SAAB AB denies to be in talks

One of Sweden's leading newspapers SVD is reporting today's defense and security group SAAB AB denies to be in talks with either NEVS or "any foreign car manufacturer" about the licensing of the SAAB trademark.

SAAB AB in Linköping reportedly suspended NEVS the right to use the SAAB brand. © 2015
SAAB AB in Linköping reportedly suspended NEVS the right to use the SAAB brand. © 2015

Fire lost in August
NEVS got their license to use the SAAB brand suspended by SAAB AB when they applied for reorganization back in August last year. Mikael Östlund at NEVS said yesterday I would assume that this would be the case.

Since then, many sources report on the difference between the different parties to reclaim the usage rights.
That things weren't going at light speed and that there were several challenges in the process has also been widely publicized, in fact, it was explicitly stated in the latest Administrator report.

Sebastian Carlsson, press responsible at SAAB AB however stated to SVD's reporter that “there haven't been any negotiations for the past months” and added that he felt there weren't any other talks going on either.
Administrator Lars Eric Gustafsson said in a comment to SVD to be very surprised about these statements from SAAB AB and to stand by his earlier phrasing in the documents he has filed with the District Court.

More to follow ...

8 thoughts on "SAAB AB denies to be in talks"

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    Could it be the clause when NEVS can start using the brand name again? The negotiations that took place several months ago resulted in unity with how to entertpret the clause?
    And in that case, no talks is going on with SAAB AB, it's done?
    This might be why KJJ is still in the game. The contract is between NEVS, SAAB and KKJ: s energy company.
    Without a done deal with SAAB, mahindra would have left just like they did the last time, right?

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      I don't know what is stated exactly in the contract. What seems to be clear is that the trademark license got suspended when NEVS entered the reorganization phase, but whether it means that they will get the license back automatically when they exit again is unsure. With regards to Mahindra, yes I would assume that they are out to secure not only a great factory, unique IP and some fantastic people, but definitely also the right to get cars out on the market carrying the SAAB brand.

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    The deeper you dig ...

    ... the more yellow Saab convertibles you'll find in many garages of many employees of many companies. BMW-employees, Volvo- and even GM-employees *. It's just a nice and classic car. Especially the late old 900.

    * Take that as clear evidence that an employee's private Saab is entirely detached from a possible employer's / company's interest in Saab Cars.

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      You are generally right, though Jon Ive is not some employee. He is one of the most important figures in the Apple universe, and could probably buy Saab and NEVS with his private money. Which is not to say that he would, and in the meantime he changed to Bentley, but at least he is acquanted with Saab. Just someone drop him a note, pls 😉

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    Is that a joke? I hope not

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    Why would they deny, Could it be that aren't really any negotiations going on regarding the Saab name?

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      That's a really good question. The spokesperson from SAAB AB did confirm to SVD that there had been earlier discussions, but “not for the past few months”. At the same time, Lars Eric Gustafsson appeared to have chosen his words very selectively when describing the discussions with SAAB AB. In any case, I do not believe either NEVS or their administrator are lying straight out about the situation, but it appears to be part of the “game” around this process. Very unfortunate though as it creates a lot of probably unnecessary FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt).

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