Saab became a passion and a distinct hobby

A beautiful Saab Story, with great pictures comes from Matthias. Does the age of the vehicles matter? Not really, if you look after them. Because Saab has delivered good quality. The prerequisite for a long and happy relationship.

Saab 9-3 and Bauhaus. Good design meets good design.
Saab 9-3 and Bauhaus. Good design meets good design.

Saab accompanies us this year exactly 20 years and started it with a Saab 900 S - Mod. 1992. After massive problems with various Opel Astra, it was time for an alternative.

My wife was already of the opinion or infected that a Saab 900 but would be an ingenious vehicle. She had always told and raved about a black 900 convertible with red leather upholstery, which her piano teacher was already driving many years ago.

I was not that enthusiastic at the time, though I liked the 900-II quite well in terms of design and performance. I also had the first two Saab 900-II brochures at home and approached the Tollhättan brand.

The 900-er of the first generation I felt in direct comparison in terms of design, etc. as outdated and antiquated. I was later given a lesson and am more than happy today.

Saab 900S - Mod. 1992

In the midst of the "Opel Passion" I eventually saw a second hand used car display in the car engine and sports - an 900 S in white, 3 years old and only 50.000 km run was very close to the sale. Knowing that this 900 was not at the top of my hit list, I made a test drive appointment and immediately took the checkbook with me. My wife just wanted to go for a test drive - you can only look, but not immediately buy, was her credo. I was determined to jump over my shadow. If the car appeals to me, I would also like to make nails with heads.

I made my nails with heads and we drove home with the 900. By the way - the previous owners would not have the 4. Child, the Saab would never have been sold. That spoke for itself, did not it?

The car was in good condition, not overly equipped, but really handsome and ok for me - it was just different than anything I ever knew. Maybe that was the charm at the time.

I quickly noticed the advantages of the turbo engine - a lot of power in the lower rev range, very elastic - the very good seats, the heating and not least the huge trunk. I did not miss the Astra station wagon after it was returned due to gross defects in Opel.

The Saab virus was supposed to hit full throttle from then on, because I was very fond of the car and started to get more into the cars from Trollhättan. Not least with the book by Anders Tunberg: "Saab 900 - A Swedish History".

Saab 96V4 - Mod. 1975

In the 90 years we also had in the family a VW Dehler bus, with which we spent many great holidays in Scandinavia.

So also 1997 - in the 50sten Saab year. We accidentally drove the Saab Rally / North Cape at the same time and encountered a wide variety of Saab models every day - old 93 and 96-ers, sonnets, 900-ers etc.

Lightheartedly, my wife started at some point - according to the motto: "Do you buy me such a 96-er?". That was the saying that accompanied us through the holiday - just for fun.

With this kind of thing, it just does not make fun of me! In the meantime, I also liked the older Saabs very well, so I kept reading 1997 in vintage magazines again and again in the fall and read the Saab used car ads very carefully. Finally, I found a Saab 96V4 near Darmstadt, built in 1975.

With my brother-in-law, I drove secretly to Darmstadt and bought the 96-er, which was then a surprise for my wife.

The 96 needed some more welding work done the following year. Then he got straightaway TÜV - until today without any problems. I still remember the then TÜV Examiner - a stocky man, late 50, with a North German accent in the language (and the Swabians in the south).

I stood there with the 96-er and in the next row a Honda Civic Coupe with a young lad in it, who looked at the 96-he slightly obliquely from the side. Then the TÜV inspector enthusiastically from the 96-he to him: "Min Jung, the car was already uff the Stroße, because you have not even in the diaper geschgesch ...." - That was the laughter par excellence and to this day much like quoted ,

Yes, the 96 may sound bizarre, but it is still a car that I like to take to work in addition to the Sunday exits - because it's just nice on the road and relatively comfortable. From time to time, it does not hurt to give up such beloved features as power steering, etc.

Saab 96 - Mod. 1962 and Saab 9-3 Anniversary Mod. 2002

The years later, there were other Saabs added: an 96 2 clock in the year 1998, imported from Sweden, which I sold, however, before completion for lack of time again.

Then another 9-3 Anniversary, built in 2002 with the beautiful 185 PS machine in the year 2006.

Converting to LPG did not do the 9-3 any good - it simply did not work for a variety of reasons, so the converter finally bought the car so I could get rid of the problem.

Saab 9-5 Aero SportCombi - Mod. 2004

In 2008 was then a red 9 5 Aero SportCombi, built 2004, added - a still great car with lots of power, great seats, extremely good long-distance comfort and a great towing vehicle.

The 9-5 has accompanied us as a very faithful towing vehicle during the home-building phase, has not been spared and cared for almost 2 years and still runs great today. The next projects on the 9-5 will be the removal of the first rust and the rear axle, otherwise the car has absolutely nothing.

Saab 900 S Convertible - Mod. 1992

After the house was completed, but soon after "again a project" - and what could be better than a "Saab project"?

Adapted to the available resources, it became a "900 convertible" with a vehicle that stood outdoors for many years and looked accordingly - roof torn, cockpit torn, leather seats run down, dirty inside and out, and the paint matt and covered with moss and algae ,

In summer 2012, the convertible was then prepared with much love and a few replacement and new parts - the paint cleaned and polished a whole weekend. Amazing for us was what you could still get out of the paint without having to paint the car right now - that's what quality looks like!

The engine also needed some interventions, but in the fall of last year, the project was declared completed. The black 900 convertible is extremely fun to drive - a breeze blowing in your nose in such a great classic - what more could you want?

Saab 9-3 Aero TTiD SportCombi - Mod. 2010

Throughout the years, we have remained faithful to our first Saab, the white 900. He was one of our everyday vehicles until 2013.

In the meantime, this Saab has some places that you have to fix again - the usual suspects just: headliner, drive shaft tunnel, wheel arches and doors. This will be the next project for 2015 / 2016. After a broken ignition distributor while driving before 2 years, this project becomes inevitable. The white 900 should be prepared and maintained properly, because this was the first Saab ever with us.

As a replacement for the 900 and as an everyday car 2013 a very beautiful Saab 9 3 Aero TTiD SportCombi, model 2010, was acquired in the spring - discovered by a dealer in Dresden. The 9-3 inspired me immediately from the ad - I just had to look at it and have it. I flew to Dresden and struck after the test drive.

This 9-3 is an almost fully equipped Aero with the then available TX package, sunroof, automatic, Navi with Bose system, e-seats, etc. - a great Saab, which also provides a lot of driving pleasure.

Unfortunately, the 9-3 was hit by a heavy hailstorm in the summer 2013. Calculating the car was as good as total loss. I was very sorry for the beautiful car and so I looked for ways to repair the car as efficiently and inexpensively. Fortunately, I found what I was looking for in Sweden - a car recycler had many very new and well-preserved Saabs on the farm, which could only be sold in parts.

That was my chance. Together with my friend and Saab Partner of Trust from Tübingen I went to Sweden. We were able to get all the 4 doors, bonnet and fenders, taillights and trim from an 2008 Saab 9-3 in carbon-gray metallic. In addition, we have found some parts for his and our older Saabs on different junkyards.

The parts were replaced on the 9-3 on a Saturday and then the roof was pressed, troweled and painted. The result was enormous - there were no color differences between original and replacement parts and the newly painted roof - just perfect. As a "reward" there was then a deer performance upgrade on top, so that the 9-3 is now even more fun to drive.

Oh dear, that has been a long Saab story - and frankly, there is much more to tell. Finally, I can only say that as long as it is possible, my Saabs drive, maintain and maintain. Because there are not really many alternatives to the whole automotive monotony, especially in Greater Stuttgart - and it's also great when Saab drivers greet each other in traffic ...

The projects around Saab will most likely (hopefully) not go out so fast - hm, an 9000 he would still be an asset ... or an 900 Vollturbo ... I think he was back - the Saab virus - cure excluded ,

Många hälsningar - many Saab greetings and good reads to all readers.

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  • Saab and Bauhaus, that fits and is exactly my taste!

    Great story, great cars, Saab!

  • Have only seen a comparable vehicle in Sweden in an online portal so far. I have never met another on the street.
    And that's what made my wish for this 9-3 soar when I saw it on

  • Yes, I absolutely agree with the 900 facelift. I feel the same way - find the “oblique schnauzers” extremely successful.

  • As far as I know, this was the last model year in which the chrome bumpers were still installed - from 1976 there were then the “beautiful” rubber bumpers.

  • Nice cars!

    But didn't a 96 Bj 75 have a different bumper? One that not everyone likes ;-) ...

    Most of the consequences of a facelift are discussed controversially or unanimously perceived as a distortion.

    Think of the chrome glasses of the 9-5 *, which I like personally, but which, from the point of view of some, are a wicked break with the originally crispy and elegant objectivity of the predecessor ...

    Or just think of the bumpers, black plastic grilles, turn signals, taillights and interior fittings that Saab and Volvo did in '73, '74 and '75 on their bodies, which were drawn in the 60s at the latest. An old and a new world literally collided ...

    I find it fascinating that the first 900 actually looked more and more modern and last but not least the best. There are only a few other examples of such sophisticated model design.

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