I drive a Saab 9-3 convertible year 2005

As part of our readership, Marc tells how he came to the Saab brand and ensures a lush Sunday. Have lots of fun with it!

I already got to know the brand Saab in my childhood. At that time neighbors had a Saab 900. The car with the big rubber spoiler.

This is the Aniversary Edition that made me lose my heart to the Saab brand.
This is the Aniversary Edition that made me lose my heart to the Saab brand.

In the family, the car was called only Saabi. I myself was still at an age when I could not really grasp differences between brands. So this car was nothing special for me.

Many years later, however, that changed. I had my driver's license and drove my first own car, a Daihatsu Cuore built 1997 with 42 PS. At that time, in the year 2006, a friend of mine had a Saab 9-3 convertible available, which he loaned to me for a romantic convertible tour, including a picnic with my girlfriend. We have both been convertible fans ever since. It was a car in Electric Blue with light leather trim. At that time I fell in love with this car and I already planned, if I can afford it one day, then I would want to have just such a car.

When, two years later, the Daihatsu was to be swapped for something bigger, the Saab did not quite fit into my budget. So it should first be an Opel Astra G Convertible. That was a great car, too. But the dream of the Saab remained.

This is finally my own Saab, which I will not restore so soon.
This is finally my own Saab, which I will not restore so soon.

Six years later, I had the choice of putting a lot of money into the noticeably aged Astra or looking for a new vehicle. With a heavy heart, I decided to sell my first convertible. But then there was the idea of ​​then to buy me a Saab. So I went on the Internet in search of and was actually not far from my place of residence. Meanwhile, the car was also compatible with my budget. He was or better is black and the leather is dark. But it's a convertible and my dream car that should finally become mine.

But there was an unexpected hurdle waiting for me. Because one day after the signing of the purchase contract, the car dealership (no Saab dealer) called and informed me that a trainee had hit the Saab while maneuvering with another car. I had the choice to withdraw from the purchase contract. But I did not want to give this car back. He was repaired and eventually became mine.

From today's point of view, I have to say that it is still a very special feeling to drive this car. It's like floating in a comfortable chair across the street. I have never experienced such a stupid car. A driving safety training and special situations such as black ice I have already experienced with the Saab. There was not a moment he did not master masterfully. No situation in which he would not have convinced me with his reliability. I love to swing into the driver's seat and literally sit down in a cockpit.

This car has something that is essential for me from today's perspective in a car. I'm always looking forward to getting into it and driving it. I hope he will stay with me for many more years and that I can nurse him for a long time.

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    Hi Marc,
    I can certify you an excellent taste.
    A Saab 9-3 convertible in Electric Blue (or Lime Yellow) is one of the most beautiful models in the "topless area".
    Good luck for winning the `Ur-Saab'.

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