How I got to the mark with the Griffin and the 4 letters

A really turbulent Saab story, with many ups and downs, comes from Sebastian. Saab, he writes to us, is part of his life and Saab is “more than a car”.

Saab 9-5 chrome frame
Saab 9-5 chrome frame

1995 all started when my dad had to hand over his beloved Fiat Tipo to my mother and he needed a new car.
Actually, at the time everything was talking about a Volvo 440 / 460 which moved my dad to drive with me to the local Volvo representation.
Since the local dealer did not take us very seriously, we landed at the local Saab dealer (this belonged to a local builder and was run by his wife as a kind of hobby).

I have to admit that the brand did not really say much to me at the time, but there were a lot of great vehicles in the yard that really did it to me (9000 aero, 900 I convertible etc.).
Now at that time a great seller was active in this dealership, who grabbed my dad and me and put in a dark green (I think it was scarab green) 900 II 2.0i 5 with XNUMX doors.

Equipment was not so abundant and the turbo was missing, but you could drive it with 170 km / h without that you noticed. (if I still think of the tipo my parents had at that time, well help ...)

The seller from the local Saab dealer had then also licked the blood after the test drive with my father and then given the said vehicle for a whole weekend.

The rest can be thought then.

My father signed the purchase contract the following Monday and I became a Saab fanatic.

Since I always knew that I would do something with cars, as long as I had my schooling in my pocket, in the middle of 2000 I was looking for a training center for a car mechanic. Again, fate struck again and I ended up at one of the largest Saab dealers in northern Germany.
Victim was, however, that I had good 200 km away from home what was not so easy with 16 years back then.
I was allowed to spend there with the dealer every day with the brand with the griffin and learned there not only my profession but also developed more and more my passion for this great brand.
There, I was not only allowed to complete my apprenticeship, but was also active in the after sales area, etc., which made me even more firmly rooted in the brand.

When I divorced 2006 from the company in the middle and had to join the Bundeswehr, I first broke with this love. A Seat Toledo with a 1.9 TDI was just more practical and cheaper for me to maintain.

I would have liked to buy a Saab at that time, only they were simply too expensive for me then. Nevertheless, my father had handed over his 900 II against a 9-5 station wagon after a gearbox damage and so I was able to screw every free weekend on this beautiful vehicle. So it took a while until I could call my first Saab 2007 my own.
I was offered to take over and lead a Saab agency in Greifswald.

As a company car I had a 9-3 Aero estate with the not quite unproblematic 150 PS Diesel. Now you have to know that Saab has been more of a marginal phenomenon here in MV and I had it in a multi-brand car house, it was really hard to establish the brand there.

It happened the way it had to,.

Opel got the end of 2007 the Insigna (the 9-5 should there actually already be presented) and Saab had to go for the first time in the bankruptcy. My former boss then decided only to want to be Saab service operation and I should then drive BMW for him, which I then refused.

I simply could not identify with the Bavarian brand and what was wrong with my clients at the time. So I went voluntarily from the company to make myself then as a freight forwarder, my beautiful AERO I was unfortunately so going on, but I had an internet platform 9-3 concerned as a rare special model Force.

If you take it correctly, the car was already scrap when I picked it up, but I rebuilt the car so original and enjoyed every day this rare piece.
Now one day I got a big order from the other Swedish company with the gripping, for which I very quickly needed more 3 transporters than I actually had. So it came here how it had to come and I gave away my 9-3 to have the deposit for one of the 3 transporters.

Private I drove then the car of my girlfriend (a ollen Golf) or just the vehicle of my father, who mitlerweile for good to speak of me had a 9-3 station wagon with the 2.0 BioPower machine in nocturnblau indulged.

Special feature of the car at that time was the E85 engine and since we had the opportunity to fill up this fuel with us around the corner, much of his choice on this configuration. The curious thing about the story, however, was that at the time we were one of 4's customers who regularly fueled this fuel at the petrol station operator.

Since my shipping company was doing so well by now, I fulfilled a childhood dream and bought (please do not stone now) an Audi TT with the 1.8 T engine. Crazy car and a crazy story of how I came to this vehicle, but that would go beyond the scope here ...) Proud as hell I also built this vehicle again to leave it a month later Polish long fingers.

Now fate struck again and I got a good course from my insurance again which had to be invested quickly. For example, I found an 2006 9-5 station wagon (chrome goggles) with a not so familiar 1.9 TID engine with a fellow Arab, a car dealer of his trade name. The car had everything I was looking for and was also priced.

The dealer, however, did not know what to do with the car and I got a great guarantee on it as well as various accessories (as I said today I think he was glad to have found one for this car). The vehicle should be said to have been a Dutch re-import (not uncommon with us up here) and had 120000 km down.

Fort I also built this vehicle to my liking and was happy every day where I was allowed to drive with this magnificent vehicle. Unfortunately fate did not feel so good with me this time and I lost my orders to the Swedish Post as well as the order of the Swedish truck manufacturer with the gripping.

I decided to hand over the company to my competitor (so that my employees, then 8 in number, could keep their jobs) and went back to my hometown.
There I met my current boss, who entrusted me with one of his car dealerships, where I am responsible for the sale of a VAG brand.

So it happened that I had to give up my 9-5 again and drive now a company car. Since my wife has a vehicle from the VAG Group and I have to go through my employer such a vehicle, the good piece was just around and I was looking for a lover who keeps my treasure still in honor today.
After a while, fate probably remembered me and I was one day at a local car recycler in the yard just wanted to slaughter accident damage.

It was one of the rare Saab 900 II convertibles Mellow Yellow with not even 80000 km on the clock! I could not do that and so I bought this vehicle for 1000, - €.

The recycler still said that he did not understand why someone is still spending anything on this scrap, but please, there you have him.
Now I spent every free minute (besides study and job) to rebuild the vehicle. The project itself was a nice balance to the job and my wife finally had her promised convertible.

But since I'm going to be a father for the first time in April and the money is tight for us, I also had to say goodbye to this dream in yellow. It went to a collector on the Faroe Islands and will certainly hardly cover miles there ... as is known, the island is not ...)

Unfortunately, my wife does not have this with Saab and it will soon be another VAG product parked in front of our door (where then stroller and my person are transported).
However, my dad still has his 9-3 (which I lovingly cherish and care for) and if it will allow my purse, there is an 9-3 Black Turbo X.

All in all, Saab is a part of my life that has shaped me and today I have the OK of my boss, as long as there will be new cars from Saab (and I believe in it every day) to drive them out and wait for them What's it called ... Saab More than a car!

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  • So is my experience.
    Rostock top the other well.

  • A rather changeable life with Saab, but an exciting story and also nice written. Since one can only hope that your boss keeps his word when it comes to the point that new Saabs are built.
    And you all the best, of course, that it works with the Turbo C. =)

  • Great story!

  • Yes Eggert in Greifswald or mountains were under my wing.
    Unfortunately, too late, because there was nothing left to save.
    But I can do quite well with the Rostockers.

  • Have you been to eggert?
    and where have you been before? About Rostock?

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