After long years of pedestrianism ...

Benjamin and his Saab "Knut" are at home on long journeys. Long tours are on the wish list, Ireland and the Black Sea are being considered. Is there a better car than a Saab for that?

In front of the Saab Bilmuseum
In front of the Saab Bilmuseum

Last summer, I was able to celebrate my five-year anniversary as an actual SAAB rider and would like to present my SAAB story here:

It began in the last (all the harder) years before the long sought driver license: The Autobild was a regular reading - somewhere you have to start with the regular preparation eventually and the Internet with the cost-effective, inexhaustible width was not there in its present form.

At some point in the journal appeared a report on the SAAB 93 Viggen. First as a side note with a tiny picture, later as a comparison with any Munich coupe. Cars like the 93 never existed in the province of the left bank of the Rhine. The attitude of the outsider with interesting details, thoughtful difference and in my eyes beautiful look away from the mainstream I was very sympathetic.

These awakened very deeply anchored memories. Memories of a slide my dad made from our home construction site in the mid-80s. On the left side of the picture was the rear of a dark brown Combicoupé. Whether it was an 99 or an 900, I can not say, since the slide is unfortunately lost in the vastness of the paternal Dia collection. However, the line of this car, adapted to the spirit of the times, is cast in a rounder shape on the 93 of the first generation again.

Finally, during my civilian service, I drove 2003 from Mittelmosel to the northern center of Germany on a weekend in November. For the Saturday morning I had previously logged on the SAAB website for a mixture of driving safety training and test drive. Since the nearer dates were booked out, it just had to be the airfield in Hildesheim, where I was finally able to drive my first SAAB: an espresso black 9-5 Aero Sportcombi with automatic and beige full leather. Then came the then new 93II as 2.0t (hand switch). This was nocturnblau outside, black inside and a subjectively much more agile car, but the seats of the 9-5er, I've found nowhere equal or better. An impressive experience that shaped the years to come.

After some years of study of pedestrian life, in which my auto-affine part tried out strange vehicles again and again, I first approached SAAB geographically: It went to study in the hometown of the other Swedish car maker. From there I undertook quite a few day trips to Trollhättan and also visited the factory, the museum and the surrounding area with several visitors. In the spring of 2009, in the last few months, under GM, I even had the opportunity to see a silent automobile factory from the inside: semi-finished cars, partially sleeping employees, quite dark. It was spooky, but fascinating.

Back in Germany later in the year, an internship and an apartment awaited me in Lower Saxony, the spatial relationship of which made a car necessary. A cayenneroter 93 was conveniently located in Trier-Pfalzel. Well-maintained, parked in a garage and with a mileage of 53.534 km similar to that of a year-old car. Because of the date of the first registration on the Swedish 'Knutsdagen' in 1999, this car is now called Knut and tours regularly on various motorways.

Saab 9-3 by Benjamin
Saab 9-3 by Benjamin

The equipment was sparse at first glance, but turned out to be rock solid after the recent prospectus study: air conditioning, heated seats, metallic paint, AS2 with CD player and alloy wheels (10-Spoke in 15 ").

In the course of time, the scope of equipment was further expanded by, among other things, visiting the SAAB festival in THN in 2010: fog lights, cruise control, rear spoiler (to complete the outer lines) and remote control for central locking.

In autumn 2013 I had a birthday and this caused a certain young lady to a quite extensive and secretly organized care: Alu8 aka Viking aka moose shovels.

Outwardly it has the appearance that was used at that time for brochure photos. The rest of the state is quite neat overall, however, it is now only in a sky tent garage and must year-round (mostly long) route make. In the interest of the sheet metal state, he has therefore been re-preserved and gets the annual mileage twice a year for fresh oil.

In the meantime Knut and I have covered over 110.000 km together and I really hope that this number can be multiplied. There are enough destinations: The kilometer-intensive road trips to Sweden (2010 & 2014) and England / Scotland (2012) made me lick my blood. The SAAB festival in June would be a worthwhile weekend destination, Ireland and the Black Sea are being considered ...

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  • The shape of the 9-3 I, especially as a three-door Viggen look, is something of perfection, there is nothing comparable in my opinion. And that the 93 I are robust, good running and just a pleasure to drive is not a disadvantage!

  • Timeless as the 902 / 9-3I is not really, even with suckers fast, practical and almost dainty for its space outside!

  • Cayenne red is a cool and rare color, a really nice 9 3.
    Continue your journey with Knut.

  • Also have 2

  • Finally, someone who finds a 900 II good!

  • Prima written; a nice read for the lunch break. Thanks for that and the true words to the conclusion of your fifth paragraph. I can only confirm these experiences.
    Have fun with "Knut" and all the best.

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