golf of my classmates. The SAAB did not arouse envy. He was not suitable for youthful prostitution. He was even sensible for that: for safety. And that's exactly what protected me from a collision with a truck that was not caused by my fault. I was unhurt, not the sedan. He became a total economic loss.

Then a SAAB 900 convertible was needed. Year of construction 1990, US import, countless defects - but I had to have a convertible. I met my future wife and showed her with the convertible Alster and Elbe. From then on she was not only a Hamburg fan, but also a SAAB fan. The convertible came away because of the endless defects, instead I bought a 1984 900i first-hand, previous owner: Grandpa Hermann, also 84. Dark brown, automatic and with the sticker on the rear window: "In Case Of An Emergency: Call A Priest" This SAAB brought me reliably every weekend from Hamburg to my (then not wife at the time, but) girlfriend on the Lower Rhine.

2001 followed by the SAAB center Kiel my dream car: a SAAB 9-3 convertible with optional equipment and deer package. 17 3 Spoke Double Inch, Midnightblue, Blue Hood. Without lettering. Wear fur inside. All around old 900er, first as a winter car, later as a second car for my wife. A classic 900i 16V brought us 2002 in our first family vacation with a child loyally to a somewhat gammeligen, but not far from Trollhättan located directly on Lake Vänern Stuga.

Strongly motivated by Tom's Youngtimer blog, our 9-3 convertible matures after further modifications from Till's Hirsch online shop to the young and, later, hopefully classic cars.
After 40 years of SAAB - first next to it, then behind the wheel - it's very easy: Jag älskar min SAAB.

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    THANK YOU for your report and the extensive photo gallery!
    I particularly like "the 3 in Eppendorf"! 😉
    Continue to enjoy SAAB!

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    Thank you for the interesting story, which for me is always based on recognition ...
    ... or is it a coincidence?! ... I still drive the 2001 convertible (but in silver with a black top).

    Thanks and regards.

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