Saab 9-3 Aero MY14 in Germany

A Saab has been on Germany's streets for a few days. And as a pleasant change, it's a new car. In January 2015, the Saab 9-3 Aero built by NEVS was imported by collector Josef Zabel.

Saab 9-3 Aero MY13, number 1 in Germany
Saab 9-3 Aero MY13, number 1 in Germany

The first of its kind in our country, and perhaps the last for the blog Review a Saab new car. In the last few days he was admitted, which, despite the COC papers from Sweden, demanded patience and strong nerves. The Saab built by NEVS was simply non-existent for the regional licensing authority and the KBA, even though it stands in the parking lot of the authority.

After 4 hours and an interim inquiry with the superordinate authority, the time had come: the KBA confirmed that this limousine is the number 1 in Germany. The Saab 9-3 Aero model year 2014 is now officially approved for road traffic!

Ren Glädje - Pure Joy!

And how is the owner satisfied with the Saab? After a few weeks, the verdict is still more than positive. NEVS did a good job with the vote, “Ren Glädje” is a promise kept. The Saab drives more than coolsaid Josef Zabel and I'll just pass that on as the original sound.

He has the competence for the judgment, because he has probably owned more Saabs in his life than any of us. Have fun with the 9-3 Aero, the youngest Saab on Germany's streets!

Around 130 vehicles from NEVS will go on sale in the foreseeable future. The last of their kind. And it looks like one of them might end up in the blog team.

View over the garden fence

NEVS we will not lose sight of in the coming days, even if the topic is quite destructive. A court decision is pending in the next few days, in three weeks, the public hearing on debt haircut takes place.

In the meantime, we are paying more attention to more interesting topics. It's about newcomers and comebacks. One of them is about computers. The Apple iCar opens up new possibilities, and I have approached the topic from a perspective unusual for the blog. The readers will find thoughts on an upcoming revolution with the next articles on the blog.

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  • The 'heads' are only concerned with getting the fattest chunks in their own throats when canning the SAAB corpse. What has become of SAAB is, on the one hand, the responsibility of the genetically pre-loaded always-VW-BMW-AUDI and Mercedes buyers. On the other hand, the responsible helmsmen of the (ex) group. Much has been written and hoped for. But unfortunately, unfortunately, there is no longer a car brand that stands out from the uniformity of smooth-sucked station wagons and chubby SUVs with unmistakable and pleasant Swedish style and technology.

  • a) very nice single piece. congratulations
    b) I suspect something bad. At NEVS, the EXIT from the reconstruction is about the fact of receiving production orders. The clients logically require the suppliers / design offices to be “debt free”. That's the way it is when you put out contracts. It's no longer about redesigning SAAB automobiles. That also fits with the statement of SAAB AB not to have any discussions about the name.

  • Very nice car. Congratulation!
    I hope, the right diagnostic device was also acquired. Unfortunately with Tech II is nothing.

  • Wait and see, there are still unfinished copies on the production line ... 😉

  • The Hirsch upgrade for the 9-3 2014 delivers 275 Ps and 420 Nm.

  • As far as I know, an update is available in three to five weeks, but not by Hirsch with 260 PS, but something nastier with 290 PS! Some Saabfahrer are indeed on performance, and I'm curious if the part then goes well, now and then I may even drive a Saab of Jos. I just say that, have fun and succeed happy. Franz

  • we also have four more - but model year 2015 🙂

  • Yes of course. I thought of the 4 for 4 × 4, so all-wheel drive.
    Thanks, Klaus and Heiko

  • Stands for 4 cylinders. Also gave the turbo 6.

  • Congratulation!

    Is it still more than awesome, or is it already stagged?

    In any case, it triggers feelings of envy, even if - like me - you can't really do much with a soda ...

    He is beautiful.

  • Hello Jörn. That's not a stupid question. The 4 stands for 4 cylinders. Lg - Klaus

  • Amazing how timeless and fresh the 9-3 looks like!

  • Looks beautiful.
    Stupid question: Is there “Turbo4” on the rear right on the tailgate?
    Why? He has front-wheel drive, right?

  • Have fun with the great SAAB! Congratulation! 🙂

  • Beautiful SAAB

  • They should slowly agree up there, from July we could use a 9-3 sports suit. 😉

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