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The Saab scene shows no signs of fatigue, on the contrary! Saab flags are fluttering in the wind everywhere this year! There are plenty of Saab dates that are worth writing down. A small selection and a review of a meeting that has already taken place.

5. Saab Swiss Fondue Meeting
5. Saab Swiss Fondue Meeting

Saab at the Techno Classica

Like every year, so does 2015 1. German Saab Club the flag with the legendary griffin at the Techno Classic above. The club presence can be found in the traditional square in hall 9.1, booth 140.

As always, we are eagerly awaiting what will be the theme this year. One of the showcars ​​will be a very original, very early Saab 99. The second Saab, we are promised, should not be less exciting. We are surprised!

The Techno Classica takes place this year from the 15. to 19.04. in Essen.

Classic car classic day Rosenfeld.

The classical day in Rosenfeld takes place for many years on the first Sunday in September. The event has long been known nationwide, with guests from France, Switzerland and Austria.

This year, the event is all about Saab. The Swedish brand is the focus of 2015 - Saab drivers are invited. The meeting takes place on 06.09. instead of; No entry fees will be charged. Details will follow on the blog as soon as they are available.

The Alb calls II

Shortly after the Classic Day another Saab meeting with the parts market in the region starts. The “Alb ruft II” celebrates its 2015 new edition in the Balingen-Zollernalb district.

On Friday, September 11.09th, the meeting point for all participants is in the historic Badhaus near Rottweil. Afterwards joint trip to Balingen, there night watchman city tour and joint dinner.

On Saturday there is a tour in the Lake Constance area on the program: visit Campus Galli at Meßkirch, then tour along Lake Constance and dinner together with regional specialties. Sunday starts the Saab parts market in Balingen. Additional tours to the castle Hohenzollern (with sightseeing) and to round flights over the region (Saab - from the airplane to the car) are possible.

Further information and registration options are available at

5. Saab Swiss Fondue

The 5th Saab Swiss Fondue Meeting, organized by the Saab Spirit Team, led by Dimitri Baumgartner and Frédéric Démaret, is already history. It took place on February 14th and 15th in Vallorbe in the north-western region of Switzerland.

Also in Vallorbe Saab is not only lived, but also driven with pride, and for this meeting of last weekend Vallorbe was renamed Saab-City or just Ville-de-Saab at short notice!

In addition to enjoying a tasty Swiss fondue "moitié-moitié", Saab sociability among Saab enthusiasts was cultivated and lived far into the night! The topic of the meeting, supported by Orio Switzerland AG, was of course Saab! Under the best conditions, it was absolutely clear that during this wintry weekend the Saab Spirit flag was flying high and proud on the mast, surrounded by fresh Swiss air!

The organization for the 6ten fondue meeting has already opened. Welcome to February 2016 in Switzerland!

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    Hello Tom, I have just read the comments on the div. Stammtisch information on the Lower Rhine, Ruhr, Luxembourg, etc. Since 2011 I am also a member of the 1.German-Saab Club and go almost regularly to the Stammtisch in the Rhein-Main-Saab Club.
    Question: Why is not there any information about the Rhein-Main-Saab Club or its monthly meetings / events?

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      The schedule is handled exclusively by Mark. If he does not get any information, and it seems that way, then he can not write anything about the meeting.

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