Lived customer satisfaction

In Sweden, the sale of a Saab 9-5 sports car made a great deal of noise. "Saab 9-5 station wagon - you will regret it"Was read. Of the Expressen He guessed that was the car Saab had gone broke for.

Customer satisfaction - even after 16 years. Defined by the Orio AB
Customer satisfaction - even after 16 years. Defined by the Orio AB

Why is? A Saab 9-5 sports suit, which provides powerful for annoyance. The Saab has shortcomings without end, and the list of works is shorter than the error. Basically, everything is broken, writes owner Markus Eriksson. The station wagon is not a new car. He is from the year 1999, has just been ridiculous 16 years old and has run nearly 200.000 kilometers.

For other makes that would not be a fuss, one might think. Off on the car carrier, in the export, and bought a new car. With a Saab, things seem to be different.

For one thing, there are people in Sweden who do not like the negative Saab press. On the other hand there is a reputation that needs to be defended ... that of the long-term car, which is robust for many years and kilometers. How nice that the Orio AB sees itself as a seal keeper of the brand and the vehicles on the road.

Shortly after the announcement went through the press, the country director of Orio AB responded. The Saab 9-5 sportswear is being repaired ... with original Saab spare parts; the costs are borne by the company from Nyköping. It's about keeping a reputation, and it's about customer satisfaction. Even though the warranty has long expired, the vehicle counts 16 years.

Orio put a teaser to this action online, for us you have inserted a German subtitle. Thanks to Eschborn and Nyköping! The story will continue on Orio AB and on the blog.

Owner Markus Eriksson may no longer sell the Saab. After the repair the 9-5 will stay in the family, he wants to give it to his daughter.

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  • 9. March 2015 at 10: 58 AM

    Actually a nice story, if for me personally not a bitter, a very bitter aftertaste would remain:
    Some will remember the RED BUCKET, an 2006 9-5 TiD Hart SportCombi, back then just 2 years old, standing in exactly 12 months 24x, mostly multi-day, in the workshop.
    Were always just minor things, such as transmission damage (45.000 km!), Spring break, loose steering column, fuel loss, extreme engine oil loss, etc ... ..
    Nobody helped me at that time (apart from the local SAAB dealer, who was very supportive), but SAAB Germany was stupid. 12 months with this SAAB cost me just 12.000 Euro 🙁

    • 10. March 2015 at 4: 10 AM

      At some point the car had disappeared from the yard of the VAG dealer, did you hear something from the car again?

  • 9. March 2015 at 11: 10 AM

    I would say that's the way to go. Orio wants to earn a long time on the cars, so they must set a sign so that the cars remain on the street and the confidence in Orio remains. Good story

  • 9. March 2015 at 11: 26 AM

    Well, it is different,
    06.03.2015 with my Saabine (9000 Aero, YY 1996) exceeded the 400.000er mark. Engine, LiMa, clutch, starter, turbocharger, even the shock absorbers are still original. However, the rubber bushings have already been exchanged several times Soon the next TÜV examination is due and I am 100% sure that this is again without problems on the stage.
    Since I drive vehicles from SAAB for about 30 years, and all drove far over 250.000 Km, I can only guess that the poor guy must have done anything wrong.
    I wish all those who have the same sensations for the brand as I do (and the others, of course)


    • 9. March 2015 at 11: 41 AM

      The 9000er is almost unbreakable and with good care you will be able to drive it forever. Or pass it on to children, grandchildren or nephews. I think behind the 9-5 in Sweden is also a lot of maintenance backlog.

  • 9. March 2015 at 11: 37 AM

    Of course nice, but also a marketing tool - against which nothing is to be objected. Or maybe Orio decides at the workshops, forums and clubs to determine which spare parts are needed for the still very common 9000er and 901er models. Here, in the partitions of the specialists, there is a gaping void. And only thanks to used parts and long search on the Internet can certain parts still be found. After there will be no new Saab, Orio should supply all series equally with the essentials. Should also be looking for ways to possibly the enthusiasm scene to transfer the reproduction in their own risk - with transfer of the necessary documents / pressing tools / templates, samples ...?

    • 9. March 2015 at 1: 24 PM

      True Uli, that is exactly what is missing from the Saab brand, as other manufacturers have been doing for years. Some repairers who have been repairing Saab vehicles for decades are desperately looking for replacement parts and original tools (eg the lever tool to change the clutch on the 901er) and have to experiment with used parts, redesign tools for other vehicles to use on a Saab. This results in higher costs for us customers, as repairs take longer (labor costs) or delay (spare parts difficult to obtain).

      • 9. March 2015 at 2: 01 PM

        It's not like ignoring the topic. Classics and youngtimers are the focus, as well as the issue of timely reparation for an aging stock. Eschborn and Nyköping work on the topics and read here customer opinion.

        • 9. March 2015 at 7: 32 PM

          Then Orio was supposed to reload the pressure hose of the machine to the oil cooler on the 9k. Unfortunately, this part is no longer available neither in Europe nor in the USA. Since the part is unfortunately in the splash water area, it likes to rust and then burst on the BAB ... :-(

          • 9. March 2015 at 7: 45 PM

            I would be for it too. Had to have the part reconstructed with the local hydraulic service. If it goes well, there is a huge mess.

  • 9. March 2015 at 12: 06 PM

    Primarily, of course, really just a marketing campaign of ORIO AB. For Saab, there is a reputation to preserve - but against 16 years you can say nothing with the best will. I find it, if it really has happened, but rather rather unfair to those who after a few months / years already have high costs through repairs. Since the ORIO AB should rather support times and not with a 16 year old car that has largely served its service already.

    • 9. March 2015 at 12: 13 PM

      I do not mean that it is fair / unfair. Orio counters a media campaign / negative press visibly sent. 100 points to Nyköping

  • 9. March 2015 at 2: 06 PM

    I've never heard of such things in the circle of acquaintances about a SAAB - it can basically just be a vehicle with a large maintenance backlog.

    Press that takes a 16 years old car to put it down as a negative example of defects that occurred, but also requires correspondingly stupid readers (which seem to be sufficiently there).

    The whole thing can not really be taken seriously at all - if I had word to say with Orio, Expressen would have crashed along with her possibly well-paid Markus Eriksson. He has even probably benefited twice.

    • 9. March 2015 at 2: 52 PM

      Nee-Nee, that's not how it works!
      Also on our favorite brand there are great Monday cars. I also had one of these (9000CC). That would have been almost the AUS for SAAB with me, if the perfect CSE would not have bent everything back afterwards. It was almost as bad as Ziehmy's RED BUCKET and it had nothing to do with maintenance jams, because it started for SAAB at an adolescent age, but after the warranty and cost a lot of money.
      SAAB Germany was not very cooperative, because one could have also bought a Wolfsburg product and I had that at that time also know.
      After that, I did not find such a SAAB anymore.

      • 9. March 2015 at 3: 48 PM

        @ GP 362

        Was the list of defects really longer than the working parts (or as long as Markus Eriksson's)?

        Probably not - but in 16 years, if you can count on it, will certainly accumulate a lot.

        The cardinal question is, why Eriksson only now so inflates (good rate of expresses?) - He will have the car but some time in use and have not acquired him as a 16 year old used car. If so: With this mileage (almost 200.000 km) you will have some problems with almost all used cars - unless it is a top-maintained vehicle. But this will certainly not be the case here!

        • 9. March 2015 at 7: 21 PM

          Hi Detlef,
          if the defects had occurred at the same time, then the list would have been longer than the functioning parts, but of course it was not. It came in part on a weekly basis and included almost everything except the engine itself, gearbox mount, radiator, ZV, open window, fuel pump ... and some more and more times, starting at the tender age of four and about 60TKm.
          But luckily, that is yesterday's snow and almost forgot - all SAAB after that I still have and they are qualitatively great.
          The already mentioned in the Youngtimer blog "Joe" has come only with 16 (more by accident) in our budget. But the substance was so good that it was worth doing the renewal of course with such an old car. Since there are already some ORIO parts in it. He has been working with us every day for two years now and has meanwhile unwound 32TKm without problems. It can pay off if you repair an old car. At least I will not give it back!

  • 9. March 2015 at 3: 06 PM

    Well, I can not only complain, even if the "red bucket" gave enough reason! Our 2002 9-3 TiD Anniversary just spins its kilometers. Even exhaust and clutch are still original at 160.000km.
    But for the last MOT we actually had to renew a tie rod end ... ..

  • 9. March 2015 at 3: 42 PM

    I also own a 9-5 he wagon, Bj ,. 1999. Except once (Zündkassette) and wearing parts, the car has never let me down. An absolutely safe and good car, but only 230000 km driven.

  • 9. March 2015 at 4: 45 PM

    Good on Orio AB, ... ..

    BUT to give to a bad winger (complainer) after 16 years & 200,000 km is not good.

    Insist on seeing full service history & when the complainer bought the Saab ....
    Bad service leads to problem, that are NOT Saab's fault.

  • 9. March 2015 at 5: 09 PM

    My SAAB 9-5 estate Bj.2002 has now exhaust through, rear rubber are ailing and unfortunately also the air mass meter, so it is no longer through the TÜV / AU. Cost too high and therefore tax.Schnief: (

  • 9. March 2015 at 6: 39 PM

    Hello in the round,
    the report also puzzles me a little. Especially the 9-5 is a super reliable quality mobile. Of course there are Monday cars; also in our ranks. However, that more sources of error should be found in this car, as functioning parts you can confidently call a fairy tale or even slander.
    Now my 9-5er is six years younger than the model in the report. However, mine has a higher mileage. People do not let anyone tell you. The 9-5 is a great hit, especially in the 2.3l version. The Swedish colleague should have gone to service in between. Even the best car needs proper care / maintenance.
    Have a nice evening for you all.

  • 11. March 2015 at 9: 47 AM

    A Monday car is everywhere. I turn the tables and say that the high reliability of Swedish automobiles and at this point SAAB, was the reason for lack of economic success. While other manufacturers with spare parts earn stupid and dumb, SAAB had only an average business. If my colleagues moan that at 30.000 km the brake pads are over and at 60.000 km the brake discs, then on the cars probably Audi or VW on it. That's the case at Daimler too. BMW has inexplicable Elektronikdefete, etc ... on my SAAB I had to replace the front brake discs only at 210.000 km. Others already had a new car out of spare parts ...

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