Geneva Motor Show 2015

Mark and I broke a tradition this year and didn't go to Geneva. Why? Maybe because Saab's heart is still beating and because the hope of a resurrection of the brand is less than ever. That hurts, especially given that others are making a comeback.

Geneva 2015 - we have renounced.
Geneva 2015 - we have waived.

Nevertheless, we stick to old habits and lose a few words about what happened in Geneva. Especially if we have discovered a Saab link.

Electric cars?

There was something ... The electric car boom was about to begin, and the alleged trend was a big topic at past car shows. This year Tesla showed the P85D version of the Model S ... not a novelty per se, already known to the press, and only the all-wheel drive version of the well-known sedan.

Somehow the topic of EV is over again - or not even there. When it comes to electromobility, the Audi R8 e-Tron was an issue. It goes into series production with data comparable to the Tesla. And because that's so nice, the Q7 e-Tron was also in Geneva. Despite everything - none of that works at the moment. Perhaps also because no electric car boom is visible to the general public.

The undivided attention of the journalists was always on a different story. Because the writing guild is always in search of a good story.


Hmm, the Borgward comeback. Around 1.000 visitors read the corresponding article on the blog. That's not a lot, a Saab article is called up more often. On the other hand, it's a good result for a brand that has taken a 50-year hiatus. Many questions are open around the topic, and there are two posts for further information.

The Store Manager gave Karlheinz Knöss an extensive interview. "The World”Also deals with the topic and asks some legitimate questions.

During the press days Borgward has turned on the expectancy screw and also made powerful media. It can be said that the moment of attention was used perfectly.

Prominent figures such as Sir Stirling Moss (by the way, brother-in-law of Erik Carlsson), well-known car journalists, representatives of the fan base and former sports stars visited the booth. The press department immediately tweeted this to the world. Borgward design director Einar Hareide was photographed while drawing a sketch. With the question “does he draw a new Borgward….” it was also spread to the followers. Kind.

Press work by professionals. Karlheinz Knöss was already public relations director at Saab Germany, he understands his craft. What others do not do with so much dedication. That at the end of the article.

While Borgward is preparing to fly, a former hopeful has not landed so gently.


Great results in the NCAP crash test, big plans. After many advance laurels, Qoros is now testing the harsh reality. Sales are disappointing and expansion plans for Western Europe are on hold. The conquest of the world is now slower. First, the Middle East and Eastern Europe is on the list, the homework in China must also be done.

Qoros City SUV Photo: Auto-Medienportal.Net/Manfred Zimmermann
Qoros City SUV
Auto-Media Portal.Net/Manfred Zimmermann

The City SUV shown in Geneva is already on the market in China, and there is a lot of trollhättan in DNA. LeanNova and Semcon were involved in the development, around 25 former Saab and Volvo employees work for the Chinese in Shanghai.

Ssangyong & Lotus

Else discovered any Saab links? Two more things. Lotus is working on the comeback. Has significantly reduced staff and increased production figures. The man who brings the trend reversal is Jean-Marc Gales. For a short time he was Executive Director Saab and Opel in Rüsselsheim.

Lightweight construction is the credo, despite the almost luxurious features of the Evora 400. And still the shock: an SUV can imagine the new boss too. Lotus and an SUV. Madness!

One last thing! Mahindra is traded as a potential partner for NEVS and daughter Ssangyong presented the Tivoli in Geneva. A small SUV, the first complete new development since the entry of the Indians.

Ssangyong Tivoli. Picture: Ssangyong
Ssangyong Tivoli. Picture: Ssangyong

While newcomer Borgward did a great job on public relations, Ssangyong has less passion to discover. There were no press photos of the appearance in Geneva yesterday evening neither at the media portal of the auto press, nor in the newsroom of Sssangyong Germany.

On the Facebook page is then, after searching the Web, but something in that direction. After all. You can do media work with passion. Or not.

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    Mahindra is rumored again and again - but not a single European nuclear company.

    You can get used to the idea of ​​the large Indian corporation or not. At Jaguar, under Indian aegis, it works quite well. Why should technology, design and quality (including the gaps, of course) be worse than at Jaguar - these criteria would continue to have the standard achieved among Indian investors at SAAB. Otherwise the whole thing wouldn't make any sense either - Indians and Chinese have in the meantime certainly understood how to manufacture high-quality cars for the global market.

    For my part, I'm curious about the results that NEVS will publish in the next few weeks - I'm still betting on Mahindra's entry.

    • blank

      The next step for NEVS is the extension of the reconstruction - which has not yet been approved. A decision is expected this week.

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    More and more I get the impression that for us Saab fans there should only be two perspectives in Trollhättan: a) sealed end of Saab or b) takeover by a capable, (European) large corporation that understands the market.
    Everything else is wishful thinking and too much optimism - which has always hurt in the past. See Spyker and now NEVS.
    Incidentally, I don't see Mahindra there either - in the position to satisfy our Saab needs. You already have enough problems with Qoros. The overall package of a Saab has to be right - we mustn't forget that. And a new owner should be looked for according to this point of view and NOT according to the criterion that otherwise there is no more future.
    For Mahindra, of course, that would be a big prank - but what would it be for us? I don't know whether I could identify with a vehicle from Mahindra - we Europeans somehow have a different understanding of the automobile: Gaps, quality, design, innovation, brand management.
    And to buy all of this externally - I think Mahindra is too small for that. I am skeptical: Better the above-mentioned variant a) than Mahindra. Just my 2 cents.

    • blank

      Anyway, I hope that Saab AB will never give her name back for experiments. In my opinion, M. would be one.

    • blank

      Qoros is not Mahindra, you probably mean Ssangyong. I am also skeptical, I do not sit on Mahindra any more.

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    Hello Tom, dear Saab Lovers, I was in Geneva for 2 days and was able to collect my own impressions. Regarding your statements regarding Borgward, yes it is correct, a lot of TamTam has been done, we will see how much truth there is in it, I am skeptical. To Qoros, it is hardly surprising that they do not come out of the holes properly, with this quality of workmanship! I am convinced that there will be innovations at Lotus. Simon Wood Chiefengeneer is back after visiting Lamborghini and Bugatti. As a former GM'ler you learn a lot

    • blank

      Thanks for the feedback and comment on Qoros. That explains a lot already. With Borgward the nail test will come quite soon. The timetable is: IAA, first production model, not long after the presentation in customer's hands. Is already ambitious

    • blank

      Borgward is just a shell, all negotiations are conducted by Foton. Since Foton works closely with Daimler, it could also become a “cheap brand” in the Daimler group, which would also explain that Foton would like to take over the former IBM headquarters from the city for Borgward in Stuttgart. Given the high costs in the region, the location is otherwise not really understandable. Daimler does the same with Smart. Headquarters in Böblingen, within sight of the Sindelfingen plant and production where it is cheap.
      It is also interesting that Daimler is negotiating massively with independent manufacturers, even in Northern Europe.
      Maybe that's the plan B of NEVS? Montage of cheap Fotonteilen then Borgward.

      Otherwise, there is currently no manufacturer of the capacities purchased.

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    It's a different topic than the frustrating NEVS thing. I can't and don't like to hear anymore. Fits well for the blog, as in between to SAAB 😉 Are the Borgwardians really brave ...

  • blank

    The first cars should be delivered soon after the IAA. That would be amazing 🙂 Tom please & stay tuned, that's exciting!

  • blank

    I admire the courage of the investors for the new start of this nostalgic brand Borgward. Will be interesting, if this product can exist on the car market. There's a lot of confidence in that.

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    Hi Tom,
    Thank you for the great report from the Geneva Salon. the reports on the resurrection of Borgward in the div.Zeitungen are interesting and actually typical again. Fine for Borgward, let's see what happens.

  • blank

    I know Borgward of my youth but know Saab even better because, despite all the difficulties of the last years, there are still many fans who want to return the Saab.
    But if that is so easy for Borward 50 years are already from the market?
    I consider this return with some skepticism. But courage is there and that may be the most important thing?

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