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An article that would fall under the heading “Miscellaneous” if there were any on the blog ... So no breaking news. It's about Saab passion, Saab service and the takeover of a traditional manufacturer by Mahindra. But not in the way we thought. In principle there is something for every taste, let's go!

Saab plant Trollhattan
Saab plant Trollhattan

Saab passion

On Sunday, the deadline was for ours readers action. Many fans took the opportunity - we received more than 35 articles. Each of these provides 1.000 reasons to drive a Saab. Well done, compliments to the senders! In the next few days the unpublished articles will go online, and then it will be difficult ...

Ursaab - will soon be in new hands.
Ursaab - will soon be in new hands.

The readers can vote who should get our Ursaab. A decision that will not be easy, because a lot of love for the brand with the griffin was involved in every item.

The action would have received even more letters, would not have been deadline on Sunday. There were e-mails from latecomers whose articles we unfortunately have to decline. But no reason for frustration: the next action is planned. Under other auspices, but very Saabisch and with a great incentive to participate ;-).

Orio package with original parts for maintenance
Orio package with original parts for maintenance

Saab service in a class of its own

In Sweden, Orio is the focus of the press. The company is restructuring, becoming leaner and more agile in order to survive the competition. Praise the Orio AB and Saab partners is easy. With our older cars we occasionally do our own work, of course with original Saab spare parts.

The order in Nyköping is made by a dealer we trust. The colorful package from Sweden goes straight to my address; the courier usually places it in our early service. Such a thing is only available at Saab and works thanks to good dealers - customer relationship is fantastic.

Mahindra on a shopping spree

Mahindra has made it and actually bought into a traditional European company. Not or not yet the result is that we would rejoice about it. Instead of Sweden, the Indians were on tour in France.

Peugeot scooter. Now Indian. To 51%.
Peugeot scooter. Now Indian. To 51%.

Mahindra Two Wheelers acquired 51% of PMTC, Peugeot Motorcycles, in January. Mahindra has actually taken over an 116-year-old European manufacturer. Peugeot Motorcycles manufactures scooters and mopeds as well as tricycles from 50 to 400 ccm, as well as scooters with electric drive.

For 51% of the company, 28 spent millions of dollars on PSA, with another 15 millions strengthening the financial base of PMTC. Not really a big investment.

Was that what we wanted to read and hear about Mahindra? I don't think so, because the clock is ticking in Sweden. Or an explosive device. We will see the result soon.

5 thoughts on "Shopping tour, service, passion"

  • After global big investor, that really does not look like it.

    But maybe the big surprise will come and Mahindra turns out to be an investor with stature in SAAB - this would certainly also be a greater sense of achievement for the group itself, after the unsuccessful negotiations for Jaguar and Aston Martin.

    However, should Mahindra submerge again, one can only hope that NEVS has an alternative (of course except the notorious Plan B) in store.

  • How long has Mahindra needed for the deal? 2 years? How many scooters do you have to sell until 15 Mio are clean again. For the money you could easily revive MZ.

  • There was an article last summer about possible plans by Mahindra to work with Dongfeng and the PSA group to jointly develop new models for Peugeot, Citroen and Saab. If one thinks now optimistically, the purchase of the 2 Rad division of PSA by Mahindra might be a sign of future cooperation on the axis France, China, India and Sweden. Hope dies last and maybe it is still a dream and it is just on this axis forged the big hit. From Sweden one hears not only the name Mahindra but also from time to time the name Dongfeng who also bought at PSA.

  • Scooters instead of Saab or something? After all, Peugeot is one of the oldest addresses. Wait curious what happens in Trolltown.

  • After all, the scooters Mahindra was successful. Maybe it works well at SAAB 😉

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