Diary: Stammtisch SAAB Club Norddeutschland

The SAAB community is alive. We had already in the written in detail last week. We recently received a message from the far north of Germany.

There will be the 06 on Friday. March the Stammtisch of the SAAB Club North Germany eV. instead of.

Logo of SAAB Club Norddeutschland eV
Logo of SAAB Club Norddeutschland eV

"Hello Saabists,

So far, not many have commented on whether they are going to the regulars' table at the 06.03 um 19.00 Uhr come or not.
I would be grateful to hear from you, who could come, for the purpose of ordering a table.

As always in the 
Ristorante La Cucina

Tangstedter Highway 208
20417 Hamburg

Burkhard Schulz "

If you, like Burkhard, would like to see the dates of regulars' tables or exits in the SAABBLOG diary, please send a message to: