NEVS requests renewal of the reconstruction

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Yesterday Michèl was visiting Trollhättan; NEVS gave him a glimpse into the documents granted for today. The next hours and days, to the 2. March will decide how the story goes on, and whether NEVS has a future. A short update as a supplement to his Article.

NEVS requests further 3 months of reconstruction
NEVS requests further 3 months of reconstruction

Today, NEVS has filed an application for renewal of the reconstruction phase with the competent court for a further 3 months.

With the option to leave earlier if there is a sale or the entry of a majority shareholder. The pending decision of the creditors on the desired haircut will also influence the opinion of the court. The meeting of the believers took place today in Trollhättan.

Debt cut - probably

The creditors seem to speak out for a haircut, that is the trend of the day. More than two-fifths should be in favor, even if some parties feel some mistrust. For NEVS, the decision is vital; around 32 million could be written off; The path to entry of a new shareholder through a capital increase would be easier. Now the judges have the next word. If they clear the way, the haircut could be final in about 6 weeks. NEVS has announced that it will want to leave the reconstruction.

Trouble threatens but from elsewhere, and that could be really big.

Negotiations for the brand name - or not?

Saab AB and its spokesperson accused NEV's lawyer Lars Eric Gustafssson today of lying. It is about the claim that the future owner of NEVS has been exploring the trademark rights with Saab AB since December. That denies Saab - a harsh accusation.

Saab AB Spokesman Sebastian Carlsson clarified that for a number of months there had been no negotiations to reuse the brand name with a foreign car maker. On the demand of the Svenska Dagbladets, whether it could be called probing, he denied this as well. "No, you can not call it that ..."

Lawyer Lars Eric Gustafsson, on the other hand, continues to use the term "probing", which he cited in the court record.

If the assertion of the Saab AB is correct, then this could have serious consequences for NEVS. The complete construct is based on the assumption that the brand name will be used again. With no prospect of exploitation, NEVS is much less sustainable. The court could look at the facts very closely, and decide in case of doubt against NEVS.

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  • Again the same game as before 3 months and since 3 months ago ... .. When will it finally come here to a decision and an end. NEVS could be a party. Talk, talk and nothing comes out of it.

    • The question is whether NEVS also gets the go-ahead, because you're standing there with pretty empty pockets. Not just proverbial.

      The legislator made the reconstruction possible for a maximum of 12 months, then nothing would work for NEVS. So in the wildest case we would have halftime.

      • Only what has reached NEVS in the last 6 months. Nothing in my eyes. At least not noticeable that they will not in the next 6 months. Always empty promises. At the end, another year without production is over and nothing has happened. I can understand you when you say you're tired of writing about it. We will be driving to Trollhättan in June and still be at the same stand and it will be annoying.

  • Well, if you agree, why not have Saab revived by NEVS when people say that and understand their business. Maybe then the shop will sooner or later get another name. But in Michael's article is the speech of Mr. Jiang still active and would like to have a say. Whether he should do that or demand it?

  • I think I would appreciate if it is not renewed! For what has not been decided in the last 6 months is not decided in 6 months! Who wants to be talked into in a shop by someone (like Jiang) who himself has stumbled ?!

  • I actually see the news from Sweden rather positively and do not quite understand the slightly negative mood. NEVS has certainly not been happy in the past, but I find that communication has greatly improved. Surely it's easy to say that nothing has been achieved in the past 6 months, but hey, after all, they are still there!
    I do not want to imagine how complicated it is to keep the course in negotiations with all stakeholders and that everyone is still sitting around the table. Especially since NEVS does not hold a good hand in the hands.
    Besides, none of us knows exactly what is happening behind the scenes. I hardly believe that people are turning their thumbs in Trollhättan and waiting for things to come. For me, I can only say that the hope that it will continue with Saab, is no longer so strong to certainty, as currently.

    @Greif08: That Jiang wants a minority stake is more than understandable. After all, NEVS is his company. He also took the risk and yes, he fell on his nose. That he end up trying to save at least a little, what to save, I think is legitimate. In the recent Saab past there were quite different "megalomaniacs" who have spent the money of other people with full hands and the cart - although he was still fit to drive at that time - have driven to the wall. It would like to ask one of the creditors, if you were offered an offer like this one. They would certainly like to have accepted - and the fees for the foreign transfer from the Netherlands Antilles would have gladly accepted.

    • From Jiang's point of view, certainly understandable and yes, others have tried and have also failed, but that does not change my opinion that it would be better without Jiang and NEVS.

  • It is not possible to keep good contact (even for a long time) with the suppliers, if on the other hand no production is within reach.

    Further 3 months of reconstruction without the interim entry of a new owner / majority shareholder would also be associated with very high risk for NEVS for other reasons - the small public reputation remaining at the moment could completely disappear without tangible results. Kai Johan Jiang finally has to deliver (in the best case also new SAAB automobiles).

    Let's see if the court gives the go-ahead once again.

  • I see it like a few others here: NEVS seems to be unconvincing after the past 6 months. An agreement in the next 6 months, I see because then very skeptical ... Is actually synonymous no wonder. I would also ask, what exactly am I still buying or taking over? It seems to be a matter of money. NEVS wants to get as much out of it as possible - the prospective buyer will spend almost nothing. Could be an endless game and eventually you have to pull the plug.

    • The expectations seem to be too different ... the expectations: dissent.

  • NEVS is like Greece just blue haze

  • There will certainly have been queried by NEVS, as it looks like with the further use of the brand name.

    The use of the conditions to the new owner / majority shareholder was also clear - if then the name SAAB AB (Mahindra?) Was communicated months ago, it should now be slow for a yes or no after checking the facts , Or should the new owner keep asking again?

    In that regard, one could therefore speak of a sounding initiated by NEVS.

    Quite honestly, I will not be smart about SAAB AB's behavior (at least according to what has been known so far).

  • VII. Will you also save money and therefore remains in the reconstruction while you continue to develop

  • if Saab AB, a billionaire armaments group, says: "there has been no negotiation on trademark rights for months, this means that there have been no negotiations on trademark rights for months. if there is no negotiation on trademark rights this means that there is no interest in using the trademark rights. if there is no interest in using the trademark rights this means that there is no interest in investing in nevs. if there is no interested in investing in nevs that means: nevs is soon history. whether someone is entering into negotiations afterward and investing is speculative. Everyone hopes, nobody knows. wait, saab drive and only then deal with the processes in trollhättan, when a reputed newspaper in the economy part reads something like: Volkswagen buys rights to the production of saab automobiles. Subsidiary chess shops and technology sales are sad enough, we have acknowledged that, but they certainly do not have to take it on anew every day. that only annoys. go to peace and drive saab. that's fun, in spring all the more 🙂 beautiful sunday and good start to the week! mfsaabfahrerg

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