Pictures from Trollhättan & Saab press

Saab fans from Hamburg visited Trollhättan on the weekend. A visit to the factory is obligatory for souvenir pictures in the most beautiful early spring weather. It gets really exciting when you meet a development engineer from NEVS ...

Saab factory in the winter sun
Saab factory in the winter sun

Who is traveling with one of the last 138 vehicles, for a good reason but does not want to see a picture of his Saab on the blog. Because the equipment of the China vehicles differs from the European versions, the conversion of the sedans is still running.

His message for us is clear - and positive. Asked about the Fröberg article on the subject Saab / Mahindra he advises to forget this. In clearer words than what I write on the blog. He sees the current situation of NEVS calmly optimistic and better than it is portrayed in the media. The message at first hand is optimism about the current situation. Captured on Friday in front of the Saab main portal ... I pass it on without evaluation.

The pictures, taken in the best weather in Sweden, paint a picture of normality. Saab prototypes and pre-production vehicles are still on one site at ANA; A 2014 Aero can be viewed in the press center. If you didn't know the current situation, you might think that everything would be fine. Nevertheless, the pictures are beautiful - and balm for our Saab souls. So we show impressions from Saab city on the blog.

Because we just had the topic of the press and careful handling of it - two more publications on the Saab topic.

Saab 900 Cabriolet in Playboy

Saab 900 in Playboy.
Saab 900 in Playboy.

The Playboy has discovered the Saab 900 convertible, Matthias and Raimund emailed me the information. The current story is topic in the March issue, the owner of the Cabriolet is development engineer at the Ingolstadt car brand. He sympathetically demonstrates good automotive taste with his love for Saab.

Saab market analysis

The Autobild Classic has analyzed the stagnant performance around the Saab classics. It's all about the 900, whose flight has come to an end for the time being.

Market analysis in the Autobild Klassik.
Market analysis in the Autobild Klassik.

In principle, what the author writes is correct. However, we are closer to the action with our blogs, so there are a few comments on the topic as a supplement. Our analysis of the current situation, with the experiences of Saab partners and fans, comes this week on our Saab Youngtimer & Classic Blog.

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  • Are there tough dogs? Will definitely come from winter. There has to be something like a “deep Saab”, like the deep state where you just keep going. Maybe if necessary hobbyistically, or something is threaded with the old connections, or something. Is it somehow logical, or has one of you seen pictures of suicidal Saab workers, or pictures of fitters who are now digging coal (although they probably exist)? And even if you work at Volvo, you can ... in your free time.

    So, the people are still there, and once Saab (ianer), always Saab (ianer) :-))

  • Now I'm not so Saab knowledgeable in detail. Who is ANA and why are there still 9-5 NG around?

  • blank

    Search for Saab 9-5 Aero Kombi Bj 2/2006 the deer rims aluminum 18 ″ rims on 225/40/18.

  • Don't think that the normal NEVS employee knows so many details of the negotiations ...

  • blank

    It's interesting. Trolltown should be shivering about their jobs and looking for another employer. But still on positive. Can not be that hopeless.

  • blank

    The development engineer is loyal to his employer. He does not reveal more. It's okay too.
    Why I am supposed to think NOW positively, does not open to me, since the production definitely rests
    SAAB also makes me z. "Trouble" at the moment: Particle filter would like to be changed and the transmission reports .... :-(
    Compared to Trollhättan, these are “manageable” € that change hands!

  • blank

    Well, positive that sounds, but I really do not know if I believe what the Nevs man there or not

  • blank

    “(...) for good reason but doesn't want to see a picture of his Saab on the blog. Because the equipment of the China vehicles (...) ”

    That's mean. You get very, very curious and it stimulates the imagination ...

    Perhaps the China version is one that makes Europeans' toenails so high that they immediately turn away from NEVS and loudly demand a premature end to the reconstruction so that SAAB may still retain a glimpse of the rest of the dignity in the grave?

    I hope not, but as I said, the passage stimulates the imagination (and raises fears).

    • In general, you shouldn't expect too much from NEVS. The statement by the NEVS engineer should also be viewed with caution. Talking badly about your own employer? - You don't do that in public. I think time has already shown that you have to keep the expectations regarding NEVS very low. Somehow you notice the excessive demands.

    • Yes, really mean.

      • Oh, like that speakerphone? Or did you bolt the navigation system onto the dashboard with Fischer dowels ... uh ... doweled?

        • For China, Nameless dowels are enough, they do not have to be from Fischer.

        • That was not fair now. Is already a real NAVI and on the China side of NEVS to look at.

          • That's right - it looks good on the website. The descriptions and comments raised the fear of worse. I have to row back ...

      • blank

        Navi? That's unspectacular!

        But also very reassuring to know. Thanks for the enlightenment.

        I was already thinking of red seats with golden dragons, huge spoilers, golden grill and door handles. You have seen many things like that and worse at Chinese auto shows ...

  • The 9-5 is just great. First built in 2010 (the design is probably about 4 years older) and it still looks great. Scandinavian, simple, timeless design with a touch of modernity. For me personally it is a bit too big, would have gladly taken the next 9-3 ...

    • I have to agree (not only have to, can and even want to). Nothing about the car seems in the slightest out of style - for the fact that it was introduced in 2009 (!) And that you can deduct at least 3 years of development time.

      I recently had a ride - inside, too, everything looks like it is made of one piece, simply classically chic.

  • I think one picture shows one of the 2 9-5NG hatchbacks. That would have been a worthy successor to the 9-3 I and certainly one of my favorites.

    • It is not. There are more pictures (still on the blog) as that is clearly visible. Unfortunately.

  • the 9-5 he looks ... somehow different from the proportions.
    Or an imagination?

    • Yes, imagination! Trollhättan has been under a fantastic winter sun for the last few days, everything is positive and we have decided to take this atmosphere home with us. The 9-5 is M 2011 and “full hut” as they say, so full equipment. There won't be a trip to Trollhättan in a VW or BMW for us. Why also!

  • In other words, Mr. Fröberg wrote perfect crap in this case. Actually rather with Mr. Fröberg otherwise not the case, right?

    • I think that in this case there is not one truth, but several. Depending on the interest group, press, blogs and employees are provided with information. The real truth is probably the intersection of it all.

      • What in and of itself is an oath of disclosure in terms of information work - to tell each group what they like to hear. The intersection between “Mahindra is out” and “Mahindra is not out” is rather manageable. Or is it simply the much-cited Swedish composure and stoic behind it?

        • This is the result of secrecy, as we have always known from NEVS. Let's remember the subject of engines. We have a supplier - but don't tell anyone who it is. And so it continues. OEM A and B, contract manufacturers A and B ... Speculations are positively fueled.
          The question is whether Mahindra was ever right in how deep and binding the talks are / were. With our Swedish serenity (we have, too, or

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