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Much has been written about the upcoming Apple iCar in the last few days. Speculation and fantasy are in the air ... an exciting topic. What Apple is preparing is nothing less than an upheaval that will completely transform the auto industry.

iCar and Apple Power Book G4
iCar and Apple Power Book G4

This is not an article in the traditional sense of the word that deals with what Apple is doing now. It's about the future, about consequences and opportunities. About the revolution. In order to understand why it is going to happen, let's approach the subject in a logical way. To get started, let's talk about the products that made Apple great.

My first computer didn't come from Apple, but from Siemens. A thing like a typewriter ... let's forget about it very quickly. The successor was an Apple and the first in a long line. About Lisa, countless Macintosh, Mac II LC, Power Mac and so on, the affinity continues to this day; in January there were two new Mac Book Pros.

Granted, Microsoft and Linux boxes were always found in my environment. Always only as a supplement and out of necessity, because there are applications that do not run on a Mac. How does it come that Apple is the preferred brand?

My relationship with computers is unsentimental, and the answer is simple: productivity.

Apple was never cheap, in the 80s a Lisa cost as much as a small Mercedes. For the high price, the Californian company delivered the world's first computer with a graphical user interface and mouse control. A first-class productivity tool - and it has remained so to this day. And that is what it is about.

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Simple, intuitive operation, robust and valuable hardware, good, timeless design. A Mac has always been better and more sophisticated than what was invented beyond Cupertino. You could call it more serious.

If Apple - used to high profits - mixes with the comparatively low-income automakers, then they have a problem. Because Apple doesn't come just to play along. The signs stand up:


The automotive industry is a linear business. So far ! It is developing continuously. One more feature, a few horsepower, a little more chrome and quality in the interior, a pollutant class better. Adjusted for equipment, the successor is then slightly cheaper than the predecessor. You say. It goes from generation to generation. No manufacturer has shown the right courage to innovate or take risks for years. The industry threatens to suffocate because large corporations dominate the market. The trend is turning with the debut of alternative drives. The market of the future is fragmented. Yamaha wants to go back to the small car business with both electric cars and conventional drives - interestingly from Europe. Borgward plans the comeback, Google and Apple are coming.

Let's fly the thoughts on Apple iCar and grab some topics.

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Car sharing 2.0

Car sharing is boring, but it's the future for manufacturers. They think linearly again and think that it is done with a box somewhere waiting for someone to want to drive it. An app that communicates this is seen as the real innovation. Carsharing customers probably don't have much fun with it, because what they drive is not their car. Just some kind of box, rented for a short time. Sure right?

Not in the future. Apple users save the configuration of their personal iCars in their Apple identity. Your very personal iCar will then be available via car sharing anywhere in the world, anywhere on the planet. Music and ambience the way you like it. The digital cockpit as you have configured it, responsiveness and driving characteristics as preferred. A retro iCar that drives like a 1984 Saab 900 Turbo? Or would you prefer a 2011 Saab 9-5 today because the family is there? No problem. The app delivers sound and driving experience. Just bloggers spinning?

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Not at all! Part of it is already a reality today. Simulations cover reality. Sporty models simulate sound in the interior, and Tesla is already delivering the simulation of a conventional converter automatic. Because the customer wants that. And that is just the beginning.

Attack on the last refuge

The last place in the world that is halfway free of computers was the car. A place of freedom, a few square meters of habitat, where people can listen to music they love and with which they can travel wherever they want. A living room on wheels and a promise of freedom at the same time.

The refuge is in danger; in a few years it won't be what it was. So far the attack has been hesitant. Which is not due to a lack of feasibility, but to the inability of manufacturers who do not see open markets. Spotify and Apple Car Play are considered innovations in their circles, the word firewall has yet to be learned. This would mean that the vehicles of a southern German manufacturer would not be helpless at the mercy of any hacker attack.

In the future, we're streaming huge amounts of data, and Google is talking about a few terabytes per minute as we drive. What comes will interfere with our lives.

The iCar will direct us to the health food store 200 meters further before we turn to the drive in with the golden M. In contrast to us, it does not forget our BMI, and the fact that we invest too little in our health in principle was revealed to the rolling apple by the fitness bracelet. At the same time, the insurance app checks whether we have driven too fast again and whether we have finally lost our online no-claims discount.

The in-laws in the back seat are notified of the risk of thrombosis after 2 hours, and the environmental app measures our personal CO2 footprint. And because we're stuck in traffic again, the iCar rebooks our missed flight to Gothenburg to a later date and streams the latest House of Cards season on our screen while we wait.

It all sounds exciting, but it won't be fun if you consider the consequences. Even if Apple may take the protection of privacy seriously, a corresponding statement was only made a few days ago; our traces are so obvious that nothing will remain hidden.

Preferred routes, preferred travel times. With the appropriate infrastructure, the iCar will park its own vehicle and pick us up again with an air-conditioned interior at the location of our choice.

Because the iCar, like the Google Self Driving Project, streams large amounts of data, its operation requires the right infrastructure and its protection. The revolution will come. It needs new server capacities, high investments, and it comes through metropolitan areas and megacities.

Autonomous driving…

is the future. The congestion in the metropolitan regions is not avoided, but the passenger is relieved. Why cling senselessly to the steering wheel if you could be productive during this time?

Robot cars from Google are already taking over, the Google project completely dispenses with the steering wheel. The vehicles mix in California in the normal city traffic, the behavior is indistinguishable from conventional cars. Remarkable.

Auto industry 2.0 will beat 1.0. Why this is so, about the chances for designers and the consequences of the development I write on Friday in the second part.

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  • “(...) find buyers. And that's all that matters ”

    If the world were black and white and this was the only valid yardstick, SAAB would never have built a good car and Mc Donald's would be a gourmet temple.

    I know what economic success and political assertiveness are.

    Both are by no means proportional to the participation of those who enable, finance or even cheer for this.

    I myself use Apple. It is the multitude of completely distanceless users who make me, with their thoroughly world-moving quantity and quality, much more scared than the company itself.

    Apple will do what is feasible and that's what the rest of the world can do - not just technical.

  • Dear Mr. Hürsch,
    Apple is the best example of how products that polarize can be successful. Personally, I do not like the new iWatch, but I'm sure she'll find her buyers. And that's what it's all about.

  • wow what feedback. I think your article is pretty good too. However, I haven't been a huge fan since 2012. At 33 I was able to follow the whole development. I also have 2 partitions ... depending on the software. However ... meanwhile I think things are worse, with every update there is no turning back ... things no longer seem pro ... but rather simple.
    And where the whole journey leads you can see quite well in films like “Her”. People become more anti-social ... selfie addicts ... etc.
    No matter ... but what is much more important to me is the fact that everything that has been built to date does not aim to be durable ...
    Electronic devices are not build to last ...

    that's how the Project Ara starts.
    The designer from Holland got a mega support.
    For everyone who is interested ... just google Phoneblocks.
    Speaking of googling ... Google Ara also works with him.
    They have a test run in Puertio Rico this year ...

    I'm finally waiting for something, for a very, very long time. Then in the foreseeable future the Ara Project from google and also Motorola would make such a boom .. that will completely change the world. The app store will also be a hardware store ... so everyone can customize their cell phone, laptop, whatever, and if something breaks, take it out ... put it in - done.

    I'm curious ... the apple won't be that attractive anymore, bet?

    The future is ara!

  • That's exactly what it's all about - Apple was actually a real underdog and despite first-class hardware combined with stable and problem-free software, few people dared to use this other system. In contrast to Saab, at some point more and more people understood that the purchase price alone is not decisive whether something is good or not - so that today nobody comes up with the idea of ​​calling Apple an underdog. The current product line is still not for everyone and so you are still looking for a laptop with a TatschSchirm in vain in the assortment of the bitten apple. And the products still polarize - when has someone got so upset about an expensive gimmick? Or about missing interfaces or or? Unfortunately, Saab never achieved a breakthrough with a critical mass, although there were a number of ingenious approaches - such as the CombiCoupe with more space and better loadability than traditional station wagons, or the Trionic. What both have in common is the user-centered and task-oriented operating concept: I hate it when I have to read manuals first to cope with standard tasks ...

  • "(...) and love the analogy Mac vs PC with Saab vs Rest of the World."

    What a strange perception. Rest of the world?

    Yes, it was truly huge and overpowering in the case of SAAB. Above all, because each and every one of the direct competitors alone was enough to demonstrate SAAB's dwarfish size.

    In the world of computers, it looks the other way around. Which of the many PC manufacturers that need to divide the market beyond OS X, please approach even close to Apple's economic size?

    Rest of the world? Silly!

    Does Cook convey the impression that he is working in modest circumstances on technical revolutions?

    And what came to his mind in his Garage Ingenious? A new MacBook in tasteless gold and silver and a watch for up to 12.000 $, which looks like the gumball machine. WOW, what an underdog.

    The man is laughing to sleep at night. He laughs the most about all who love him and Apple.

  • Take a look at the profit margins of the world's largest advertising agency.


  • This is even more scary. A few years ago, I met a woman with Saab 9-5 at the Saab dealer, and the car had a clutch, and I ask her if it pulls well, and we chat, and it comes out:

    -We (including her husband, fair enough) of course drive both Saab
    -We both used NeXTStep, a crazy exotic operating system that had become MacOSX at the time of the call.
    We both had a Lipizzan, which is really one of the rarest breeds of horses.

    Oh, and in fact I knew her husband, if only by name (Professor of Computer Science).

  • Great, the EiCar in the photos of Tom. That fits so well with the topic 🙂

  • Electronics and computers have no place in a car in excess! Even if it was a film, I am a Robot with Will Smith in an Ingolstadt car showed what too much artificial (man-made) intelligence could / would lead to. Filling a car or even a truck with electronic systems that relieve the driver of any action not only carries the risk of getting out of control (be it from the outside as manipulation or from the inside as a mistake), but also that the driver does not notice it and fully relied on it. Have we not seen this happen in some aircraft accidents (Air France Airbus Brazil-Paris?)? Or what about thieves? The systems (anti-theft alarm systems including immobilizers) are cracked today by professionals within seconds. Old cars like our Saabs that are 15 years and older, that didn't have something like that and rather had mechanical locks (which took a lot of time to crack) (think of the gear lock on the 901 etc.) or simple electrical locks (battery switch hidden somewhere built on the outside, normal ZV without radio key etc ...
    Regarding Apple: The company has hardly produced anything innovative since Steve Jobs' death. (The Iphone was still planned by Jobs) Should that be different in the next few years and also in the automotive sector? In terms of battery technology, perhaps in favor of e-mobility. Only then are there other leading manufacturers such as Sanyo and Co, who cooperate with manufacturers from other sectors such as the entertainment industry, whether from Japan, China, Europe or the USA. But Apple wants to compete rather than cooperate and what that leads to, we have seen impressively enough over the past 30 years. Not to mention which and how many resources are consumed and ultimately pollute the environment….

  • I think so too.
    When my Iphone blesses the temporal, there is definitely no new one. My daughter, soon to be 12 years old, keeps telling me when a car, one with as little electronics as possible ...
    That makes me hopeful, that the next generation wants to completely deliver itself to the technology and will!

  • What for? Braun has long had a toothbrush with Bluetooth and App

  • Ahh Apple vs Saab - provocative and polarizing.
    I myself have also been using Macs since "ancient times" and love the analogy Mac vs PC with Saab vs the rest of the world. In my opinion, the problem with Saab is that with the arrival of GM, the same trend can be observed as with Apple in the 90s: if possible, the egg-laying woolly milk pig and something for everyone and every drawer at low prices - but that would almost have been it for Apple. Fortunately, a Mr Jobs then came back from a trip on an adventure with a niche product (which was certainly far ahead of its time) and decided to throw a monitor with a computer on the market - scandalously with no floppy disk drive and a hitherto completely ignored / unknown interface called USB. Fortunately, it was such a great success that he was able to assert himself with his ideas and then instigate one revolution after another. When Apple really gets into the car market, I expect nothing else than a unique user experience that either fits or doesn't. But there is certainly no room for a Saab logo. By the way, I am convinced that the Phoenix concept would have had exactly what it takes to become such a revolution without the wing stuff: a lot of variable space, handy and light, polarized and doesn't fit into any drawer - it's a shame that nothing came of it. And somehow there is still a bit of a revolution in the existing Saabs ...

  • Wonderful article! THANK YOU Tom!
    Brontosaurus and Co. have also “disappeared”…. 😉
    I would be happy about optimizing (with and without a car, etc.) in mobility! I do not have to own everything. I think sharing is enjoyable!
    At the latest after your article I know exactly, why I avoid the Internet as ordering medium for 97%! 🙂
    My ambition: the 3% are still too much!
    Sunny day still!

  • @red99
    Nice comment! I probably belong to the old-timer, I just exceeded the age limit and my SAAB are almost all of age.
    Tom also wrote the article provocatively.
    However, I haven't believed for a long time that affinity to the digital world can be seen in relation to age. After a long period of preparation, we introduced a digital internal information system into our company two years ago that extends into all areas of the company. During the preparatory votes, it was extremely interesting to look at the voting behavior in relation to age - they have little to do with each other.
    When I see my daughter and her group in relation to cars, I actually find no interest in the “rolling error messages” crammed with electronics, it doesn't seem to appeal to them at all.
    The youth lives in their networked smartphone world (social networks) and only needs the AUX socket. The car does not have to be modern and smartphones have nothing to do with the interest in digital technology.
    I also think the SAAB-Apple connection only applies to externals. In the daily and especially technical areas, Apple quickly falls by the wayside. Compared to a vehicle, Apple can only drive on highways and main roads - now the Apple faction would certainly like to stone me 🙂.
    In our tests, we quickly landed back at WIN and have weather-resistant highly stable computer of a Japanese manufacturer, the Apple devices in the battery life by far beat.
    SAAB agreed with external and internal values.

  • Fortunately, the profit screw is a foreign word at Apple. It's good that there is such a non-profit group ...

    Seriously, if the position of the profit screw was an infallible indicator of the kindness or maliciousness of the intentions a company has, then I do not even want to think about what Apple is up to.

  • Yep, if we're honest, conventional manufacturers no longer stand for “innovation”. It will only be optimized on an already ancient product - that is to say, also on the profit screw. This will continue to work until a new, completely different innovation appears on the market.

  • Mobility with diesel or gasoline-powered vehicles as we have been practicing them will be impossible or at least unjustifiable in a few decades. It may still work in the countryside, certainly not in the big cities.

    Autonomous driving prevents congestion, saves resources. We will get to our destination faster, more comfortable and cheaper. What will eventually be developed in the near future and where the journey is going, can hardly be estimated. However, resisting development would be to insist on a status quo that has long been an anachronism.

    The question is not whether new mobility solutions have to come, but how they are designed and by whom. I trust Apple 1000 times more than the auto industry. The conventional car manufacturers remind me more of the famous saying of the old Kaiser Wilhelm: “I believe in the horse. The automobile is a temporary phenomenon."

  • Well, it has two sides like everything in life. For some drivers it would be advantageous to be fully automatic. Then they could continue to devote themselves to their smartphone undisturbed, instead of paying attention to the traffic. Those who already do that endanger themselves and other road users considerably.

    For me, autonomous driving would not be an option. But just as you get older, it might be interesting, because then my eyesight and motor skills will subside. After all, I would still be mobile, a driver's license you need for these autonomously moving boxes certainly not right? They do everything independently, no driver's license will be necessary, because nothing is done.

  • Interesting reactions to the article! The reassuring thing about the journey into the future is that everyone can (still) freely decide how far they want to go. There are people who voluntarily put a Jawbone Fitness Tracker on their wrist. Very few consumers really think about how pronounced the digital trace should be. The iCar is just the consequence of a development that began with smartphones.

  • According to Handelsblatt, the average age of new car buyers is around 53 years. The development will continue to go to the older customer. For 2020, an average age of 55 years is expected. These customers are usually everything, but not digital natives. Many are already overwhelmed by today's parking aids, not to speak of the technically already possible wizard.
    The youngtimer scene is growing steadily, more and more people want to consciously use technology that they can still begin to understand. More and more electronics are frightening many, the effects up to the transparent consumer is no longer a dystopia, but a reality or near future.
    There will be a clear countermovement here. This will be perceived by the technology listeners as age obsession. Even if I'm not in the age of today's new car buyers, I feel rather this group listening.
    Many already consider it a premature form of old-age obsession that I still drive Saab.

  • If you really want to do this in the future at Apple, we will all become pawns. Sure, we are already due to the influence of the media, but is it necessary to reinforce it? The examples that Tom gave with the pharmacy and the gold M and the health food store are very nice - but do we really need them? There you can see into the time of the Enlightenment. Immanuel Kant said “Sapre aude”. Have the courage to use your own reason. At that time people were “forced” to use his mind. But what are we doing today? We let our minds “take away” We get involved in cars that can drive independently. Those who “decide” about our lives. Technology makes a huge head start, BUT mankind is more likely to suffer a setback.

  • Well ... I don't know if it makes sense if we switch to electric motors. I fear that the production, use and, above all, disposal of all this technology harms the environment more than it protects it.

  • I see it the same way…. And as far as Apple is concerned, it would be nice if you would think about important things again, the OS only got worse after 10.6 at the latest. And now the Apple watch ... when will the Apple toothbrush come with WiFi?

  • Hallo,

    For me it is exactly the opposite. The 3d SAAB logo graces my Mc Book Air. Looks really good. Apple and Saab? That would fit. But the total networking and the reliance on algorithms is a bit too far. Otherwise: great article.



  • The article was created without any reference to NEVS, just on a whim and because it's an interesting topic. It could indeed give an Apple link to Trollhättan, because NEVS wants to use the factory as contract manufacturer. If you believe the lawyers, then there are prospects and there should have been great progress in this direction.

  • Shit, and I thought I was the only one with the Apple logo on the car ...

    Thought me something very special. I'm just one of many. But hey, I'm part of a larger whole. Even a global whole. A world movement. Is not that great?

    Seriously, in fact, I use Apple, but the accessory stickers spoil with me nicely in any drawer. Otherwise, no sticker comes to my SAAB.

    And back to irony: Yes, if Apple spent armbands and flags, that would be something else. The former I would proudly carry in the sting step through the area and the latter I would salute every morning and evening, after I hoisted them in front of my house or before I catch them at sunset.

     

    March, march! ! !

  • Funny argument, because the electric motor is almost 200 years old ...

  • I guess not that there is a connection between Apple and Saab. NEVS is supposedly negotiating with 2 automakers from Asia. Thank god, Apple is not an automaker and not from Asia. The thought of an iSaab awakens everything but happiness

  • Thank you Tom for this article that is balm for my soul. I now ask, quite hypocritically: Isn't it perhaps very realistic Saab reasons to bring Apple into play right now? Do you want to prepare us for upcoming news from Trollhättan, which I hardly dared hope for? The secrecy of NEVS is definitely comparable to that of Apple and may have its cause in Cupertino ...

    The only thing I would find a pity in such a development would be that then probably no iSAAB would be developed, but an AppleCar. But good, after all Made in Trollhättan

  • I wrote that to Mercedes opinion the other day on Facebook:

    To the rumors that Apple is building a car, and the reaction of the Daimler chief, who said they had invented the car and Apple underestimated the difficulties:

    There have already been some people who have said that with other products. Sometimes they do not even have a job anymore. Some remarks about the car smell:
    - If Apple builds a car, then certainly an electric car. Daimler has less experience with them.
    -I wouldn't be surprised if Apple tackles this because they have made a breakthrough in battery technology or are close to it. Daimler, on the other hand, recently sold its battery plant, in which conventional batteries were built. A complete misjudgment of the importance that batteries have for electric cars. “Can we buy in” Really? But only if Toyota, GM or Apple are willing to sell them a new, superior generation of batteries. And at Apple I say: no, because as experts in batteries they have recognized that these are “key assets”.
    -Apples _Bar_reserven enough to buy Daimler one and a half times. The financing of the development of a car can operate the hobbyist. Just because.
    -The rumors are currently that Apple already has 1000 people on the project. If you buy another factory now, such as the Saab factory in Trollhättan (they are having problems again), they can start working as soon as the batteries are there.
    And the great thing (for Apple), and something that Daimler can not do: if they really invent new batteries that technologically have such a big lead, they can not only dominate the market of electric cars, but also equip their portable devices and to teach the competition the fear.
    - Is it a mistake for Apple to invest billions in battery research? Even if it is a key technology? Only for cell phones and laptops probably not. But for 1000 times more batteries in cars: yes.

    Speculative? Yeah yeah I believe, however, that 1. where there is smoke, there is also fire, and 2. Apple only does this if they have a convincing “Unique Selling Point”, which I believe can only be found in the battery technology.

    Well, we will see.

    Addition: I should mention one ulterior motive that I had in my deliberations. After Apple has only installed standard components in the PC area for years, and is essentially limited to the packaging, it can be seen with iOS devices that Apple is actively developing. Examples of this are the Ax processors and the graphic parts in them, which are now pretty much leading, sapphire glass production (but that's where things are currently stuck), “Liquid Metal”, the further developments in the built-in cameras, etc.

    An article series on the topic that I read recently said that with these developments, Apple managed to influence the market for mobile processors in such a way that several other providers dropped out of the high-performance variants because it no longer rewards the further development. Therefore, the competitors now have problems even to develop top telephones. The same applies to the graphics components. The author of this series then said, next Apple could develop the communication chip for the iPhones themselves, they are currently still buying. With this they could shift the market power here as well.

    These are key components to the performance of these phones. And another key component is just the batteries. So it's easy to assume that Apple could also try to become self-sufficient there and above all to gain a competitive edge over its competitors, which they could also hugely secure through patents. Better than software stuff.

  • One more thing: This is not due to the incidence of the car manufacturer. If the customers wanted such cars, they would already exist if they could.

    But what does a car mean? Autonomy, and interception of extreme situations. In other words, I want to use it when alternatives do not work (the train is on strike, it is raining, the route is too far to walk, I have a cold, I do not feel like stinking neighbors), and the way I want ( the refrigerator from Saturn, the whole family to Sardinia, etc).

    Due to the lack of EXISTENCE of suitable batteries, the above is not possible, more or less at no price in the world. It's just a bitch. Yes, I almost come to eg from Munich to Wuppertal, but the range is not enough. Yes, I could pull a trailer from the weight, but only until the gearage exit. yes, I can really board, but only from Cologne to Dusseldorf, etc. And always remember the timely reload.

    Too many, but the biggest one is: I would, BUT I do not have that much money (battery cost, brutal).

    I've already said it here. Should Apple have cracked the battery problem and really can build about three times more energy-dense batteries than the others, they would detonate an automobile bomb and at the same time press all the competitors on mobile devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones on the wall.

  • interesting thoughts !!!

    One addition: With autonomous vehicles, congestion times can be avoided altogether. Traffic jams are largely caused by delays of individual vehicles against each other. Just imagine, 1000 cars are stuck in traffic and accelerate to 130 km / h at the same time. Then after about 20 seconds or so, the entire jam 130 and is no longer with it. This is not possible nowadays because people can not handle that with the same time and safety margins.

    Autonomous vehicles can communicate with each other, with traffic centers, and they no longer need great safety distances.

  • What is 100 years old does not have to be bad and certainly has potential for further development. Also electric drives in cars have been around since the 20er years, has never really enforced. I work at a school whose namesake is Max von Eyth. A writer and inventor and pioneer in the field of agricultural engineering. From him comes the quote: What you think today and can not be used tomorrow may turn the globe from its hinges

  • There are three things that are the same with SAAB and Apple.

    -Prepare and set trends
    - good design

    Too bad that only one of the two companies is sustainably successful

  • Not at all. It scares me more. One becomes more and more a glass person. Call me old-fashioned but I'm for self-determination, in every respect. I think nothing of electric cars or autonomous driving. Not too much technology in cars.

  • That can be anything, but then I will voluntarily give up the car.

  • Then Apple should just join NEVS-SAAB - that would be a great symbiosis and would fit soooo schöööön!
    The apple logo has been emblazoned on the rear of my 9³… for a long time. 🙂

  • I see the biggest revolution in the drive concept. It is long time that the electric motor caught on. Of course, the sound, etc. of a combustion engine is associated with emotions. But that is no longer the state of the art today, much more is possible. The car manufacturers have only run in and skim off their profits with the combustion engines ... because there are no reasonable alternatives. I trust Apple to make this revolution and it would be about time. After all, the internal combustion engine is over 100 years old.

  • Oh yeah ... an excellent article. The first computer I used was an Atari - around 1988 (please do not ask for the model) - from my uncle. One of the most vivid memories was that of his dissertation, which during a family celebration in the adjoining room was buzzing through a laser printer monster that produced plenty of waste heat and ozone odor next to printed paper. Later my father bought an Amstrad laptop on business (for the incredible price of 1990 DM around 5000). The Amstrad had a great function for prolific writers: you could use a switch to invert the display colors and write white on a black background Mostly Windows-PCs privately used, recently a Macbook privately ... I'm rather non-ideological in this regard. None of the systems was really superior to the competitors - Macintosh as well as Windows and Linux have their weaknesses and strengths.

    Call me old-fashioned now, but the iCar vision conjured up will drive my sweat on my forehead. Whether I go to McD or anywhere, I want to decide for myself, and receive no benevolent advice. The insurance has enough information from me, my fitness I know best, and if you want to warn the in-laws in the back seat before the thrombosis, please everyone should decide for themselves. The same applies to the paths that I take.

    Nevertheless, I see the possibilities shown as a kind of “performance show” in the field of communication - if it is possible to transfer the data volumes from films, music, etc. safely and continuously, then this should also be possible with the comparatively small data volumes about the traffic volume ahead. Computers can make many tasks easier when driving, especially when it comes to sensors, engine control and navigation - in the interior, for me, the sensible use definitely ends with the eventual playback of MP3 files.

    As far as autonomous driving is concerned, I see two problems first and foremost. First, the acceptance of the customers, who may not want to hand over all the control of an autopilot, but want a way to intervene. The second problem is derived from aviation. Although autopilots and automatic control systems have been established there for a long time and are present several times in each aircraft, no one yet came up with the idea of ​​removing pilots from the cockpit or simply removing their control horns. As a last line of security, and as the only system that is truly capable of making complex decisions quickly, and not getting straight through logic loops to an action.

    I see the future more in semi-autonomous driving - cruise control systems, distance monitoring. But the control authority of a driver who can intervene himself with the steering wheel and accelerator pedal will remain in my eyes for a VERY long time.

  • Looking forward ? This view is already terrifying me. Of course you want to participate in the technical progress, but how far you want to go there. Big Brother is already on us today via Google, Facebook and the supermarket Payback card. For my part, I would not like to have my big brother as a passenger. But the one or the other comfortable helper on board are already OK.

  • Class article! Really great! Thank you! So you can look forward to the future!

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